Claire Abbott: Reason Behind Her Disappearance from Social Media

Claire Abbott Bio

In this article, we will talk about Claire Abbott (A Celebrity), who due to overexposure to public opinion on social media at a very young age fell into the well of depression.

Effect of Public Feedback on Celebrity’s Personal Life

In our generation, mental disorders are becoming common with time. Social media has given people access to each other’s daily life which attracts undue opinions from the surroundings. These opinions can be negative as well as positive.

Everyone doesn’t have the stomach to take negative feedback which can lead to depression among them. In today’s age, depression is prevailing because of the uncontrolled use of social media.

Youngsters put their life on social media which attracts opinions that can hurt them mentally. Same is the case with celebrities. They are public figures and when they put something on social media opinions from everywhere bombarding their posts.

Larger the audience the larger will be the negative feedback flowing in and if the celebrity is of sensitive nature this negative feedback can hurt him/her very badly.

Depression and public unacceptability are the biggest reasons of suicide among celebrities which can be avoided by limiting their social media interactions.

In this article, we will talk about one such celebrity who due to overexposure to public opinion on social media at a very young age fell into the well of depression. This celebrity is Claire Abbott who is an Instagram model and singer.

In this article, we will talk about her social media fame and its effect on her.

Claire Abbott Short Biography

Claire Abbott came into this world around two decades ago on 22 January 1998. She was born and raised in Ontario which is a city in Canada. She belongs to a rich business family of Canada so throughout her life she was never short of any money.

Claire Abbott

From 2012 to 2017, the former social media star surprised many of her followers when she left social media and went out of fame. However, in 2019 she returned to social media and explained why she stopped appearing on social media. She said she never wanted to be a model on social media and had to leave social media to pursue what she wanted to do.

Claire Abbott is a famous model and singer. She posted a bikini photo in one of her swimming suits on Facebook. This image of Claire went quickly viral and gained more followers on her page.

She also created a YouTube channel and quickly gained millions of followers on all her social media pages. Not only did, she use the social media page to upload pictures but she also promoted her career by uploading a lot of music songs. She posted a lot of songs on her social media account, which proved to be a hit. Due to this, she got a lot of fame.

About Claire Abbott Family

She is a daughter of David Abbott who runs a family company named Abbott Giftware. Her mother Jody Abbott also manages the family business. She has a brother who got married in 2015 and he also participates in managing family business.

If we talk about her family, she will not tell so much details about her family. After much research, her father is a well-known businessman who has been running a well-known and successful family business for many years.

As for her sister, no data is available about her sister as she never talked or shared about her family life.

Let us now tell you a little bit about her mother. Claire’s mother’s name is Jody Abbott. Her mother does not like publicity, so she does not like coming on social media.

She is a businesswoman, her mother runs “Abbott Giftware and Home Decor”. Talking further about her family, she also has an only brother named Paul Abbott. He got married in 2015.


Raised in Toronto, she received both her early and high school education there, nurturing a childhood dream of a music career. Her passion for music was evident as she wrote poems and participated in school musicals and cheerleading teams.

Claire Abbott Complete Body Measurements

Claire got famous mainly due to the bold pictures she posted on her social media accounts. Her body features are second to none and her blonde hair and cute smile make her even more attractive.

She has a bikini body and she made full use of it to get fame. Her height is 5 ft 5 inches make 165 centimeters and her weight is around 61 kilograms.

Reason Behind Claire Abbott Fame

Claire wanted to pursue her career as a singer. But fame doesn’t come to her through singing talent. In early 2012 Instagram was a newly introduced social media platform and everyone was trying their luck to get famous on it.

Claire Abbott’s fame ignited when she uploaded a photo of her in a bikini on Instagram. She was only 15 years old then so she attracted thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook after that post.

She continued posting those kinds of pictures on her account and kept on getting more and more followers. So we can say she got famous by a mere chance. She had a cute face and a well-proportioned body which were enough to attract followers. She used her fame to fulfill her dream of becoming a famous singer.

Claire Abbott started posting covers of some famous songs on her Instagram account.

This increased her followers and popularity even more. She posted a creative cover of Adele’s song Turning Tables which made the public recognize her singing talents.

She then decided to post her original work on her YouTube channel. She recorded her original song Fighter in collaboration with Phlex Music and uploaded it on YouTube. Her song gathered a lot of views and her dream of becoming a singer was fulfilled.

Her Sudden Disappearance From Social Media

In 2016 to Claire’s fan surprise her social media accounts were deleted. She deactivated her Instagram as well as her Twitter account. She was the kind of person who likes to post regularly on social media to keep the fans updated about daily routine life.

When she deleted her accounts her fans got worried about the reason for her sudden disappearance.

There were no clear signs or reasons that could tell her fans about her disappearance but later all the speculations got answered and fans got to know the reason.

Her Depression and Mental Health Problems

Claire became famous on social media, but it wasn’t all good. Being in the spotlight at a young age meant she faced a lot of public judgment. People didn’t always say nice things, especially about her pictures, which made her feel really bad about herself. She was too young to handle all this attention and it made her very sad and insecure.

To feel better, Claire decided to step away from the fame. She turned off her social media to get away from negative comments. This helped her deal with her feelings and start to feel happy again. After some time, when she felt stronger and happier, she came back to social media in 2019. She told her fans why she had disappeared, saying she needed to take care of her mental health.

Claire’s story teaches us that it’s more important to be healthy and happy than to be famous or rich. She chose to look after her mental health by staying away from social media and public attention, and it made her feel better.

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