The Rise of Curvy Fashion: Celebrating Diversity and Beauty in the Industry

Curvy Women

For a long time, when people thought of a famous curvy model, they only thought of Ashley Graham. But now, as the fashion world starts to celebrate all kinds of bodies, we’re seeing more plus size models become famous.

From Australians like Robyn Lawley and Kate Wesley to Tess Holliday, who’s known for speaking her mind, these curvy models are gaining lots of fans on social media.

They’re not just on social media; you can see them on fashion runways, at fancy events, and on the covers of magazines.

Something that might surprise you is how the fashion industry decides who is a “plus-size” model. In fashion, “plus-size” starts at size 8, even though the average Australian woman wears a size 14.

It’s great to see these models using their platforms to spread messages of body positivity and to show off cool outfits every day.

The attitude towards plus-size and curvy models in fashion is changing for the better. They used to be ignored or not treated well, but now, the industry is welcoming models of all sizes.

These models are proud of their curves and are showing everyone that beauty doesn’t come in just one size.

Felicity Hayward

This English stunner is a powerful looking curvy woman with her bleach blonde hair.

Felicity Hayward is turning attention with her blazing blue eyes, gorgeous lips, and unapologetic attitude, and it’s not due to her stick thin physique.

Felicity Hayward Curvy Women

Felicity has been featured in magazines such as Vogue and Glamour, as well as on runways, since her first published shoot in 2012, proudly wearing her full figure appearance.

Felicity’s style is evocative of Marilyn Monroe’s dark-browed, red-lipped face, and she emits a no-holds-barred attitude similar to that of former No Doubt member Gwen Stefani.

Fluvia Lacerda

Fluvia Lacerda, a voluptuous size 18 curvy women Brazilian model, is breaking some fashion barriers and taking the fashion industry by storm.

She openly promotes curvy women and a plus sized look with her naturally radiant South American skin and come-hither hazel eyes, and she wouldn’t have it any other way!


Lacerda has been featured in Vogue, Glamour, and Bust publications, and is known as the “plus-sized Gisele Bündchen.”

Lucerda isn’t afraid to refer to herself as a “curvy woman” in interviews and on social media, and she’s passionate about promoting and recognizing plus-sized and curvier women.

Christina Mendez

This unique Hispanic’s grin and a good attitude are contagious. Christina Mendez was born, reared, and now works and lives in New York, despite the fact that her parents are Dominicans.

The plus-sized model has appeared in magazines such as Glamour, The Source, Latina, Cosmopolitan Shape, and Apple Bottoms and Baby Phat, and has been a featured model for firms such as Apple Bottoms and Baby Phat.

Christina Mendez Curvy Women

Christina was a participant on the television show Model Search in 2008, with her adorably enormous voluptuous and curvy figure and beautiful dimples.

Christina is not just a strong champion for plus-size models and curvy women, but also for the Autism Speaks charity (after her son was diagnosed at age two with autism).

The island beauty has also appeared on the Rachael Ray Show, the Today Show, and Fox News, as well as being profiled for a variety of online publications.

Robin Lawley

At six feet and two inches tall, this 27-year-old natural blonde Australian beauty is a tall and stunning sight.

Robyn is best renowned for her wonderfully plus-sized curves, which she flaunts in bikinis and lingerie.

Robin Lawley Curvy Women

Robyn is the first Australian plus-size model to be published in Australian Vogue, GQ Australia, and Australia Cosmopolitan, among other publications.

She was also the first plus-sized model and curvy woman to walk in a Ralph Lauren beauty ad and the first plus-sized model to appear in Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit edition, where she proudly flaunted her full body against a mountainous setting in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

Robin Lawley Swimwear is her own swimwear firm, which she founded in 2013.  “Swimwear that fits!” is the motto of the swimwear company, which offers vivid and stunning patterns in sizes ranging from 8 to 18 US for all the curvy women out there.

Robin demonstrates yet again that women of various shapes and sizes can be attractive if they are self-assured.

Kate Wasley

Kate Wasley is a model from Australia who got famous on Instagram. She and her friend Georgia Gibbs post pictures on their account @any.body_co, showing that anyone can be happy and confident no matter their size. They want to send a positive message about loving your body. Kate got even more famous around the world after she was in Sports Illustrated magazine earlier this year.

Kate Wasley Curvy Women

Georgia Pratt, a New Zealand-born model, is frequently photographed for the lonely lingerie label, which is recognized around the world for using models of all sizes and ages, as well as their unretouched pictures.

Whitney Thompson

When she won the reality television series America’s Next Top Model (presented by Tyra Banks) in its tenth season in 2008, this plus-sized Florida bombshell sent oceanic tremors.

Although there have been other plus-sized winners after Whitney won the next top model award, she was the first plus-size model and a curvy woman to do so.

In popular culture, this was a watershed moment for plus-size models. Despite being a natural brunette, this beauty now prefers to flaunt her shapely curves with brilliant blonde locks.

Following her reality program, Whitney has been featured in magazines such as In Touch Weekly, Metrostyle, and Seventeen Magazine, as well as various talk shows and interviews.

Whitney is a spokesperson for Smile-Stylist and Right Fit, just like many of her curvy sisters. She encourages women to embrace their natural shape and size, even if it means dressing in a larger size.

