Fiona Nova: The Rising Star of Social Media

Fiona Nova

Social media is super important for young people today. It helps some get famous, but it can have both good and bad effects. We’re going to talk about the good stuff, focusing on a young girl who became famous really quickly on social media.

Fiona Piccoli, who goes by Fiona Nova, is known for creating cool online content. She also coordinates productions, streams video games, dresses up as characters (cosplay), and is working on becoming an actress. She’s best known for hosting shows at Achievement Hunter.

Fiona Nova Early Life 

She was also the show runner and host of ‘This just Internet’ and ‘F-ing Around With Ify and Fiona’. She was also successful working as a voice of Agent One in Red vs. Blue: Zero. 

However, this young girl is now not only a social media influencer but also a YouTuber, fashion icon, and doing production as well. There is a great saying that if you are consistent in something you will achieve everything for what you have dreamed for. 

The same thing happened to this young girl named “ Fiona Nova”, she made her debut through the social media platform “ Instagram” and now she has millions of followers with a huge amount in her bank accounts. 

Now let’s dig into more and find out who she really is and what she is doing now: 

Fiona Nova Early Life 

Fiona Nova was born on 21st July (1996). She is a content creator, cosplayer, production facilitator, and Instagram rising star. 

She is famous for cosplaying as characters from the Persona 5 and Overwatch companies, just like the Street Fighter corporation. 

She has furthermore earned a great opportunity for recognition through Instagram. She was born in France. 

However, there is no data on social media for her parents, and that is due to the fact that she is so young now and needs to go more in her life to get to that point where everyone knows about her and her family too. 

She was brought up in a workaholic family. She went to the school of Lycée Francaise Dee. She is of American nationality by birth, but her first language is french. 

All through her teenage life, she was much appreciated playing computer games by her family and all the people around her. She used to be surrounded by PCs, the web, and web-based media. 

That’s the reason she joined Twitter in 2015, which was quite early at her age, and immediately, her fan following goes over 80k followers. 

How Did Fiona Nova Join Achievement Hunter?

After appearing as a guest on various occasions, Fiona was invited into Achievement Hunter on March 2, 2029, during the time of Off Topic # 170. 

How Did Fiona Nova Join Achievement Hunter?

At the start of September 2019, a series of Pilot episodes for Fiona’s first show, Clickbait, was released. 

In that show, she introduced all the other members of Achievement Hunter to the current memes and trends of TV. Later on in January 2020, the show was renamed; This Just Internet, and finally had its first season. Following the first season, a second season started that June, 

Fiona Nova Net Worth and Achievements

As per the latest news, by the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, random sources calculated her total Net worth, which is around  $100,000.

All her income is earned through success in her different projects. Besides her cosplaying projects, she furthermore has a solid presence online through an individual record on Twitch, and she has great work on YouTube by Rooster Teeth. 

Fiona Nova Net Worth and Achievements

As she proceeds with her projects, it is normal that her wealth will furthermore keep on growing. 

Fiona Nova’s career as Cosplay and other significant roles: 

While Nova was growing up, she raised a solid enthusiasm towards video gaming, and one of the principal games that she played a great deal was “The Legend of Zelda.” 

Her advantage in cosplaying started after she made her first drive to the New York Comic Con (NYCC), a yearly fan show committed to film, TV, anime, toys, funnies, realistic books, computer games, and Cosplay. 

The incident started around 2006 and is known to have joined forces with a few organizations like Anime Expo. It was the biggest comic book show in North America, gloating more than 150,000 members. 

Cosplay is short for outfit play, displays craftsmanship where members wear outfits and accessories to address a particular person. 

This person is frequently taken from anime, comic books, kid’s shows, manga, TV programs, movies, and computer games. 

The emotional understanding of a cosplayer may vary, and it is generally normal to see variations of the person, for example, sex exchanged evolution. 

The training started during the 1990s in Japan and has since spread all throughout the planet, and fan shows devoted to Cosplay have furthermore been made. 

The Social Life of Fiona Nova

For her own life, very few are known as far as any of Nova’s heartfelt connections. She has not discussed this part of her life, and many accept that she is single.

However, it could possibly be focused around her occupation as she is currently at a young age. Besides her fondness for computer games and Cosplay, she is known for changing her hair tone frequently. 

Fiona has attempted various hair tones from bleach blonde, green, dim brown, red, and fuchsia. 

Similar to various cosplayers and online characters, she is particularly active online through accounts via web-based media. On Instagram, she has more than 119,000 followers.

Fiona Nova recently introduced her activities with Rooster Teeth, including, as of late, promoting outcomes for the team. Another stage she is remarkably dynamic on is Twitter, on which she has more than 60,000 followers. 

Fiona Nova Instagram and Twitter Official Account

She is the most desirable expert Social Media Star. Her Instagram Account has a million followers, and many Posts have been added to her Instagram account recently about Rooster teeth. You can simply check her work on Instagram with her name.“Fiona Nova.”

Similarly, for those people who want to Find Fiona Nova Twitter Account, you can just type her name, and you will find the link. 

In conclusion, in an interview once, Fiona Nova said that:  

“I got into Cosplay on the grounds that my younger sibling really gave me the courage to. He figured I would work effectively doing it since I realized how to stitch and needed to turn into a style originator. I would check out the outfits of the female characters I would play as in computer games and need to reproduce them. However, I didn’t know Cosplay was something genuine I could do, and there were various individuals doing it!”

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