Elizabeth Ashley: The Journey from California Dreamer to Screen Queen

Elizabeth Ashley

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton is a well-known musician and celebrity. Her mom and dad are Vince Neil and Beth Lynn. She was born on October 29, 1983, in California, USA, making her a Scorpio.

Her parents got married in 1981, but they didn’t stay together long and divorced after 5 years. Elizabeth was born in the US, so she’s American.

She loves music and plays the guitar and bass. People also call her Elli. There’s no information shared about where she went to school or her early education.

Elizabeth Ashley & Family

A person is recognized by her or his parents and fame by the name of parents is eternal. The same has happened in the case of Elizabeth; no doubt she is a singer, bassist, and guitarist though she can’t make her recognition in media as much she gets because of her father’s work.

Her real reason for fame is not herself but her father. She came into the spotlight and became famous because of her father.

It would be right to say that she is a popular star kid. Elizabeth is around 38 years old and she is married. Her husband’s name is Will and they got married in Santa Barbara on 2014 October 18th. Her wedding was a great ceremony; pictures of those can be seen on her father’s Instagram.

The exact date of her marriage is dubious in the media. Elizabeth has one daughter who was born on 13th January 2015 and her name is Hailee Marie.

Talking about Elizabeth’s looks, then according to social media, there are no details about her height, weight, and body measurements. Her eyes are blue in color and she is a blonde.

Elizabeth Ashley’s Age

Elizabeth was born on 1983 October 29 in California. In 2022, she has turned 38 years old. Elizabeth Ashley is the daughter of famous musician Vince Neil and her mother’s name is Beth Lynn. Neil Vince has one more marriage and has children from another wife too that including 1 son and 1 daughter.

Elizabeth had a tragic childhood as her parents got divorced when she was just 4 years old.

Besides this, she had a little stepsister who was a cancer patient and died of it.

These all incidents made life difficult for her. As it is known that the reason for her fame is her father and for that cause, she doesn’t come much on social media. She wants to keep her life private and due to this no details are known about her appearance neither she has shared her height or weight publicly nor has anyone guessed about it so far.

It can only be estimated through her pictures that she is tall heightened and has blue eyes.

Neil Jason Wharton

Neil Jason Wharton was born on October 3, 1983, in Los Angeles. His dad, Neil Vince, is a well-known musician, and his mom’s name is Tami Jones. Neil Vince, Neil Jason’s father, has been married four times and has three kids, but sadly, one of his sons passed away from cancer when he was very young.

Neil Vince has had a lot of ups and downs in his life. He’s been to jail for drunk driving and got into a serious car crash that killed his friend. He had to spend 15 days in jail and pay the victim’s family $2.6 million.

Like his dad, Neil Jason also went into music and became a musician. Neil Vince was the lead singer of the band Motley Crue, but before that, he played guitar in a band called Rock Candy for two years, starting in 1981.

After being with Motley Crue for 10 years, Neil Vince left to perform on his own. He eventually went back to the band and stayed until 2016. Neil Vince also released three solo albums, with the most recent ones, Tattoos and Tequila, coming out in 2010.

The Side Business

His debut solo album was released in month of April 1993 by name of Exposed which was well-recognized. Besides this, he had a side business related to tattoo creation. He was a part-time racer as well.

Talking about his net worth then as in 2020 it is 60 million dollars. Neil Jason is a music singer like his father, he is a band leader of Rock and Roll Junkies and he has opened this band to give tribute to his father’s band Motley Crue.

He wanted to make a name and fame in music and started learning singing and playing guitar from his father at a young age.

It is a fact that Neil Jason has his own fame and name but most of his recognition is due to his father and father’s work.

Neil Jason is married and his wife’s name is Jennifer Bonet and they have son name Trace Vincent. Neil Jason works like his father for charities and fundraising for cancer patients, he also does this is because of his younger sister who was diagnosed with cancer at age of 4 years old and died of it.

If we take an estimate of Neil Jason’s net assets value then, it is around 1 million dollars. Apparently, he is fit, smart and his body looks like any athlete. His exact body measurements are not available on media but his hair color is blonde and his eyes are brown in color.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Neck

Elizabeth Ashley was in media some time back because of her neck as she got a tattoo on her neck and its pictures also came on media but there is a story behind this tattoo.

Also, Elizabeth cleared this story to media afterward, she also tattoos in her right arms’ biceps and triceps that covers her arm till her elbow.

It is already known that her father Neil Vince has a side business of Tattoos and he owns a tattoo shop. Her father was always with her whenever she had her tattoos, there is not any more tattoo or swirl scale other than her right arm on her whole body but before some time few pictures of her got viral on media where she is wearing a red dress which was neckless and backless.

She had a designed tattoo in red color around her neck that was looking like a tattoo but it was not actually.

It was a nail painted necklace that was drooped through nail paint on her neck and appeared as a tattoo around her neck. She went to attend a party in this form and her pictures went viral in this nail painted necklace.

It was cleared after this clarification given by Elizabeth to media that she does not have any more tattoos on her body except her right arm.

Elizabeth Ashley’s father Neil Vince has many tattoos on his body and according to a report he has 26 tattoos and every tattoo has its own specific meaning.

The Blue Evil Eye Tattoo

Ashley’s father has a huge list of tattoos that include:

  • Blue evil eye
  • Alphabets tattoo
  • CCW tattoo
  • Naked lady with pole tattoo
  • Lizard tattoo
  • Lion tattoo
  • Multiple back stars tattoo
  • Musical notes tattoo
  • Cross pendant tattoo
  • Barbed wire tattoo
  • V tattoo
  • Paw prints tattoo

and skull tattoo is also engraved on Neil’s body.

Neil Vince owns a tattoo shop by name of Vince Neil. He has started his business in 2006 and its actual location is Los Angeles strip. He has also introduced his tequila brand by name of Tres Rios in 2007.

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