The Rise of Ashley Alexiss: A Look at Her Success as a Plus Size Model

Ashley Alexiss

Ashley Alexiss is a famous fashion model and TV Personality. She is also an accomplished entrepreneur, Instagram star, social media influencer and TV personality

A new trend is emerging in the style and showbiz industry in which plus-size models are gaining more popularity than ever before.

The reason for this new change in showbiz is that there are very talented fashion models like Ashley Alexiss.

Today, we will tell you about all the important and hidden aspects of Ashley Alexiss’ life.

Where did she start, how did she get into the fashion industry, how did Ashley Alexiss get engaged and what was the shocking reason for her separation from Travis Yohe? 

We will tell you all about this fabulous plus-size supermodel Ashley Alexiss in her must-read biography.

In this article, you will find out the real facts about the life of this wonderful model in the fashion world and how Ashley Alexiss rose to prominence as a model.

Who is this famous girl in the fashion industry?

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, this style icon celebrates her birthday on November 25th each year. 

Ashley Alexiss has appeared in a number of international magazines as well as local publications in the United States.

One of the many reasons for Ashley Alexiss’ fame has been her way of working in non-nude magazines.

Ashley Alexiss - Who is this famous girl in the fashion industry

Ashley Alexiss age

Ashley Alexiss is 33 years old as of 2024. She was born on November 25, 1990 (Sunday) and her birthplace is Massachusetts, U.S.A. She is 5’4″ tall and is from Boston, Massachusetts.

Velvet Smith, the mother of Ashley Alexiss, is also an entertainment industry member. Ashley Alexiss’s mother made a name for herself in a reality TV series, “Fix My Mom.”

Ashley has been obsessed with living in the limelight since the beginning. That’s why she has been attending cheerleading and dance courses since school. Not only this, with the help of her passion she has been able to win many competitions.

Given her interest in the field of media and communications, Ashley earned a bachelor’s degree in the same subject from Kaplan University.

Ashley Alexiss entered the modeling and fashion industry at just 16 years old.

Ashley made her debut in the fashion world by competing in Miss Teen Massachusetts. Now that Ashley has been modeling for over 12 years, she has become increasingly involved in public awareness programs.

The 12-year career that Ashley has earned is now part of an ongoing campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer.

This campaign is a movement called Cleavage for Cure, which raises awareness about recurrent breast cancer in women.

Where does Ashley Alexiss live?

Ashley Alexis loves to spend time in her hometown of Boston, but she also lives in New York because of Fashion Weeks and her brand promotions.

Ashley Alexiss’ Swimwear Brand

Being a plus-size model, Ashley Alexiss has been associated with many swimwear brands. Ashley Alexiss has recently launched her own swimsuit brand, which offers swimwear apparel for women of all sizes.

With an owner like Ashley Alexiss, this brand is gaining much popularity because Ashley now only promotes her own brands.

Ashley Alexiss with her boyfriend Travis Yohe got engaged in a wonderful place like the Maldives. So far, Ashley Alexiss has not made public her intention to marry Travis Yohe, but there is some news about their separation that we will tell you later in this article. 

After the engagement, rumors of their marriage started circulating after a few months that were neither denied nor confirmed.

How did Ashley Alexiss get all of her social media followers?

Ashley Alexiss has built a solid social media following by leveraging her modeling career, creating engaging content, and connecting with other influential people.

She has also been strategic in her collaborations with other brands and influencers, as well as her use of visuals to capture attention and gain new followers.

Her hard work and dedication have gained more than 6 million followers across her business and personal accounts.

Let us also tell you about Ashley Alexiss’ official social media accounts. Ashley’s official handle on Twitter and Instagram is @Ashalexiss, while her Facebook profile link is @AshleyAllises via which she stays connected to her fans.

The reason for being a supermodel is not just the flaunting body of Ashley Alexiss. On the contrary, the beautiful Hazel color of her eyes enchants every viewer.

Blonde hair also plays a vital role in enhancing personality of Ashley.

Ashley Alexiss’ beautiful lips and eyelashes are a perfect reflection of her amazing beauty, with a full American charm on her face.

Ashley Alexiss as a Plus Size Model

Ashley is a trailblazer in the fashion industry, challenging traditional body ideals with her work as a plus-size model.

From humble beginnings, she has risen to be renowned across campaigns, magazines and websites for her bold, beautiful look.

She has been lauded for her ambition and for setting a new standard for beauty, inspiring countless others on their own journey of self-love and acceptance.

In the early days of her career, Alexis had a hard time finding work because of her large size. Despite all the odds, Alexis persisted and used critical, judgmental comments as her strength.

Alexis’s first success came in 2010 when she appeared on the cover of Exposure 101 magazine. After this successful project, the door to Alexis’s success began to open.

Ashley has been featured on the covers of several magazines, and she has won over 15 fashion industry awards. In addition, she often appears on the Oxygen TV reality show “Fix My Mom.”

Ashley Alexiss net worth

While world-famous brands sign supermodels at exorbitant prices, many fans also want to know about their net worth. With a net worth of $1 million, 31-year-old Ashley looks far ahead of her counterpart models.

The most important of Ashley Alexiss’ earning sources is her own swimwear brand. In addition, she charges a substantial amount for endorsements. Her appearance in TV and magazines is also part of huge net income.

Ashley alexiss lifestyle and breast implant surgery

The ethnicity of American citizen Ashley Alexiss is Caucasian. Despite Ashley’s huge curvy body and physical beauty, she weighs only 65 kilograms.

Ashley is active on social media sites only on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram platforms. Her fans keep abreast of the latest information about her through social media.

The truth about Ashley that few admire about her is that Ashley has undergone breast implant surgery to enhance her glorified beauty.

Ashley and Travis are now officially separated

According to news coming on August 3, 2021, there has been a separation between Alexiss and Travis.

Their separation has been rumored to have been in the news before too, but this time she confirmed it on her social media handle.

The supermodel has claimed in her post that she has ended three years of relationship (some think that they were married) with her spouse.

Earlier this year, Alexis herself denied rumors of their marriage and separation, but this time she confirmed their separation on her social media account.

She also shared this critical moment of her life on social media with millions of her Instagram fans.

The 31-year-old model and travel enthusiast gave a lengthy statement to her fans explaining the reasons for the issues between her and her husband, which she released through a social media post.

Ashley has repeatedly expressed her love for her husband during her modeling career, which is why the separation news was so disturbing and surprising to her fans.

In a message released via her social media post, Ashley announced the disappointing news in this way: “Travis and I have been talking about this for a few weeks, now and we have finally come to the conclusion that our journey should be taken separately.”

Ashley also wrote that Travis was expecting family and children from her, which she could not fulfill, which would be the main reason for their separation.

While Ashley did not appear very sad in her statement, she also stated that she was letting Travis go so that he could fulfill his family’s wish with someone else because she was not ready to have children yet. 

According to Ashley, there is nothing else in Travis that would cause him to be expelled from her life. Ashley said that she will definitely miss him after the tragic separation but this decision is very important and necessary for her career and life.

Ashley repeatedly refers to her busy life in this message and mentions that she is not yet ready to have a baby at this stage. 

Ashley Alexiss doesn’t want to have children

Ashley has expressed in interviews that she doesn’t feel ready to have children at this point in her life. She believes children should come into the world with both parents being fully ready to provide them with the love, attention, and support they need.

She is still young and has a number of other dreams and goals that she would like to accomplish before settling down and starting a family. She has stated that she will certainly consider it when it is right for her to have children.

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