How A YouTube Sensation Angie Griffin and Her Husband Chad Nikolaus Rose to Prominence?

How A YouTube Sensation Angie Griffin

Angie Griffin is a popular entertainer in America who became famous with her YouTube channel called “Screen Team” that she started with her husband, Chad Nikolaus, in 2010.

She also works as an Instagram model, best known for her cosplays. Her YouTube channel initially started gaining popularity after her parody videos began to receive a large number of views.

Angie Griffin Sensation

Early life

Angela Marie Griffin, also known as Angie Griffin, is a famous American who loves cosplay and entertaining. She was born on May 16, 1992, in Bakersfield, California, where she grew up and went to school. She’s 29 years old now.

Angie met Chad Nikolaus when she was a teenager. They became great friends, fell in love, and after dating since 2006, they got married. Their wedding was a small one, just with their close family and friends. Chad, also from the US, was born on November 2. He started the Screen Team YouTube channel, which got popular. He became well-known after appearing in the TV series “Movie Mob” in 2009 and the short film “Famous” in 2011.

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She is considered one of the boldest and beautiful cosplayers ever.

Beginning of a New Chapter

Angie and Chad began attending gaming cons and made several unique videos, including “Ryan Reynolds Recites Green Lantern Oath at Comic Con,” with over 100,000 views.

When they exploded in popularity, they brought new concepts into their videos, and they started making parody songs lampooning popular music from movies and television shows.

Aside from her YouTube entertainment, Angie is also an actress and producer.

Before she started her YouTube career, she has worked on films such as Bloodwood Cannibals (2010), Movie Mob (2007), and Dilated (2010).

How Did Angie and Chad Gain Popularity?

After producing the “Spiderman in Real Life Song (For Kids)” in 2012, over 140 million views on YouTube went viral, and it became the reason for their instant fame.

Since then, they’ve created a slew of more famous videos, but this is the pinnacle of Angie and Chad’s careers, as demonstrated by their swift rise in popularity: they quickly surpassed a million subscribers, and their videos have now been seen over 620 million times.

Some of their other popular videos are “Sonic Boom #SonicBoom | Sonic & Parkour Parody,” with over 50 million views, is followed by “What Makes You Beautiful! By One Direction (Avengers Assemble),” with just over 30 million views, and “Ultron Funk | Avengers Age of Ultron Song Parody,” has 20 million views.

Angie’s Social Media Accounts: How Does She Handle Them?

Angie and her husband Chad Nikolas launched the YouTube channel on January 11th 2010, “Screen Team“. Their channel has crossed 1.70 million subscribers. On their channel, Angie and her spouse shoot and post hilarious videos on subcultures, such as movies, music, and video games.

The couple has a shared mutual passion for fun and entertainment, as seen by the description of their YouTube account, which goes like,

“A real-life couple that makes geeky videos at home! “

Griffin always loved to be creative and wanted to do something different from others, and she expresses herself with her talent. Spurred by the early success of the channel she founded with her husband Chad, Angie created her own YouTube channel. Her newly created channel has gained 45.3K subscribers, with only two videos showcasing her enthusiasm for filmmaking and video game characters, such as cosplays for “Supergirl” and “Raven.” The videos she uploaded are recent, and it is anticipated that she will begin posting new content on her channel in the near future.

Angie is quite active on social media. Her social media pages are flooded with loving admirers who follow her and loves every other content she makes. On Twitter, she is known as @AngieMGriffin, on Instagram as @imangiegriffin, and Facebook as Angie Griffin.

Recently, Angie’s Instagram handle got hacked. Now she has created a new account which has 

265k followers at this momentShe uses Twitter a lot to express her feelings throughout the day; she is also pretty popular. Her Twitter account is followed by 124K people. Angie is super famous for her sexually provoking photos and videos. In her leisure time, she makes tons of money through her OnlyFans account.

Angie Griffin’s skits and cosplay videos have inspired many followers. She is one of the most well-known female cosplayers and influencers in the industry. Her talent to amuse has garnered her international acclaim and admirers.

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