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Discover Amazing Features of Google Nest Smart Speakers: A Handy Device For Everyday Use


Discover Amazing Features of Google Nest Smart Speakers: A Handy Device For Everyday Use


Hardware which has google assistant inside – Google nest smart speaker is a fresh and useful device that can play around and is capable of controlling other home smart devices.

If you just got your hand on it and not fully aware of its use, so we are here to guide you to make most of it. 

This is not a secret that Google Assistant can help you to get your many tasks done like it helps you to cook, to shop, to remember something, to learn, to interpret several languages for you and many more. These are the reasons which increase the popularity of smart speakers. Some of its features get more popular among its users, like setting the alarm and timers, marking calendar reminders, playing music and controlling home smart devices. These things can be done through downloading the smart home app and following the instruction and all your work completion is just your one instruction away. Living with several members in the home, you have to set up a voice match for the voice instructions. Voice match can work up to 6 different voices. 

There are other famous features of smart speakers which will help you in several manners. 

Ask Question:

Among all virtual assistants ranked no 1 in an IQ test that assesses their skill to respond to the question accurately. You can ask about any important information or news about anything; google assistant will help you in the least consuming time with most of the accuracy. 

Kids Interaction:

We can see there are many kids fun stuff available in a smart speaker; it keeps the kids engaged in it. There is alarm available in lego, ninja turtle and Nickelodeon character which can tell the jokes and share some good wisdom and encouragements, Google assistant voice app for kids is also available in the voice of their favorite cartoon character sponge bob. This is not enough, Google’s best the smart speaker can listen to your story and when you reach a specific section, it can display an image and words will remind a certain voice. Here there is some ease for parents too, that they can record a story and kids can listen to several voices through the google voice app.


Google assistant can translate up 44 languages. If more than one language is spoken in your home, you can enable multiple interpretation google assistants in the home app. Android devices launch this google assistant interpretation mode. 

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Varieties In Voices:

This was the story of the old days when a single monotonic voice in female version was the only option google assistant had. Now google assistant can give you up to 11 voices in both feminine and masculine assistants voices. They incorporated with celebrities voices in simple and collective responses. 

Cook A Meal:

This is one of the favorite features from the home app. There are hundreds of recipes Google assistant can incorporate with the web. And home speaker can guide you with the step by step recipe. Smart display user can see the suggestions and recommendations of the recipes. The favorite recipe can also be saved in a Google app. Users can also take help from the google assistant about basic cooking stuff like converting ml into ounce also you can calculate you nourishing values in your food. 

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