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Easy Art And Craft: New Year Eve Decoration For Your Home

Easy Art And Craft: New Year Eve Decoration For Your Home

Easy Art And Craft New Year Eve Decoration For Your Home

This holiday season with the chilliness of winter brings some excitement for you. If you are an art lover and always feel a creative artist is hidden inside you which wants some opportunity to show up and wants a hand taps you on your shoulder as encouragement.

So we are here to not only motivate you to get your hand on it but also bring some creative DIY ideas which attract and entertain kids as well. So it is good to keep everyone occupied when it is too cold outside. And it does not the much to have a new year celebration.

Floating Photos From Balloons:

Select any color theme for your new year’s eve. Buy all gallons of that color, attached photos for the bottom part of it’s a string and leave them over the center table, with few fancy lights it will look much stylish. But make sure to keep a certain distance so they will not create a mess. 

Card Display Wall:

All you need to use twine and cloth pin for creating this fabulous looking wall, just string up those cards and write some new year wishes or you can jot down some new year resolutions too and can easily turn them into the festive wall.

Wine Bottles Lanterns:

You can simply use wine bottles which are for no use, all you have to do is to clean them well, scrap all those sticky things and add string lights of different colors to add a beautiful effect, place them on a little dark place, string light wi create a vintage effect.

Wine Bottles Lanterns

Make Flowers With Tissue Papers:

Embellish your entire party room with these easy to make tissue paper flowers, These look great for hanging from the ceiling for a decorative party or you can use them in centerpieces.

Make Flowers With Tissue Papers

Countdown Clock:

This fancy-looking idea is simply known as the countdown clock. It can easily be made from card sheets. You can cut those numbers and stick them into the old wine bottle’s corks. This unique idea will grab attention.

Countdown Clock

Funky Party hats:

These funky hats can easily be made from card or paper, all we have to do is cut it in the required size, paint them according to our theme than add the home deliver. It will be good for kids as well as elders like it too.

Funky Party hats

Rainbow wreath:

It is a fancy looking idea but it is very reasonable as well, this wreath is made up of colorful drink umbrella which can easily be picked from any art store. All you need to do is make a round-shaped cover it with cotton to make a base then add these colorful umbrellas according to your choice. You will have beautiful, low budget decoration items. 

Rainbow wreath

Party Props:

It is so easy and fun to make. These funky props will add life to your pictures and selfies. Or it can be used only for décor purposes.

Party Props
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