Amal Clooney Wedding Dress: Interesting Facts To Know About

Amal Clooney Wedding Dress

Amal Clooney wedding dress has been very famous because of its glamor. Every girl dreams to make wedding day memorable about which every girl starts fantasizing about her childhood days.

Wedding dress is the most important dress in every girl’s life about which she dreams of and thinks of in her life till her wedding date. They do not want to compromise on wedding dress either belongs to east or west.

Eastern girls prefer wearing red color dresses to wear on their wedding day and western girls prefer to wear white.

Amal Clooney Wedding Dress

No matter girl is eastern or western; she wants to take a lot of pictures in her wedding dress.

Designers also try their best to design dresses that would be liked by bride as she desires.

In this article, every detail is discussed about wedding dress of Amal Clooney. It is also discussed how she struggled to make her wedding dress and wedding day supreme.

Amal Clooney

Amal Alamuddin Clooney was born in city of Lebanon Beirut. Her family left Beirut after Lebanese Civil War and migrated to Britain. Amal did her early education from a school in Buckinghamshire.

She has completed her bachelors in Arts Jurisprudence and after next year she took admission in Master of Law. She did her Master of Law from New York University School.

Professional Career

Amal is eligible to practice law in USA and UK. She passed her New York bar examination in 2002 and England and Wales bar examination in 2010. Also, She has practiced her law at different international courts.

Amal has served her services for some recognized personalities. She is working as a faculty member at Colombia Law School for Human rights.

Personal Life

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney got married in Venice, Italy in the end of 2014 September. George Clooney is a famous actor and producer who is well-known in Hollywood.

Amal Clooeny Wedding Week

Amal and George Clooney celebrated their wedding in Venice. On day of Friday they welcomed their friends and family at Belmond Hotel Cipriani.

Amal came out to attend her bridal party along with her sister and mother, on Friday from Belmond Cipriani Hotel.

Amal and George’s wedding ceremony took place in Canal Grande Luxury Resort and they attended their post wedding dinner on Sunday.

Later, on Monday, Amal and George Clooney presented a civil ceremony at Palazzo CA Farsetti to make their wedding official.

Amal Clooney Wedding Dress

Amal Alamuddin wore her wedding gown designed by famous designer Oscar De La Renta and George Clooney wore Armani suit. Oscar De La Renta is a Dominic born American designer, he said about his work, ‘I cannot design casual dresses; I am made to design royal dresses.”

He is so true for this statement as his designed dresses have such elegance that famous celebrities wore his designed dresses at either Red carpet events or on their weddings.

Amal Clooney praised Oscar De La Renta and said,” He is such man that every girl wants to hug him.”

She said so because Oscar designed such amazing dresses that not only every girl wants to wear them but also wants to hug him for his astounding work. Amal further said, “Me, and George wanted to have romantic and elegant dresses and no one other than Oscar do this.” She said,” This dress has become more royal after touched by Oscar because Oscar is a humble person who works at his best.”

Amal went on Wednesday before her wedding day to try her dress to Oscar with her sister and mother. She was very excited to see her wedding dress. Oscar De La Renta and his head tailor Rafael Le Llarado presented Amal’s dress to her.

Amal was ready to wear her wedding gown for the very first time. That dress was amazing in cream color which has 14 meters Chantilly lace on it. It was decorated with various crystals and beads.

When Amal Tried Her Dress For First Time

Oscar was himself very excited for his designed dress and was shouting at his team in excitement to be careful in handling the dress as it should not touch the ground. Llarado was handling the dress like a conductor and twirled the dress with the help of 2 helpers.

When Amal tried her dress for the first time in front of her mother and sister, her sister’s eyes were startled seeing her in such amazing dress. 

Her mother also likes the dress but she wanted to add a few more layers in it. But everyone agreed not to do so as flower girl; who is Tula’s daughter, would not be able to lift up the dress as it would be heavier.

Amal’s eyes were in tears when she tried her wedding dress; she wiped out her tears in front of a mirror and looked herself in pride. Oscar shown a white paper and compared her dress with that white paper to prove that dress is in pure cream color.

Oscar told Amal that this dress is the important dress in girl’s life, every girl dreams to have such a nice dress no matter from where does she belongs to what profession she has, Oscar said that he is capable to make such dress that fulfills every girls’ dream. Amal and Oscar struggled and saw various dresses to design this dress.

Oscar De La Renta proposed Amal to not wear Veil with this dress as veil has become outdated.

Hairstyling was suggested as lower styling and should be bowed upon shoulders so that it would not disturb the neckline of dress. Pita and Alice did makeup and hairstyling.

According to British magazine it was a wonderful dress ever.

Amal Clooney Cost of dress

Amal’s wedding gown was designed by Oscar de la Renta; it was his last designed gown. Oscar has departed this world now. He was 82 years old when he designed this dress which has cost around 380,000 US dollars.

The total cost that occurred at Amal and George’s wedding was about 4.6 million US dollars as this was a destination wedding that took place at Venice.

Post Wedding Dress

The dress that Amal’s wore on the very next day’s party was much elegant than her wedding dress. This dress was in white color but it also has orange and pink flower embroidery on it. 

Amal wore pointed heels with this dress on her second day party. These accessories added the looks of this dress and make Amal stand among the style icons of Hollywood. This dress was a resemblance of a dress designed by Dolce & Gabbana.

Dress at Civil Ceremony

Amal wore a cream colored sleek trouser designed by Stella McCartney for her civil service ceremony. This was a royal dress which was giving legendary looks to Amal. She has worn a matching hat along with this dress which has added amaze to gaze around and made her looks more startling.

Amal Clooney Wedding Ring

George Clooney gave 7 carat Emerald cut engagement ring to Amal which has 3 stones. This ring has an estimated cost of around 600,000 to 750,000 US dollars. This ring of Amal is elegant and royal.

Facts about Amal’s Wedding Dress:

  • Amal designed her dress along with designer Oscar De La Rante.
  • 14 meter Chantilly lace was used to design in dress of Amal.
  • Oscar didn’t want Amal to wear short veil with this royal dress because veil is outdated now.
  • There is hand embroidery around shoulder and neck of this dress.
  • Amal’s mother wanted to ass a layer of tulle in her daughter’s dress upon which everyone got agreed.
  • Amal Clooney’s wedding dress was not pure white, it was cream in color and later Oscar compared it with pure white.
  • Amal’s wedding dress was heavy to carry for her flower girl, who was Tully’s daughter.
  • Beside this royal dress, Amal’s shoes were also hand embroidered which were also designed by Oscar.
  • This was the last gown designed by Oscar De La Rante.
  • Oscar Da La Rante has also designed her second party dress for Amal.
  • This wedding dress is exhibited after three years of Amal’s wedding in Texas, this exhibition was held to praise fashion work of Oscar Da La.

Every girl wants to look and wear her dream dress on her wedding day; similarly, Oscar has designer Amal’s dream dress for her. 

In this article, we went through complete details about Amal and George’s wedding week and also about Amal’s wedding dress in detail. Also, she has become a style icon in Hollywood because of style and dressing sense.

Whereas, Amal’s wedding dress is presented as a royal dress in media.

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