Who Is Brandi Passante And What She Is Doing Now?

Who Is Brandi Passante And What She Is Doing Now

Brandi Passante is a famous American TV star and a businesswoman. She’s known worldwide for her reality show Storage Wars. She’s been on the show with Jarrod Schulz, an old friend, who is now her husband.

Who is Brandi Passante?

Brandi Passante is a well known US figure, her father’s name is Baldasare Joseph who has died on 26th October 2020, and it’s not much known about her mother and siblings. Modest, Hot, gorgeous and business minded, these words are commonly used to introduce Brandi.

She is an American TV actress who has worked as an actress on a reality TV show ‘Storage wars’ along with her ex-husband Jarrod Schulz.

She has also produced her own show by name of Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the job. Brandi met Jarrod at a business place when she was working as a carpet cleaner through a mutual friend. She is a business woman and runs her storage business with her ex-husband.

Brandi Passante

She is known to be a strong headed person who never takes any business decision in a hurry.

Brandi Passante has started her first thrift store at Orange County with name of Now and Then and opened her second store in long beach which got closed in 2013.

She did her first job in 1999 as a carpet cleaner. Brandi and Jarrod split up in the 12th season of their show in November 2018. She later announced in the 13th season of the show that she is not with Jarrod anymore.

“I Always Desire To Become A Chef”

Brandi always desires to become a chef but started working in TV upon advice of Jarrod’s mother. She has two children and she is currently living in California, she spends and enjoys most of her time making healthy food for her children. 

Brandi does not like games a lot but she is very active on social media platforms. She owns her popular channel on YouTube as well. One of the interesting facts about Brandi is that she has never worn lipstick because she thinks it would look funny on her chicken lips.

It is also rumored that she has worked as a stripper in her past but she never agrees to this statement. As per speculations, she charges 15000 dollars for one episode of her show. Brandi has always kept her life private and that is the reason not much is known about her siblings, parents and her educational background. 

This all leads her to face no controversies in her life through a nude video of hers was leaked some time ago which she has denied and also charged a case against that person who has leaked such video under her name. She has recovered some amount of penalty. Brandi is happily living with her two children in California and bearing all responsibilities as a single mother.

How old is Brandi Passante?

She also appears in her own show by the name of Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the job. Brandi Passante was born on May 1980 in United States of America, Texas.

She has turned 41 years old in 2022. She is American national if we talk about her ethnicity then she belongs to North America. Brandi has never discussed much about her childhood or her parents as she doesn’t like to disclose or discuss her private matters in public but she remains active on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Cooking as a hobby

Brandi Passante takes cooking as her hobby and adores cooking for her children, as per Brandi if she would not be a showbiz person, she would rather be a chef for sure. She is a seasoned chef at home she knows a lot of recipes at her fingertips. Her favorite dish in which she is expert too is Chicken Stroganoffs.

What is Brandi Passante doing now?

As per media resources, secret separation has taken place between Brandi and Jarrod in 2018. They have not disclosed this matter in public and kept it a secret. They have 2 children Cameron and Pyton. Both have dissolved their marriage long ago but kept this unrevealed from media and public.

It is also said that they have never married and always worked as a business partner. Both are focused and especially Brandi knows how to differentiate personal and professional life that even after separation they are working together in their TV reality show. In 2020, Jarrod officially stated his relationship with a girl Rachel. And, after that, it was definite that Brandi and Jarrod were not together. Brandi was distressed after this and went through a tough period.

She has once shared with media how she handled her children as a single mother when she was going through a challenging time and was mentally upset. Brandi is living with her kids nowadays, her father has also died recently. Being a single parent, her responsibilities have increased and she has become busier.

How much is Brandi Passante worth?

Brandi Passante is a famous American storage hunter and a recognized reality Television star whose assets are 2 billion dollars’ worth. 

Brandi visited an auction of Storage business at the behest of her aunt she then opened her thrift store in Orange County California and names it Now and Then Second Hand Store.

Initially, producers of storage wars were only looking for Jarrod. But, after meeting Brandi on the show they realized that she would be a big helping hand and a good face for the show.

At the start of the show, Brandi and Jarrod worked as hunters whose financial resources were the least at that time. 

As the show gained recognition, they both turned as heavy hunters. Brandi and Jarrod opened another store as Now and Then Store Long Beach California during the 4th season of storage wars but unfortunately, it was closed in 2013. And, their first store which was originally located at Orange was also shut down in 2016.

How tall is Brandi Passante?

Brandi Passante is not an actress or model but her physique is just as fit as models. She looks as phenomenal as any Model or TV actress.

Brandi Passante has extraordinary height i.e. 5 feet and 8 inches and she weighs 78 kg i.e. 171 lbs. She does not look like weighing such kilos as her bone mass is ample and upon looking at her she looks like a fit person.

Brandi’s body looks like a typical model that is assumed as curvy, these curves make her appearance eye-catching and beautiful in every TV show. Her measurements are 41-27-39 inches and 104-69-99 centimeters. According to media, the secret behind her curvy and fit body is her consistent workout and proper diet which is a part of her daily life routine and she follows it regularly.

She keeps herself fit through every means as nobody can say looking at her that she is 41 years old.

We all know that most of the social media personalities have gone through different surgeries it is also said about Brandi that she has also undergone surgeries that make her fit and look like less than of her age, but there is no such authentic confirmation about her surgeries by any such foundation.

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