30 Unmissable Petite Stores to Check Out Around the World

The Best Petite Clothing Stores or Places to Go For This Year

The small clothing market is known for not planning ahead, but it’s showing a trend in sales. Back in 2006, big American stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Bloomingdale’s started to get rid of their petite sections (for women 5 feet 4 inches tall or shorter) and filled that space with more fancy stuff instead. This move was a big and obvious change.

Shopping can be tricky if you’re not sure where to begin. Luckily, there are lots of short-term options available now. We’re here to guide you through the best choices for petite women, in our view. Wondering how we decided?

The Best Petite Clothing Stores

What is Petite Sizing?

If you’re not sure what petite means, this post will help you get the basics. Petite is all about being short, not how much you weigh. It’s a fancy word from France that we use for short people. Petite people can be any shape or size because it’s about height, not weight.

Being petite means you might have a smaller upper body, legs, and even smaller features. It doesn’t mean you’re always tired or can’t be a larger size. You can wear XL or plus sizes and still shop for petite clothes if you’re under 5’4″.

We looked at how good the options are for petite people, how nice everything looks, and how cheap the prices are. Thinking about these three things helped us pick the best stores that sell really cute clothes for petite sizes.

1. Petite Studio

Petite Studio is a New York-based female lineup dedicated to serving young women. Now, you can buy the most up-to-date designs and know they fit perfectly into your frame. Also, everything at Petite Studio does well so that you can feel better about your purchase.

Petite Studio The Best Petite Clothing Stores

2. Topshop

The Topshop small section is popular in size, so you don’t have to consider it limited by choice (unfortunately, this is the case in many other small retail stores). That is, they are all in Topshop unless they fit your frame.

The Best Petite Clothing Stores

The Reformation recently announced a small section powered by the hashtag #dontcallmecut. Now, you will find all of your favorite Stylish Styles in sections that are suitable for your body, and not just beautiful long-haired models.

Petites Zoe Skirt The Best Petite Clothing Stores

4. J.Crew

For all your familiarity and basic job preparation, the J.Crew small unit is unparalleled. Especially when it comes to the more organized things in the wardrobe, sacrificing a fact is not a good idea; head to J.Crew instead.

J.Crew The Best Petite Clothing Stores

5. Lands’ End

Lands’ End is another vendor with a slightly hidden division. Here, you can find everything you would expect at Lands’ End, from waterproof outdoor clothing to simple basics and more.

The Best Petite Clothing Stores

6. Twenty-four fashions

The young petite brand was founded by UK designer Lucie when she was 24 years old. The most beautiful thing about this design. The cropped blazers, straight-leg pants, and A-line skirts are classic silhouettes that fit into any body type and would stay on for years in your wardrobe. Because this brand has silk clothing because of its silk clothing, it is the most comfortable and soft fabric globally, but it is also the strongest. If you have sensitive skin as I do, you will especially appreciate how silk feels on your skin.

best petite fashion brands stores

7. Crown and Ivy

Crown & Ivy’s colorful petite selection is so adorable that it reflects southern flair! In case you didn’t know, Crown and Ivy is the exclusive brand for Belk miniatures. They make clothes for the petite, from dresses to trousers and jackets, offering low-rise women a wide selection all year round. They are large enough for everyone. So please consider that before ordering and maybe downsize the first time until you figure out how their size works for you.

The Best Petite Clothing Stores

8. Kim Rogers

If you’ve never heard of this petite clothing brand, it doesn’t shock me. This is another miniature Belk brand.

The Best Petite Clothing Stores Kim rogers


This shop is a popular spot for buying affordable clothes for petite women online. If you want to find cute and trendy outfits without spending too much, you’ll love this place. What’s really great is their low prices and big selection.

They have everything petite women need, like tiny overalls, small pajamas, and short wide-leg pants – stuff that’s hard to find anywhere else. Even though the store is in the UK, they ship orders worldwide for free if you buy enough, and they don’t charge for returns.

ASOS The Best Petite Clothing Stores

10. Express

The Express petite section is perfect for people 5’4″ and under. They offer great fits at low prices, so you won’t be let down. You can find Express stores all over the US, in malls or standing alone, but the petite sizes are only sold online. Their clothes are young, trendy, and perfect for city life. Unlike ASOS, which mainly offers casual wear in small sizes, Express has lots of options for work outfits too.

Express The Best Petite Clothing Stores

If you’re a new grad needing work clothes without spending a lot, check this place out. They have lots of blouses and pencil skirts for less than $50. Plus, they’ve got office pants in small sizes, which is usually hard for petite girls to find.

11. The Limited

If you don’t know this brand, it’s a designer brand that makes office clothes like suits and pants for women. They used to have a few stores in New York and New Jersey where I could try things on before my interview.

But, they’ve closed those stores and now sell kids’ clothes online.

The good part? Their prices are super affordable. Belk sells a bunch of short dresses from Limited. If you need office clothes without spending a lot, you should take a look!

The Best Petite Clothing Stores

12. Petite Dressing

Their main idea is that clothes for petite people shouldn’t just be smaller versions of regular clothes. They focus on making clothes that help petite people look taller and more proportionate.

This new way of styling is great for shorter women. They mostly make petite pants/jeans, long dresses, and jumpsuits that are just the right fit for shorter ladies, solving their biggest clothing issues.

The Best Petite Clothing Stores

13. Halogen

You might not know about this small designer brand because it’s sold mostly at Nordstrom. It’s a newer brand, but their designs feel new and fun, kind of like Diane Von Furstenberg’s stuff, but cheaper!

If you haven’t checked them out, go to Nordstrom and pick up a colorful top or a wool dress. You’ll be happy you discovered them!

