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Dr. LaVern R. McCants –Reshaping Future through School Improvement and Progressive Ideas


Dr. LaVern R. McCants –Reshaping Future through School Improvement and Progressive Ideas

From the schooling system to higher education levels like universities, research centers, and invention labs, we can find some discouraging forces. The system’s non-flexibility is prominent; our systems try to put every human in a pre-defined mold, whereas as per science and nature studies, all humans are not the same. The standards we have set to evaluate, and direct success are not suitable for all. The one who fits-in is praised; the one who does not is blamed. We have seen many successful and smart humans like Einstein, Shakespeare, Mark Zuckerberg, and many others being a miss-fit in the system. Somehow, they ditched the standard criteria and systems, yet they succeeded in life. So indeed, education systems and educators need improvement to overcome such concerns.

As mentioned above, the problem is highlighted here because we are about to mention the efforts of Dr. LaVern R. McCants, who is a Book Writer, Motivational Speaker, and School Improvement Consultant. Rather than following a mainstream idea of mentioning personal stories and struggle related to success to motivate people, she talks about bringing a change. Instead of blaming students or questioning their efforts, she addresses educators and schooling systems to bring positive changes or flexibilities.

Here is a little about her life.

Dr. LaVern R. McCants Life and her Achievements

Her late father was a former entrepreneur who later made it a practice to maintain positions that provided robust and consistent stability for his family, which addressed his distinctive characteristics and strong practical side. He was also a man who demonstrated profound wisdom while demonstrating pragmatisms’ attributes and conservativeness, which provided his family and others in positive directions. His strong and wise guidance extended beyond the direction of his offspring.

On the other hand, LaVern McCants` late mother was an author, entrepreneur, and fashion executive. She says that her mother could take risk after risk because she knew if she attempted to fall, that the fall would not be problematic because of the foundation and protection that her father provided. McCants says that both paved the way but in different ways. She inherited extraordinary wit, and progressiveness thought processes, writing skills, and fashion sense from her parents.  Her problem-solving approach and a willingness towards change allow her to equally facilitate parents, students, teachers, school administrators, and the overall educational system.

The 1990s was the time when McCants’commence book writing, along with her master’s in education. She indulges herself in in-depth research on various educational issues and their possible solutions. The more she researches in the particular domain, the more her enthusiasm grows. Her devotion led her to do a second master’s in educational leadership. After her education, she started her career as a School Improvement Consultant and pursued a doctorate in education side-by-side.

Relevant education and her active experience in the field helps her work beyond the typical frame. McCants` scholarly and academic publications are always data-driven and progressive and have successfully earned a good readership. She focuses on strategies for overall improvement and works to bring parents, educators, and students close to each other. Her publications “The School That Passed the Test,” “The Secrets of High-Performing Schools,” and “The Secrets of High-Performing Classrooms” are such materials.

As a School Improvement Consultant, McCants is working enthusiastically to create an environment where there are no walls, no rules, and no policies so that more and more humans can fit-in without changing their pretty selves. The idea behind it is to support a space that continually promotes growth. Rather than molding, educators and leaders will craft a progressive generation in the coming future. McCants’ motto is, “let’s stop making excuses and find solutions.” More elaborated research will be provided to the audience in her 2021 books. The upcoming books will address school administrators, teachers, college students and their issues, and practical solutions. 

In her K-12 educational environments, McCants served to improve high and low-performing educational settings. She knows precisely that consistent systems bring effectiveness, but an appropriate flexibility margin is vital to meet current challenges. For instance, the recent COVID-19 outbreak has turned the education system upside down. McCants believes, “Welcome to remote education, technology and flexibility are the only solutions.”

McCants also recently published “Single Lady Wise Talk-The Rule-Changer.” Her other release, “Wise Girl Talk,” will be on the market on January 26, 2021. Wise Girl Talk is a guide that influences teen girls to make wise choices. “Single-Lady Wise Talk-The Rule-Changer” is a self-help guidebook for single women.

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The books reflect her knowledge, legit state research, and present her experience. This perfect combo of three is unique and a complete guideline to help girls make wise decisions in life under any favorable or odd situation. She received global praises for her books and won honorary awards.

Her personality is full of livelihood and positivity. Unlike many educators who prefer to follow the standard idea of dressing and style, McCants presents herself as a fashion enthusiast. She evolved professionally in the fashion industry by establishing LaVern McCants Corporationthat features McCants™ and LaVern McCants™ fashion lines. She started the fashion industry in 2016, but her primary focus is her efforts in the education field that will help generations after generations. But her fashion ideas and her sense of presentation are out-of-the-box. Just like she performs in the educational domain, she also devotes her efforts to groom herself and her love for fashion.

Dr. McCants said, “Good leaders learn from great leaders.” I personally consider her as a great mentor for our current generation and a proactive leader for educators. Now she holds a Doctor of Education degree and graduated with the distinction of highest honors, which is awarded when individuals obtain the highest level of achievement in academic endeavors. Dr. LaVern R. McCants is reshaping the future through school improvement and progressive ideas.

New York Worldwide Publishers®, the New York-based trade publisher that publishes most of McCants’ books, plans a 100-City Empowerment book tour scheduled to begin in late 2021.  McCants will indeed cut ribbons for her book releases in 2021. Follow Dr. McCants on Facebook and drlavernmccants.  Read more about Dr. LaVern McCants at

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