Stand Out with These Adorable and Trendy Short Hair Ideas

Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair

Lots of people think only girls with long hair get to have fun with different styles. But that’s not true at all! We’ve put together a bunch of cute and easy hairstyles for short hair so you can look cool every day.

Let’s face it, most days we’re too busy to try fancy hairdos, so we stick to the same old look. Whether it’s letting our hair down, rocking a messy bun, or just a simple ponytail, we all have that go-to style we love.

But here’s the thing – short hair is super fun and totally worth playing around with! Whether you’re off to work, hanging out with friends, or hitting up a party, short hair can look amazing. You can go for neat buns, cute space buns, or even dreamy waves.

We’ve found a ton of super cute, quick, and easy hairstyles for short hair that you can do at home. Ready to shake up your look for every occasion? Here are 20 adorable hairstyles for short hair that are perfect for busy moms or anyone else on the go. Say goodbye to boring hair days!

Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair

Sometimes all we need is a simple hair accessory to change and spice up our everyday style. Scarves, ribbons, flowers, and even glitter surprisingly are all great ways to give our hair some color to add a unique yet stylish touch to it.

Women naturally go with a classical bob when they opt for short hair. They are wonderfully stylish, and they may be enhanced with good hairdo features and even pulled up into a lovely updo.

1. Simple Side Twists

These side twists are the most popularly made hairstyle that people make for short hair because it is the easiest and gives a very professional look.

Simple Side Twists - Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair

You can get this cute and simple hairstyle by twisting the side pieces of your hair and holding them in place with two bobby pins. Remember to put the bobby pins in the opposite way of the twist.

2. Beautiful French Twist Specially Short Hair

With short hair, a French twist certainly seems like an impossible task. It isn’t, however.

Here’s a simple way to style your hair: just pull it to one side, smooth it down, and use some bobby pins to hold it neatly in place.

Beautiful French Twist Specially Short Hair

Then, lightly backcomb the rest of your hair, pull it back, and tie it with a small elastic band. this easy trick will prevent your short hair from coming undone when twisted.

Finally, twist the hair and secure it with two bobby pins, one at the top and one at the bottom.

3. Messy French Braids Short Hairstyle

This hairstyle is really cute for short hair because it looks adorable with two messy short French braids.

Messy French Braids Short Hairstyle

This stylish look keeps your hair off your face and looks really cool.

4. Half-Up Twist Short Hairstyle

This adorable hairstyle for short hair is done by grabbing two small pieces from the sides, tying them back with a tiny rubber band, and flipping it over your ponytail a few times to create a cool twist. That’s all you need for this simple look.

Half-Up Twist Short Hairstyle - Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair 2021

5. Half up Half down Bun with Tiny Braids

Get a cute look for short hair with this easy style! Just braid two small braids and tie them together. Then, create a messy bun for a professional vibe. Secure your ponytail with an elastic band and for a neat finish, tuck in some bobby pins into the bun.

Half up Half down Bun with Tiny Braids

6. Fascinating Curled Hairstyle

To make your short hair look professional, try curling it. Just divide your hair into sections and make loose curls. Be careful not to make your hair look shorter than it is.

Fascinating Curled Hairstyle

Here’s a YouTube guide that’ll show you how to get a cool and stylish look using a curling iron.

7. Sophisticated Bun Hairstyle Perfect for Short Hair

This adorable short hairstyle looks intricate yet is surprisingly easy to achieve at home. Just grab some hair from the front and one side of your head, twist these sections, and secure them slightly off-center.

Hide the pins by wrapping a twisted section of hair from the other side around them, securing as you go.

Finally, twist the leftover hair into a cute bun and pin it underneath with bobby pins for a perfect prom or evening party look.

Sophisticated Bun Hairstyle Perfect for Short Hair

8. Headband Short Hairstyle

A quick and easy way to style short hair is to wear a cute headband. This hairstyle looks chic and stylish. Choose a headband with a print or color that matches your outfit for an extra stylish look. You can try different beautiful colors.

Headband Short Hairstyle
Headband Short Hairstyle

9. Braided Back Space Buns Short Hairstyle

Buns are really versatile. For a fun twist, try the half-up style with braids leading to two cute buns, adding a bit of flair. The “space buns” look is super cute with two little buns.

Want to nail this hairstyle? Check out this easy-to-follow YouTube tutorial to get it just right:

10. Chunky Fishtail Short Hairstyle

This cool and trendy side fish braid might look a bit tricky. But if you can do a fish braid, then this cute short hair style is super easy for you.

Chunky Fishtail Short Hairstyle

Curl your hair into loose curls, then tease the side sections and make a messy fishtail braid. Voila! You’ve got the look you want. Remember to use hairspray to keep everything in place.

11. Side Bobby Pins Short Hairstyle

Adding hair accessories to your hairstyle is a great idea. It helps you get a cute look for short hair easily. A simple tip is to use cute bobby pins as a beautiful design.

Side Bobby Pins Short Hairstyle

12. Short Hair Bun That Complements Curly Hair

To get this hairstyle, first curl your hair then make a bun for volume. Use bobby pins and hairspray to keep it in place. Pull your hair up for a full look, starting with a ponytail at the top. This is the basic step for this cute look.

Short Hair Bun That Complements Curly Hair

Hide the loop by using your fingers and some pretty bobby pins to keep it in place. Also, use hair spray to keep the frizz away and stop any small hairs from sticking out. If you’re dressing up for something special, add some hair jewelry to make it look fancy.

13. 90’s Half Pony

The ’90s styles, from fashion to hairstyles, are making a comeback, inspiring many new looks. One cute style for short hair is the half pony. Just take a small section of hair from the front and tie it up, leaving some hair loose around your face. For a fuller look, gently tease your ponytail to add volume.

90’s Half Pony

14. French Braid Mohawk

This chic and cute French braid Mohawk for short hair matches any outfit easily. Start by taking three sections at the front and crossing them over to the middle, into your other hand. Do this again on the other side. After repeating twice, you’ll start to see your braid forming.

French Braid Mohawk for short hair

First, keep crossing the strands over the middle one and add a bit of hair from each side as you go. That’s it, super simple!

15. Double Side Braids Short Hairstyle For Short Hair

For this cute short hairstyle, start by curling your hair. Then, add two French braids on the side for a chic, side-swept look. It’s stylish, classy, and perfect for women with short hair.

Double Side Braids Short Hairstyle For Short Hair

16. Two Puffs Short Hairstyle

For girls with curly, shorter hair, two puffs are a great choice. They’re like two pigtails but sit higher on the head, showing off their natural curls. Super cute!

This adorable hairstyle is perfect for anyone with curly short hair. It’s like having two pigtails, but higher up on your head, letting your curls really show off. It’s amazing!

The Final Verdict

Explore these adorable short hair hairstyles perfect for any day, whether you’re just starting or already a pro. These simple and easy styles are designed to inspire. With a bit of practice, you’ll quickly become an expert. Enjoy experimenting with your hair every day and let us know what hairstyle guide you want to see next!

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