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Giving Attention to Your Vaginal Health

Giving Attention to Your Vaginal Health


All over the world, women consciously invest time and money to take care of their facial and body appearance. This includes following certain diet plans, taking supplements, going to the gym and salon and sometimes meditation also to live a happy and maintained life. However, what most women do not realize is that their genitals and intimate wellness require the same effort and thus, they do not pay attention to it.

Healthy habits shouldn’t be limited to body shape or skincare only – you should cater to your private parts too especially during certain events such as after delivery and abortion, and during menopause and puberty as this is the time where your genitals are most likely to have problems. Most women ignore such uncomfortable feelings that disrupt their daily routine until the concern becomes serious.

Women must remember that intimate wellness is important for good sex life, everyday mood as well as overall wellbeing.

Women and Their Problems…

According to research, almost 53% of women complain about discomfort during sex at least once at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, only 14% of them are taken seriously.

In almost every society, a woman’s vaginal and intimate wellness issues are taken as something temporary that will resolve with time – and that’s not it. In some conservative societies, women who complain about problems during sex are said to be unsatisfied with their partner and are called drama queens and even characterless.

At times, even doctors do not take female sexual concerns seriously and prescribe non-effective medicines that are not only expensive but have side effects also.

Moreover, even though we live in an era where information about everything is available readily on the internet, many women are still unaware that sexual dysfunction and discomfort are linked to underlying medical conditions that are curable and tend to believe that sexual dysfunction is a natural and normal part of aging.

As a result, they constantly suffer physically and emotionally. In many cases, personal relationships turn upside down due to sexual dysfunction and women realize it very late. The constant mood swings, loss of concentration and emotional disturbances eventually lead to major issues such as constant fights and consequent loss of a partner.

Female Sexual Dysfunction and Discomfort Signs:

Since many women are unaware of their sexual health, they do not know what symptoms to look out for and when to seek help.

Women should seek help at any time or age when they experience any of the following issues:

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  • Any physical change or condition that impact intercourse (vaginal dryness, lack of friction or bulging)
  • Feeling of continuous discomfort, irritation or redness around the vagina.
  • Having pain during sex
  • Not having any feeling of arousal or excitement during sex
  • No orgasm during sex
  • Emotional contraction or feeling of agony while having sex

How Intimate Wellness Institute Can Help?

There are very few people who understand what women go through – and Intimate Wellness Institute is one of them.

At Intimate Wellness Institute we have a holistic, multidisciplinary approach towards women’s vaginal and other sex-related issues. Our mission is to hear the voices of women in pain and help them with their suffering. We do not only listen to women’s sexual problems; our experts also work with them to solve their problems.

We offer a variety of treatments for sexual dysfunction that are effective and show guaranteed results. Depending on the condition of every individual, we suggest treatment such as hormonal, behavioral, laser, radiofrequency, PRP injections, HIFEM, LED vaginal therapy, etc.

The best part? It’s absolutely free! Our experts give complete attention and educate women about sexual dysfunction and other related issues for no fee.

These treatments can bring a positive change in your life so don’t wait much! Your first step towards your wellness is all you need for happiness. Contact one of our experts today by just clicking on the free assessment tab on our website:

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