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Anthony Rhoades – The Celebrity Personal Trainer


Anthony Rhoades – The Celebrity Personal Trainer

Anthony Rhoades

Are you in need of an instant mental boost? Not happy? Not feeling good? You are not alone. Each year, over 16 million American adults are affected by depression one way or another. In fact, it could be so tough that on some days, you don’t want to get out of bed.

Addiction, anxiety and depression… Anthony Rhoades has been through it all. He knows the territory that comes with it – the demons one has to fight and the feeling of defeat that comes with succumbing at times. These struggles were a huge part of his life, and as he’s have been able to overcome them and become a better person, it now feels like an obligation for him to go the extra mile for those currently struggling with a similar situation.

Training played a major role in helping Anthony Rhoades get through this difficult time in his life. Investing time and effort into training helped him on his journey to becoming a better man. He also literally became obsessed with everything… nutrition, books, studies and just about anything that aided his self-improvement.

Anthony Rhoades The Celebrity Personal Trainer

Anthony Rhoades’ past life experiences ultimately became the stepping stones he needed to provide the much-needed support most celebrities need to get through their ever-busy lifestyles. His understanding of the uniqueness of each celebrity client – despite their status – sets him apart when it comes to rendering help. No two clients have the same lifestyle, body composition, line of work, nutritional needs, and fitness level. Thus, Rhoades mastered the art of providing personalized attention for each client to help them reach their goals.

When it comes to helping anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, and/or addiction, it is important to pay attention to little details. But as far as celebrity clientele needs go, there is simply no room for error. Rhoades adopts a concise and efficient strategy to get them the desired results as quickly as possible so they can understand the value of putting in the work daily.

Whatever struggle you may be going through, Anthony Rhoades is the best place to understand and provide help. Before moving from Philadelphia to Miami with my mother in 2013, his father abandoned the family. For many years, he felt alone, rejected, and even like a never-do-well. This ugly experience made him become so distant and introverted from even his mother and sister.

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Today, Rhoades is able to provide the help celebrities need to scale through tough times because he didn’t let these inner demons get the better of him. Since working with Grant Cardone – his first celebrity client – he has helped many like him begin their journey to recovery.

Over the years, Rhoades has gained an improved understanding of the celebrity lifestyle and realizes that most of his ideal clients barely have enough time to keep up with extras like a quality fitness routine. His goal is to help you find the time. Through his “executive” style workout regimen, he can help you eliminate any potential excuses and dedicate a few valuable minutes to help you get your life back on track.

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