Best African American Black Plus-Size Models

Best African American Black Plus-Size Model

From the mid-20th century, the height of fashion media, to the present, the industry has continuously been rising in style, fashion, and broad-mindedness. 

For many years, designers, modeling agencies, and editors tended to look for slim body types and skin color, but over the years, there have been several prominent black figures who have turned the industry’s status.  

Although these plus-size models have reached specific fame, that journey was not easy. The plus-size African models have said that their journey toward becoming the top model was never comfortable in various television shows. These plus-size women have not received the love they deserve in the fashion industry, which results in the number of African American plus-size models in the industry being even smaller!

They have encountered racism and discrimination in multiple parts of their lives. They say that they have been hurt when skinny models were prioritized over them, making them feel bad about their bodies. 

They also stated that at some point, they started hating their bodies and went for crash diets, pills, and excessive workouts, which affected their physical and mental health. 

After all these efforts, they believed in themselves; they embraced their bodies and turned the fashion world over with their charm, style, and talent. 

It is never about the color of skin, the shape of the body, or the price and brand of the outfit. It is always about embracing your body, having a strong personality, and carrying yourself. Also, it is not about having the perfect body but a healthy body.

While now, world-renowned supermodels are on their way to changing the fashion industry, exemplifying themselves for the younger generation or those models who want to thrive today. 

Here is a list of African American Black Plus-Size Models who are not hesitant to flaunt their curves, charisma, and style.

1. Precious Lee

Precious Lee had planned to be a lawyer, but she suddenly realized that she might welcome broader fans if she was a plus-size model.

Precious Lee African American Plus size model

Lee is the first black plus-size model on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit; this is another wining in Precious Lee model ten-year fashion show. Although female black plus-size models are gradually rising, you have to subscribe to the Precious Lee model on your Instagram.

2. Tash Ncube

Tash Ncube is a black plus-size model. Furthermore, Tash Ncube is a model and law student in New York and has already had an exciting career during her studies. She walked at NYFW and appeared on Australia’s Next Top Model. Eventually, she became a famous plus-size model.

Tash Ncube African American Plus size model

3. Brielle Anyea

Brielle is an International Plus Size Black Model and Body Positive Activist focusing on ending colorism in fashion. Furthermore, She said she wanted to encourage curvy women to feel their best.

Brielle Anyea Plus size model

Brielle is known for modeling for a 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Search Finalist. Furthermore, her social platform up to 92K + supporters in less than a year due to her brave and confidence-filled personality.

4. Candice Sabiduria Walton

Candice Sabiduria Walton is another inspiring African American black plus-size model. Walton focused on school after her first industry experience, but then she wanted to try models independently, so she started pursuing it seriously when she was a teenager.

Candice Sabiduria Walton Plus Size Models

5. Akesha Murray

Akesha Murray started modeling in 2019, so Akesha Murray now is a great black plus-size model. In an interview, she said, “My first modeling career started with Model Mayhem, the simplest website on earth.”

Akesha Murray Plus Size Model

6. Samantha Lebbie

Samantha Lebbie is one of the most beautiful African American plus-size models. According to Lebbie, confidence is everything for successful plus-size African models. One reason for Lebbie’s success in the model fashion industry is because she helps other black plus-size women and gives them the confidence to accept their color and curves.

Samantha Lebbie Plus Size model African

7. Philomena Kwao

Philomena Kwao is another famous black plus-size model, and Philomena has modeled for international brands. And she was also praised: Philomena Kwao has been different from a curvy black model because she called for a boycott of racial discrimination.

She started her international model career in 2013. Then, she signed with Ford Models after successfully she graduated in 2013.

hilomena Kwao Black American Plus Size model

8. Roseline Lawrence

Roseline Lawrence is another black plus-size model. She made a deep impression on people because of her warm and smiling photos. She has consistently advocated for justice for Black people, so more curvy black women are encouraged to break the prejudice against their color and bravely show their beauty.

Roseline Lawrence plus size models

9. Enam Asiama

Enam Asiama is another great plus-size model, and her smile is very charming. Besides, Enam Asiama described herself as a “fat queer Black woman”, and she doesn’t just advocate for plus-size women of color but encourages them to control their narratives. As a result, this plus-size model’s message is being shared far and wide.

Enam Asiama Plus Size Model

10. Jore Marshall

It might be unbelievable for black plus-size models to become top of the fashion industry in the past decades. However, African American black plus-size models are now changing the fashion industry.

For example, as one of the curvy black models, Jore Marshall shows people the beauty of black plus-size women. What’s more, she is also an outstanding dancer.

Jore Marshall Plus Size Model

11. Akon Adichol

Akon Adichol is a confident and brave curvy black model, so she usually introduces herself as a fashion model and an outgoing woman, and she rarely feels sorry about herself. And Adichol was once modeled for the Italian Vogue cover, and she is a successful model.

