Ashley Laurence – How She Handled The Difficulties Of Career And Life

Ashley Laurence

Ashley Laurence, born on May 28, 1996, in Los Angeles, California, is not just any actor; she’s a remarkable talent in both acting and visual arts. With her American roots, she brings a unique blend of creativity and passion to everything she does. But that’s not all – Ashley has also made waves down under as a beloved Australian TV and film actress.

She’s best known for her spine-tingling role in the famous horror series Hellraiser, where she truly made her mark.

Who is Ashley Laurence?

Ashley was born in Southern California. She chose her career of painting and acting according to her culture. No information was available about Ashley’s family and parents.

Nothing is known about their siblings. Similarly, no information could be obtained about their educational background.

Ashley Laurence

Her real name is Lori Cohen. Ashley began her career as a guest appearance on a television show.

In 1984, she played her first role in the CBS Soap Opera “Capitol” as Brenda Clegg. She also played a guest genna in an episode of the 1986 television series Highway to Heaven 1986.

The year 1987 proved to be a game-changer for her life. Made her debut film, which was a horror series. In the Hellraiser series, she played the role of Kristay Cotton.

The HellRaier Series

The Hellraiser series was made in total 4 parts. After giving her debut performance, she worked on the sequel of Hellbound Hellraiser 2 in 1988. After that, she also gave a minor appearance in Hell on earth Hellraiser 3, which was released in 1992. Four years later, in 2002, she became the 4th part of Hellraiser,

In which Ashley made a minor appearance, and she became a big star. In addition to Hellraiser, she made another horror film in 1995, Miky B. In 1994, she also acted in the horror film Lurking Fear and also in an action film Felony.

The Hellraiser series was a huge hit in the American industry, grossing over 14 million dollars at the American box office. After gaining so much fame and publicity, Ashley continued her work. And played different roles in different movies. She gave guest appearances in the television series Hercules, The Legendary Journey, Suddenly Susans, and Beverly.

Ashley Laurence played the role of Jenny Graves in the famous movie Lighting Bug in 2004. She also played the role of Mrs. MC Cormacka in the movie Red 2008. Ashley gave up acting completely for two years and focused on her family and made her come back in 2004.

Voice Acting Debut

In 2009, Ashley also starred in Slipsknot’s music video songs Snuff. After working in film and television, Ashley made her voice acting debut in 2017 as Mis Carter in the video game name ‘The Vanishing of Eathan Carter’.

She then quit her voice acting job for 6 years. Then in 2020, she did voice acting in an animated comedy television series JJ Villard fairy tales, which premiered on adult swim.

Ashley starred in the movie Green Fairy in 2016. After 2016, she again disappeared from the industry for a long time and was not seen working on any project. However, they continue to be seen at some events of the horror movies.

Most recently in 2021, she was cast alongside Keith David and Josh McCdermmit in the second season of the anthology series Creeps Show Shudders.

Ashley also has her website and the web design of this website is the most advanced WordPress design. However, if you visit her website, it has a navigation option at the top and there are many categories.

If you scroll down, you can get ideas on what a website is. Ashley has also been featured in many national advertising companies. It is said that being talented is quite kind. And that’s why she donates a portion of her income to charity and is happy to help the people.

How old is Ashley Laurence?

As you all know, Ashley was born on May 28, 1996, in California. In the year 2020, her age will be about 56 years. Ashley is a very famous actress. She not only worked in television but also in the film industry and gained a good reputation.

She mostly acted in horror movies. Among them, her most famous series is Hellraiser, which is divided into 4 parts. When it comes to appearances, Ashley’s height is almost 5 feet 4 inches, which is 163 centimeters. When it comes to their weight, her weight is about 65 kg.

Her hair color is brown. And the color of her eyes is also brown. When it comes to Ashley’s private life, she always keeps her private matter to herself. That is why no information about their love life has been obtained yet. But she is said to have long been associated with the hellraiser franchise Clive Barker.

Is Ashley Laurence Dating Someone?

However, she is not dating anyone nor is she in an official relationship with anyone. She is single and living a good life. Ashley’s social media accounts are available on both Instagram and Twitter. If you look at her Twitter account, she has almost 15k followers.

Ashley Laurence has about 29.7k followers when it comes to her Instagram. And she has about 458 posts on her account. Ashley is very active on her Instagram account. And she has also posted a lot of pics etc. During her career, she also did party gatherings and events to promote her horror movies.

She keeps her fans updated with her professional life. As for her Facebook account, she does not have any Facebook account. As for Ashley’s monthly income, there is no such information.

But according to an online source, their net worth is between 70 million to 80 million dollars. And all this she has earned from her acting profession.

What other horror movies was Ashley Laurence in?

Ashley started her career with the horror series Hellraiser, which was released in 4 parts. Each movie has a long list including Chill (2007), Hellraiser: Hellseeker (2002), Warlock 3: End of innocence (1999), Cupid (1997), lurking fear (1994), Hellraiser 3: hell on earth (1992). , Hellraiser 2: Hellbound (1988) and Hellraiser (1987).

For her incredible acting in horror movies, she has been given a special title which is screen queen. As far as awards and nominations are concerned, she has not received any awards yet, but the hope is that soon she will one day succeed because of her hard work.

Who are Ashley Laurence’s children?

Ashley is still unmarried when it comes to marital status. She has not been in a relationship with anyone, nor is she recently dating anyone.

If she is asked a question about it, she doesn’t like to answer it. She says she never mixes her private and professional life. She keeps her real-life very secret and she is happy about it. Her focus is only on her career and she wants to do good work and make a name for herself.

She is very happy in her single life. Ashley has always kept her life very private. Therefore no data or information about her family, children, or siblings is available in the media. But an online source has given some details of her parents.

But so far, it has not been confirmed. According to this detail, Ashley is the daughter of politician Edgar. Her mother’s name is Moyna Macgill. The number of her siblings is stated to be 2. One of which is named Bruce Lansbury.

In this online source, it is also stated that she has a child but it is not stated who the child belongs to, who is the child’s father?

When Ashley Laurence Got Married?

Ashley isn’t married yet and she’s doing pretty well for herself. She’s won a big award, the Prime-time Emmy Award, and she’s got her money situation sorted. When she’s not acting or hanging out at events, she loves to paint and sculpt.

She once said while making the movie Lighting Bug that she’s like an oil painter with her acting, trying to add layers and create something new with every role, even though she hasn’t found the perfect chance to show this fully yet. Furthermore, She really throws herself into her roles to bring the characters to life.

Ashley has a bunch of hobbies like traveling, learning new things, photography, reading books, and browsing the web. She’s really talented and became famous young because she’s so dedicated and hard-working.

Even when she’s not on a project, she spends her own time working on her acting skills to get even better. It’s clear she’s super passionate about her acting career.

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