Precious Lee

Another curvy beauty making waves is Precious Lee. The lovely and curvy model was the first plus-sized African American woman to feature in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue ad.

She is a plus-size model and one of the most beautiful curvy women for Lane Bryant in the United States, and she famously posed for their new 2016 ad with a too-cute pixie doo and a sparkling white bikini.

Gorgeous Precious Lee Curvy Women

“This body is intended to be uncovered,” states the ad, and Precious isn’t scared to flaunt her curvy figure.

 This young woman belongs on any catwalk or magazine photoshoot, with her perfectly poised, thick eyebrows and large, pouty lips.

Precious believes that your size should have no bearing on your happiness. Precious experimented with altering her stage name and had lengthy hair extensions when she first started modelling.

 She’s been going by the name Victoria since 2015, and she’s ditched the ill-fitting extensions in favor of her gorgeously short and naturally curly curls.

Ashley Graham

Denim looks better with bigger bottoms, and this Levi’s Jeans model understands how to style them correctly.

Ashley Graham is a 28-year-old American model who made a name for herself as a lingerie model for Lane Bryant, where she flaunted her stunning and shapely skin.

In 2016, she made history as the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue.

This dark-haired, brown-eyed beauty has been featured in fashion magazines such as Elle, Glamour, and Vogue, as well as on numerous talk shows where she promotes and embraces her curvy status.

Ashley created a plus-sized women’s lingerie brand for Addition Elle, and she speaks about size acceptance and a good body image.

If you’re a curvy woman and insecure, this young model is an excellent role model since she isn’t hesitant to speak out for women of greater stature, which she should be.

Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia Aboulhosn is a model, writer, photographer, and designer who shows us that being curvy is beautiful. People recognize her easily because she has olive-colored skin and thick eyebrows. Her style is cool, different, and fashionable.

Nadia is Lebanese-American and has a look similar to Kim Kardashian. She keeps thousands of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook interested with her funny and honest posts.

At just 26, Nadia encourages everyone to love themselves and celebrate their bodies, no matter their size.

She became famous after winning a model search by American Apparel and her first photo shoot with Seventeen magazine.

Since then, she’s been in Vogue Italia, Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue, worked with American Apparel, and been talked about on Refinery29. You can find her fashion designs on BooHoo, a big online fashion store.

Clementine Desseaux

This gorgeous, freckle-faced French model is defying the stereotype of the “thin French woman” in France.

As an entrepreneur, blogger, and model, the young plus-size model has a lot going for her, including porcelain skin, full lips, thick brows, and lovely auburn locks.

In interviews, this curvy woman Clementine talks about the challenges of competing with old school beauty standards in France, where curvy women and plus size women is still frowned upon.

It’s difficult to see this shapely, self-assured beauty receiving any bad press. Clementine showcases her numerous talents on her personal website, where she writes about lifestyle, health, beauty, and gastronomy.

Clementine moved from France to New York after signing a modelling contract, where she currently lives, works, and promotes all things artistic, soul-filling, and good.

The French know how to live life to the fullest, and the fashion business is fortunate to have such a positive plus-size model on the scene.

Philomena Kwao

This 26-year-old London model with a lovely dark complexion is gung-ho and eager to defy society’s beauty standards.

Breaking barriers in the American fashion business, where thin and sometimes lighter skin reigns supreme, takes a lot of courage, but this curvy woman and stunning Philomena Kwao couldn’t be happier or more willing to tackle and combat those old-school preconceptions.

Philomena Kwao Curvy Women

This stunning model has been in advertisements for Addition Elle, Beth Ditto Collection, Torrid, and most recently, she flaunted her curvy looks alongside fellow model Ashley Graham in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine’s “Swimsuits for All” campaign.

Philomena is a model for Torrid, a plus-size apparel company, and it’s no surprise given her short hair, enigmatic dark eyes, and chocolate brown complexion.

While Philomena believes the fashion business still has a long way to go, she believes her outspoken presence and impassioned position make a difference.

We’re so thrilled Philomena discovered her body confidence through modelling and embracing her curvy looks!

Candice Huffine

If you type Candice Huffine into a popular search engine, you’ll almost certainly find more photographs of this timeless beauty in lingerie or swimwear, which is exactly what it should be.

Candice has been dubbed one of the sexiest models in the world, and with good cause.

Candice doesn’t require clothes to picture well because of her smoldering brown eyes, mocha brown hair, and hour glass figure.

Candice Huffine Curvy Beautiful Women

The model shot to prominence after appearing in a V magazine editorial Curves Ahead in 2010. She was on the cover of Vogue Italia in June 2011, alongside plus-size models Tara Lynn and Robyn Lawley.

Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and W and CR Fashion Book have all featured the stunning curvy woman.

Candice is passionate about fighting for plus-size women and models, stating that the effort to embrace larger bodies is not a fad, a trend, or a source of debate. She’s attempting to set a higher standard.

Why Do Men Like Curvy Women?

Why are curvy women attractive to men? According to a study, the majority of men say they aren’t impressed by the flawless zero size figured models in magazines.

It’s no secret that many guys love a woman who is a little curvier. The first reason men want to date a curvy woman is that they admire a woman’s curves. Many studies have demonstrated that men have a bias against curvy women.

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