Halogen The Best Petite Clothing Stores

14. Jessica Howard

This little tree is at Macy’s. It’s awesome because it looks good and isn’t too pricey, all thanks to Macy’s deals and coupons. Plus, their flowery dresses and jumpsuits for smaller sizes are super pretty.

Jessica Howard The Best Petite Clothing Stores

15. S64

Erika Gomez, a young girl, designed a special dress for short women because she understands their struggles. She began by making small shorts and then added more clothes just right for petite ladies. Erika also wants her brand to show how strong and confident short women can be.

The Best Petite Clothing Stores

16. Charter Club

The unique petite clothing brand you can only find at Macy’s! It’s amazing the way they make petite size cashmere sweaters at a very reasonable price! Their other designs also look fresh and chic, and again, you can’t beat the price anywhere else!

CHARTER CLUB Best Petite Clothing Stores

17. Gal meets glam

You’ll love their dresses because they look fancy and stylish. They have a lot of short dresses perfect for everyday wear, like sundresses and dresses you can wear to parties. Plus, they make jumpsuits for shorter women, which I think is really cool!

The Best Petite Clothing Stores

18. Xscape

This brand creates special dresses for Petites, perfect for big events like weddings. If you’re the bride’s mother or have a special day coming up, take a look at their collection.

The Best Petite Clothing Stores

19. Vince Camuto

This is a well-known clothing style that many of us know about. The best part is that these clothes are usually very stylish and can be worn by girls and women of any age.

The Best Petite Clothing Stores

20. Lauren by Ralph Lauren

This saying belongs to famous American designer Ralph Lauren. The brand is known for its high quality. They have a big variety of dressy and casual clothes. At Nordstrom, you can find everything from small sweater pants to small pajamas. Prices might be a bit high. You can buy when there’s a sale. But, if you wear a Petite size 0, make sure to look at their size charts before buying.

The Best Petite Clothing Stores

21. Tahari ASL

If you need small-sized clothes for work, Tahari ASL is a great place to look, especially for women who find it tough to find their size in professional outfits like suits and dresses. Besides its own website, you can also find a nice variety of small Tahari ASL clothes at Macy’s.

Best Petite Clothing Tahari ASL

22. London Fog

This company is a big name in making coats and clothes in the US. It started in 1923 in London by a guy named Israel Myers. During World War II, they were famous for creating waterproof clothes for the US Navy. After the war, they teamed up with DuPont to make special materials for raincoats. They were the first to make a raincoat with a removable lining, which became really popular in Philadelphia.

So, if you’re looking for small-sized coats, you should definitely check them out. They’re known for their stylish petite trench coats made from high-quality material.

Best Petite Clothing London Fog
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23. Talbots

Their style suits older folks more, but younger women can also find nice stuff. They’re famous for their short coats but also sell work clothes, sports gear, swimwear, and more. The prices are pretty low and the clothes are comfy. Some items, like a small suede coat, might cost more than $1000, but you can get a good deal during a sale.

Best Petite Clothing

24. Alex afternoon

This brand sells small size clothes for women online and you can find it at Macy’s. Alex Evenings makes fancy clothes for women, perfect for special events. If you need a fancy outfit in a small size, definitely look at this brand.

Best Petite Clothing

25. Ann Taylor

Every petite girl in the US knows this store. It’s a top choice for petite work clothes because of its great quality and craftsmanship. You can find their shops all over the US, making it simple to try on clothes and return them if needed.

The fit is always the same. They specialize in work clothes for petite women, so it’s not the spot for party or casual outfits.

Ann Taylor Best Petite Clothing

26. White House Black Market

This popular American brand has stores in certain cities. They sell a nice variety of work and casual clothes in small sizes, at good prices. What’s really cool about them is how they design work clothes for women.

These clothes look stylish and professional, perfect for the office, but are also great for wearing out to dinner later.

Best Petite Clothing

27. Banana Republic

This is a super popular store for small size clothes that don’t cost too much. The cool thing is, you can find them everywhere, and lots of local shops have tiny sizes. It’s easy to just walk in, try stuff on, and figure out what you want to keep or return.

Things might seem a bit pricey at first, but if you wait for their sales, you can get stuff for half off. Most of the time, the quality is okay for what you pay, but sometimes it’s really good or not so great.

28. Anthropologie

This brand is loved by many small girls who like stylish and romantic tops and dresses. Their stores also sell cute things for the house. You can find their stores all over the US, and some places also have small toys.

Their website has more colorful and comfortable dresses, shirts, and pants for women 5’4″ and under compared to their physical stores. However, they don’t have a lot of options for formal work clothes for petite sizes.

Best Petite Clothing 2020

29. Tadashi Shoji

This is a top brand known for making fancy dresses for big events. Tadashi Shoji is a Japanese American designer who creates dressy clothes for women. If you’re into making or wearing small, fancy dresses for parties, like cocktail dresses or evening gowns, you’ll find it exciting.

It’s often hard to find formal clothes if you’re petite, but you can check out their website or find a nice selection at Nordstrom.

In 2018, Tadashi Shoji started making affordable wedding dresses too, adding to his collection of formal clothes for women.

Best Petite Clothing Tadashi Shoji

30. Adrianna Papell

Another top brand that makes fancy clothes for women has just added a small clothing line! Now, you can find lots of options for special event dresses in small sizes, like tiny dresses for the bride’s mom. Isn’t that great? You can check out this brand at Maci’s or on their website.

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I wrote this article for girls like me who always have to make their sleeves shorter, roll up their pants, and look for skirts and dresses. I’ve shared tips on how to find smaller clothes and stay comfy, including the best brands and stores to check out.

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