Anne Stringfield – A Look Into Celebrity’s Married Life

Anne Stringfield

Marriage with a big age gap is not so common in our society. It often attracts criticism towards couples and society labels this relationship as fake and superficial.

People usually label the younger ones in the relationship as selfish ones and assume that they get into this relationship just for money and sometimes fame.

On the other hand, the older person in the relationship is labeled as the lusty one so both of the partners are criticized a lot.

Criticism On Celebrities

When the celebrities with bigger age gaps marry each other they attract even more critical due to the media attention and exposure to public opinions.

Age is just a number and it should not limit the love between two persons so this criticism is completely undue and people should not be judged by the choice of partners they make.

In this article, we will talk about one such couple as they have an age gap of 26 years and they were equally judged by the media and public due to their age gap.

This couple is Anne Stringfield and Steve Martin. We will dig into their married life in this article.

Who Is Anne Stringfield?

Anne Stringfield is famous for her writing skills. She writes for the New York Magazine and checks facts for them too. She also writes reviews about art and theater plays because she knows a lot about art.

Anne became more famous after marrying Steve Martin, and we’re going to talk about their life together in this article.

Family and Early Life

She is the daughter of Dr. James Stringfield and Margo Stringfield, who belong to a noble family of Florida.

Anne Stringfield

She belongs to a well-educated family. She went to Pensacola High School for her early education and then graduated from Davidson College and obtained her professional degree.

How did Anne Stringfield rise to fame?

Anne is a camera-shy person and avoided media attention throughout her life. She avoided going to events and red carpets with her husband just to avoid media attention.

Her husband always labeled her as a shy and introverted person. She works as a critic, a reviewer, and a writer and is well connected to celebrities and media personnel.

She attracted media attention when her marriage with Martin was announced but after that, she managed to avoid media attention very well. But in 2015 she attended a media event at Dolby Theater where she again attracted media attention due to the funny speech of Tina Fey.

How did Anne Stringfield first meet with Martin?

Anne Stringfield is a reviewer and also works as the fact-checker of various scripts and artistic writings. Her first contact with Martin was also during her fact-checking assignment of one of the Martin works.

She was working as the fact-checker when New York Magazine got an assignment to check one of Martin’s comedy pieces. They both contacted each other a lot during that time to ensure the assignment was done with perfection.

They both developed a good relationship on the chats and decided to meet in person.

Steve Martin after meeting Anne became greatly intrigued by her beauty and shy nature. Martin himself was an introvert so their vibe matched and soon they were in love with each other.

How did Anne and Martin marry?

Both of them were deeply in love with each other and dated for 3 years. They finally decided to marry after years of dating. But it was not a normal wedding; they surprised their guest by not telling them about the wedding.

Wedding Ceremony

All the guests were invited for the birthday party but to their surprise, the wedding was announced when they reached the destination. The marriage took place at Steve Martin’s home in Los Angeles.

Limited people were invited to the wedding ceremony and it was full of stars like Tom Hanks, Eugene Levy, and Carl Reiner. Nebraska senator Bob Kerrey carried out the wedding rituals and announced them, husband and wife.

So, despite the age gap of 26 years, they made their relationship complete by this wedding.

Interview to Daily Telegraph

He told in an interview to Daily Telegraph that it is a fantastic feeling to have a child at this point of life. He explained that at this stage of life he doesn’t have to worry about his career and gives all his time to the newborn baby.

Martin was famous for the roles he played as a father in various films and series.

Now he has become a real-life father and told the magazine that he was selfish before focusing only on career but now he will only give his time to his newborn baby.

Lesson From Anne and Martin’s married life

Their married life gives a lesson that age is just a number and it should not limit the love people have for each other. We should not think about the criticism we will face due to the age gap and should only think about our own happiness.

It also gives us the lesson that family is way more important than stardom.

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