Fernanda Gómez, Wife of Canelo Alvarez Lifestyle and Her Net Worth

Fernanda Gómez with Canelo Alvarez

Fernanda Gomez is a well-known Chilean social media celebrity, model, and businesswoman. The celebrity has many followers on social media, such as she has about 1 million followers on Instagram. Also, the biggest reason for her fame is her husband because “Canelo Alvarez” is a famous Mexican professional boxer.

How old is Fernanda Gómez?

Fernanda is a renowned Chilean social media celebrity, model and business woman. Her fan following exceeds 1 million on Instagram.

She is 25 years good looking lady who is famous on the basis of her content on social media. Gomez was born in Guadalajara, Mexico in June 22, 1996. Guadalajara is in western central of Mexico and as per 2020 census, has a population of 1385629.

How old is Fernanda Gómez

This number takes this city to the third largest metropolitan city of Mexico. Guadalajara is one of the productive and developed regions in Mexico.

Fernanda Gomez’s zodiac sign is ‘Cancer’ and her birth animal sign is ‘Crab’. According to her zodiac sign, she has calm nature and gets extraordinary abilities. She is a tall height model who looks attractive on her gram.

Who is Fernanda Gómez?

Fernanda Gomez is a well-recognized personality as an influencer, blogger, model and business woman. She was born in West Central Mexico called Guadalajara, which is the capital of Jalisco State. She was born on 22nd June 1996.

Her parents are Lorena Martinez Cuevas and Ernesto Gomez Morales. This celebrated person has a huge fan following and her marriage to famous Mexican boxer made her fame to the sky.

Fernando got more attention after her marriage to Canelo Alvarez. She has more than 1 million fans following on Instagram where she stays active. She also owns a business in which she runs a boutique and nail bar in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Her admirers take great interest in her life and career but Fernanda does not disclose a lot of her private life to the public.

Fernanda Gómez Height and Weight

Where Canelo Alvarez is listed among the best boxers of world, on other hand his wife is also famous for her fitness. Fernanda has nice physique and her height is 5 feet 5 inches, her weight is 55 kg / 121 pounds. She is blonde and her hazel eye color makes her more attractive.

Canelo Alvarez is one of the finest boxers of world and his wife Fernanda is also a recognized influencer and business woman. Fernanda Gomez shares her gym routines and workouts pictures to social media that get attention.

These pictures state about her healthy routine and how she takes care of her diet to stay fit. She has beauty with brains as besides her beauty she runs a successful business too.

 About Fernanda Gómez’s Husband

Canelo Alvarez is not only a Mexican professional boxer but he is also a boxing promoter, His nickname is ’Cinnamon’. Canelo was born on 18th July 1990 and is 31 years old. He was born in Mexico.

He has won many accolades that include four weight classes’ main world championship titles. Canelo is married to Fernanda but he already has three children who are from different mothers from his past relationships. 

He has interests in golf other than boxing.

He once stated in his interview that he would take a break and wants to get retired in age of 37, he then aims to dedicate his services in business and play golf daily.

Fernanda and Canelo got married in 2021; Canelo was wearing a plain beige suit whereas Fernanda Gomez was wearing a beautiful dress which was designed by a famous Mexican designer Benito Santos.

Her dress was eye-catching and got a length of 2 meters. She has posted her wedding photos on Instagram which were applauded by many people and her fans. Fernanda Gomez and Canelo Alvarez’s religious ceremony was expected on 22nd May.

Where does Fernanda Gómez Live?

Despite being a celebrated person on social media, Fernanda does not feel comfortable opening up her life fully on social media.

She is an influencer but she keeps her private life away from social media and does not reveal much about it. She is not in favor to post every thin detail of her personal life on media and even only a few people know her home address.

Fernanda Gómez as an Entrepreneur

Gomez is the wife of an acknowledged boxer and besides this, she is also a good business woman. She owns her own boutique nail salon which is located in Guadalajara, Mexico. She is also a successful social media influencer and retains 1 million followers on Instagram. She is also depicted in a modeling profession and has an attractive look.

