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Dr. Tori Brown Believes that the COVID-19 Period is the Perfect Time to Start Your Family Business – Here’s Why


Dr. Tori Brown Believes that the COVID-19 Period is the Perfect Time to Start Your Family Business – Here’s Why

Dr Tori Brown

The COVID-19 crisis had a drastic impact on most businesses all over the world, especially the smaller ones. Small businesses are the livelihood of any community, but due to the COVID-19 crisis, most of them are struggling to survive. However, Dr. Tori Brown believes that this pandemic will mark the beginning of the next fuel of innovation and will result in more resilient, world-changing startups than before which is why every individual should start thinking of starting their own business.

Dr. Tori Brown is a multifaceted author, entrepreneur, business developer, and professional strategist. Her diverse portfolio boasts of many accomplishments. She is the founder of two successful businesses named Fresh Docs Inc. and Success Lockdown Group LLC. Besides this, Dr. Brown has been working as a business development consultant for over 20 years, helping emerging and legacy brands in sports, media, and entertainment for over 20 years in creating business models and strategies to provide them untethered access to non-traditional and traditional sources of funding.

Dr. Brown’s expertise is assisting entrepreneurs and businesses in finding new, lucrative investment opportunities, and she considers her knowledge as the main tool that helps her highlights strategies to improve people’s financial situation. Being a business development maestro, Dr. Brown understands both the positive and negative impact of the COVID-19 crisis and believes that this is the right time for parents to lay down a strong business development foundation for their kids.

If there is one thing any crisis has taught us, it is to not rely on a single source of income as you never know how quickly the tables can turn. Dr. Brown suggests that you use your resources wisely and diversify your sources of income so that if one is in a loss, the other one can keep you going. According to Dr. Brown, the best way to do that is to invest in real estate.

For starters, real estate investment is a long-term investment, meaning it’s a good way to leverage your credit to access business funding that will help you with the purchase of real estate. You can buy a property and rent it out as revenue for your business. This way, you’ll build your personal capital and also earn a monthly income. Also, your property then becomes a real estate asset that can appreciate in value as a foundation for creating and growing a real estate portfolio.

Most importantly, investing in real estate as a family and working together in the business development process, teaches children the importance of social capital and establishing a family business. Holding a Ph.D. in psychology, Dr. Brown believes that children tend to learn from their parents’ actions or in other words, through practical demonstration. In Dr. Brown’s words, this means that “by investing in real estate, you’re also teaching your children how to do business so that when they grow up, they’ll know that they have another option than just getting stuck in the 9-5 job cycle.”

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In fact, she is actively helping both ordinary individuals and existing entrepreneurs become new homebuyers and then build from there to purchase real estate investment properties so they can increase their income. Dr. Brown’s course Acid Reflux The Work aims at the target of creating self-sufficient business owners during the rough economic conditions prevailing around the world. Children need to see the leaders in the family in action and building sustainable businesses now more than ever.

“What better way to enhance your children’s exposure to business and enhance family values than by starting a business during the national pandemic in order to be in a better financial position for your family? You have to do the work. The work is what creates revenues,” says Dr. Brown.

The pandemic will surely pass, but it will leave behind some very important lessons for every individual. According to Dr. Brown, we must start preparing for what’s coming ahead i.e. a recession and her expert advice can help you do that in a more efficient way.

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