Akon Adichol Plus Size Model

12. Jamil Kali

Jamil Kali is a female black plus-size model. Jamil Kali has modeled for unique labels and magazines, such as Baby Phat and House of Dereon. She was once interviewed as a plus-size African model and said: Plus modeling is helping to redefine the one standard of beauty. Curves are not new but were overlooked for a while.

13. Essie Golden 

Essie Golden is an inspiring plus-size model and an advocate. She is the voice of the plus-size community. She is a blogger and has launched her very own fashion brand. Previously, she has collaborated with different significant brands like Macy’s, Lane Bryant, etc. According to her, modeling has helped her overcome the body issues that she was facing herself.

Essie Golden Plus Size Models

14. Victoria Lee

Victoria Lee is an internationally known plus-size, beautiful supermodel. Victoria Lee is the first model to showcase the new plus-size line at new york fashion week. She has worked with many brands, for example, Saks, Old Navy, etc. Other than that, she has also been a part of many renowned magazines from around the world like Glamour magazine, Essence magazine, etc.

Victoria Lee Plus size models

15. Brittnie Scurry 

Another beautiful face whose acceptance, confidence, and self-esteem have made her rise to the top. Also, take a look at the 12 hot plus-size street style fashion ideas for this season

16. Brittnie 

Brittnie started her modeling career when she was only 13 but had to leave modeling because of her studies. After she was done with her college, she was a size four and thought she could never continue doing modeling again, but later on, she proved herself and everyone wrong.

Brittnie Plus MODEL

17. Ariel Brownridge

Ariel Brownridge is a fantastic plus-size model from Virginia. She submitted her portfolio to a magazine model search but could not win it, although she made it successfully to the finals. She has now signed up with Dorothy Combs Models. According to her, she loves her curves, and every girl in this world should be proud of their curves too. Her simple trick to make her curves look sexier is to wear black clothing to make her curves look more flattering.

Ariel Brownridge

18. Shalon Dozier

Shalon Dozier is another huge name in the plus-size model industry. She was discovered in 2007 by Torrid while they were on their model search. Along with modeling, she has just started her career as an actor and will be a cast member on a new upcoming show on BET. She is changing the fashion industry’s definition through her remarkable work as a plus-size model.

Shalon Dozier

19. Alex LaRosa

Alex LaRosa is a plus-size model. She became a model about nine years ago. She was inspired by the plus-size model that she saw on the online store, so she decided to become one herself and ended up sending her pictures to Torrid one day. She has been on the runway for purple dive designs, curves, Ashley Stewart, etc.

Alex LaRosa African American Black Plus-Size Model

20. Anansa Sims

One of the hottest plus-size models ever seen is Anansa Sims. She’s the daughter of the famous supermodel Beverly Johnson, so modeling and beauty run in her genes. Her beauty, career, and even her love life with the former footballer David Patterson is inspiring. Also, look at some chic plus-size winter outfits for curvy women.

Anansa Sims Plus Size Model

21. Chenese Lewis

Chenese Lewis was the first-ever Miss Pluss America. Chenese Lewis is a beautiful lady who proves that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. So no matter what your size, stay beautiful and stay confident. She is also a fashion pioneer and has been recently featured by Bustle amongst the “7 Plus Size Fashion Pioneers who are way ahead of their time.”

Chenese Lewis African Plus Size Model

22. Teiko Dornor

Teiko Dornor is also the organizer of “Miss Plus Africa” and has her blog where she gives great tips and inspirational words for all the plus size and curvy women out there. Also, look at some Elegant Plus Size Work Wear Outfit Combination Ideas. Her motto is to give confidence to every girl and to make them look past body size because a person’s nature and personality are what truly matters rather than body size and image.

23. Yoliswa Mqco 

Yoliswa Mqco is a super hit plus curvy African model. She isn’t only seen on the ramp but is also a very active Instagrammer. She slays in every outfit and every picture. She is a Jo’burg based fashionista and a head-turner for sure. Also, she is an inspiration for all the upcoming models.

Yoliswa Mqco Plus Size Model

24. Lesego Legobane

Lesego Legobane has been body-shamed a lot. But it has never stopped her from being who she is and embracing herself. She is a big hit on Instagram as well. Also, she never fails to stun her fans and followers with captivating pictures and some great style inspirations. She and her work are why curvy women are more appreciated in this industry. She is truly a gem.

Lesego Legobane Plus Size Models African

25. Nomali

Nomali is another curvy African model who is a source of inspiration for so many. She is a source of motivation for people who lack self-confidence because of their plus-size figure. Apparently, as from Instagram, she lives a very luxurious life. She is a lifestyle influencer, writer, and blogger as well. One must follow her to get more insights and helpful tips from her. She is beautiful just in the way she is.

Nomali is another curvy African model

Racism exists in all areas of life. Whether it is because of race, culture, skin color, or body type, African women have struggled with these beauty standards.

But, with the number of black plus-size models’ rising, the world gradually understands what true beauty is. It is not the full lips but the heart and values. So follow these beautiful black big girl models; let’s be confident and beautiful curvy black women.

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