Her fame is earned through her hard work but much of her fame is due to her marriage with recognized boxer Canelo Alvarez who is a Mexican boxer and won many titles. No doubt Fernanda made this fame and name through her dedication and hard work too.

Fernanda Gómez As a Wife

Fernanda Gomez came into the spotlight of the media when she was spotted supporting Canelo Alvarez in his boxing fights. They both met in 2016 and started dating each other. Love sparked between them and lead to their wedding.

They also faced hard times in their relationship where they almost did break up but as love has left its sparks and charms on them they came again in a relationship back in 2018.

After that, this bond became stronger and she supported her partner in almost every fight in rings.

It can be easily understood how Fernanda supported Canelo in his gym workouts and routine which she shared on social media. She stood beside Canelo every time. This couple got married in 15th May 2021.

This marriage took place in Guadalajara cathedral Mexico. They have a beautiful daughter Maria Fernanda Alvarez who was born in 2018.

World Boxing Organization (WBO) posted their wedding photos and wished them luck. The relationship between Fernanda and Canelo is very interesting. Their admirers like this couple.

Alvarez has past relationships but he chose Fernanda as his marital partner and found Fernanda as his true love. Even after a twirl in their relationship they both get together again and collectively faced hardship and struggled for their lives as an actor or actress faces in a movie.

This couple is said to be an understanding couple in an industry where both people believe in compromise and understanding, they both give space and do not only understand each other’s values but also stand with each other in any situation.

About Fernanda Gomez’s Family

Fernanda Gomez belongs to the city of Mexico, Guadalajara. Her parents’ names are Ernesto Gomez and Lorena Martinez Cuevas. She has four siblingsOscar Daniel, Ernesto, Ricardo Alberto, and Maria Loreno.

Fernanda started dating fame owned boxer Canelo Alvarez of Mexico and usually visited his fights, they both got married after Canelo’s fight with Billy Joe. This marriage ceremony took place at Guadalajara cathedral Mexico.

They both have a sweet daughter, Maria Fernanda Alvarez who was born in 2018. The couple posted their marriage photo on Instagram which gained popularity. As Fernanda is a blogger and influencer, she stays highly active on social media.

Fernanda Gómez Career

Fernanda initiated her career with modeling and business. Now in recent times, she runs a business under the name of ‘Nail bar and Boutique’ which has many branches in Mexico. She is a well-recognized social media celebrity who has more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

She is active on social media and often posts about her daughter and husband.

Fernanda got a boost in her career when she got married to Canelo Alvarez.

Canelo is acclaimed for his Boxing profession, when he was started dating Fernanda, she stepped into media attention and it helped a lot in her modeling career.

This married couple has amazing interests in the real estate business and they have invested as well not only in their country but in other countries like the USA too.

Fernanda Gómez Net Worth

Fernanda Gomez is also a model besides being a businesswoman and her assets are always questionable among her followers. As per the resources, the total net worth of her assets is 20 million dollars but there is not an official declaration about them.

Undoubtedly, Fernanda is a successful entrepreneur who has worked hard for this name and fame. She owns a boutique nail salon in Guadalajara, which has many branches across Mexico.

This salon is widely acclaimed in Mexico and she generates a hefty amount through it. She has more than 1 million followers on Instagram and that also makes her a popular personality. She has a high influence on other social media platforms. She came into the limelight when she was seen supporting in fights of well-known Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez. 

Fernanda often paid visits to Canelo to support him to his fighting matches and from there, her life started taking interesting turns and people also paid attention to her. Her marriage with Canelo also is the reason for her fame.

Fernanda and her husband Canelo invested their money in real estate not only in Mexico but also in the USA. This couple has great interests in the real estate business of the USA which is a surprising thing.

The estimated net worth of Fernanda Gomez is going to be 30 million in the year of 2022 which will amazed her fans and followers.

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