Becky Stanley: Child of Pastor Charles Stanley Life & Career Journey

Becky Stanley

Growing up as a pastor’s kid, Becky Stanley had a lot of pressure to be perfect, which can be really tough for a kid. Kids might worry about disappointing their dad by not meeting high expectations. But, being a pastor’s kid also means learning good morals and discipline from a young age.

Caleb Romberger, a student and pastor’s kid, says there’s a good side too. His dad raised him not just as a dad but also as a pastor. This meant he learned a lot about religion and life. His dad helped him grow up with strong values and also supported him financially.

Keeping in view all the positive and negative impacts of being pastor’s child here we will talk about one such child named Rebecca L. Stanley who is the daughter of a famous pastor Charles Stanley. In this article, we will dig deep into life of Rebecca and also the influence of her father in her successful life.

Becky Stanley

Rebecca L. Stanley who also goes by the name Becky Stanley was born on 9th June 1961. As of 2021, Becky Stanley is aged approximately 60 years old.

She was born in United States and is USA national. She has white ethnicity and her birth sign is Gemini. As a child of a pastor Becky is a devout Christian and has strong religious beliefs.

We don’t know much about her physical features but from her appearance, we can confer that she is a healthy and slim woman. She has beautiful brown eyes that perfectly compliment her blonde hairs.

Family Background 

Becky Stanley is the daughter of Charles Stanley (famous pastor) and Anna Stanley. Her parents remained married for good 40 years and shared a beautiful bond. They were divorced in 2000s after spending beautiful 40 years together. Charles resigned from being pastor after his divorce.

Her mother sadly died few years back. She passed away while she was sleeping, it was a peaceful death. She was a pianist by profession and also taught Bible to her students.

Charles and Anna had two children and raised them with a lot of love and care providing them fully balanced life so they can flourish morally as well as professionally.

As they grew up in suburbs of Atlanta they used to have Family nights where they watched movies and have grilled hamburgers on Friday nights.

Charles Stanley induced strong religious beliefs in his children and helped them become devoted Christian. 

 She also has a brother whose name is Charles Andrew Stanley. He followed his father’s footsteps and became a pastor. He is also quite a famous and influential pastor in his state.

He is married to a child advocate named Sandra Stanley. He as one of the most influential pastors has a net worth of 50 million dollars and lives a wealthy life.

Accolades of her Father 

Charles Stanley is a Bible philosopher and is one of the most renowned teachers of Bible in America. He provided his services for 40 years in First Baptist Church of Atlanta and is the Pastor Emeritus there.

He served as the head Baptist in this church. His program broadcasted to 2880 radio stations and translated in 50 different languages.

Charles Stanley also aired a television program based on religious talks named The Chapel Hour. It was a half an hour program. He also indulged in business and founded Touch Ministries. It is Evangelical Ministry in the United States. Charles Stanley lives a good quality life and has a net worth of 1.5 million dollars.

Influence of Her Father in Her Life

Becky has a very close relationship with her father and she always credits her father as her support system and an influential figure in her life. She seeks guidance from her father both morally and professionally. He is her source to connect to Almighty.

In an interview, she stated that her dad is like a best friend to her. Charles infused religious beliefs in her and taught her to trust God. He always insisted on the importance of prayers.

He helped Becky in the upbringing of her children and always provided an option for wise advice. He never judged her and patiently listened to her and gave solutions to her problems.

She also told an interviewer that sharing the attention of her father with so many people was the most challenging thing while growing up.

This statement proves the positive impact that a pastor’s father can have on his child’s life. Charles connected her daughter to God also allows her to excel professionally.

Educational Background 

Becky got her early education till high school from the local school nearby her home. For graduation, she move to Georgia states and got her graduation degree from the University of Georgia in Athens. She was a good student in her early days managing her studies with church activities that she used to do under the guidance of her father. She did her graduation in Journalism but didn’t continue in this field of occupation.


Becky Stanley is a career oriented woman and wanted to be independent in her identity he didn’t follow her father’s footsteps because she wanted to make the name of her own.

She didn’t want to be only remembered as the daughter of Charles Stanley instead she wanted to be recognized as Rebecca L. Stanley. Unlike her brother who also became pastor like his father, she wanted to choose some other field of profession.

 So she chose sales and business as her professional field and started working as a Sales Associate at Allie Beth Allman and Associates. Here she worked at different posts before becoming a sales associate. She worked her way through customer services and strategic planning departments to be a Sales associate.

Currently, she is working as a Real Estate Agent in the same company. As a devoted Christian, she regularly takes part in Church activities and philanthropic work.

She stays away from social media as it can really affect mental health of a person. She likes to spend a balanced life so staying away from media attention is best for her inner peace.

Married life

Becky Stanley married a devoted Christian man named John Brodersen in Atlanta. She became Becky Stanley Brodersen and started living a happy life with her husband in Atlanta a state of United States. They are proud parents of three children and are heals over head in love with each other.

Becky Stanley and her husband had their first child Jonathan Brodersen in Atlanta. He is nicknamed Jon and is eldest son. 

Becky Brodersen gave birth to her eldest daughter and second child named Annie Brodersen two years after the birth of John. 

After few years later, Becky Stanley and her husband John Brodersen celebrated the birth of their youngest child Matthew Buser Brodersen. This completed their happy family and after a few years of marriage, Becky Stanley got settled with her family in Dallas, Texas. 

Becky’s children have very close connection to their grandfather Charles Stanley. The children like to call him Gips but in reality he preferred to be called Gramps. As children are persuasive to call him Gips he accepted it as cute gesture. Charles is a supporting and guiding figure for Becky and he helps her in upbringing of children. Becky is forever grateful to her father for all the advices in moral training of her children.

Becky Stanley’s Balanced Way of Life

The life of Becky Stanley shows us the positive impacts of pastor father in the life of his child.

In an interview Becky Stanley emphasized on maintaining a close relationship with the parents because only they are a true source of guidance for us. She emphasized that we should make efforts to keep the connection alive. In her childhood she struggled with the fact that her father was a pastor and she had to share his attention with other people so she knows about the importance of the connection between parents and child.

Her life is a living example of how religion and worldly matters can go side by side without affecting each other. She is a career oriented woman serving in a good company as well as a devoted Christian having strong religious beliefs. She didn’t let her work come in way of her religious duties. Also, Becky Stanley manages her professional and personal life with a great sense of balance. She can be a great example for working women trying to get their lives together.

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