Hobbies of A-List Celebs

Hobbies of A List Celebs

In a world filled with a plethora of entertainment choices, individuals get to pick any that soothes their preferences. While there are individual differences that set us apart from one another, our choices of past-time activities also differ.

Some individuals prefer creative pursuits like playing rare instruments or collecting rare artifacts, while others may be drawn toward physical activities.

Hobbies differ from person to person and with the glam that comes with being a celebrity, some A-list celebs also enjoy a wide range of hobbies beyond the red carpet and paparazzi.

Some hobbies may sound strange from individual perspectives, but being unique with our choices is what makes us humans after all. 

Let’s explore some unique hobbies of some A-List Celebs that the public is not aware of and why they derive interest in them.

Beyonce Knowles: Making Honey

The multiple award-winning singer has been a mainstay and a household name in the music industry. In a recent Vogue interview, Beyonce revealed a surprising hobby that holds significance in her home and her fanbase.

Her most surprising hobby is beekeeping! During the interview, she shared a random fact about owning two beehives at managing around 80,000 bees. She claimed to make hundreds of jars of honey from these hives yearly.

Her fanbase is known as “The Beyhive” and one could come to the conclusion that she chose the hobby because of them. However, Beyonce mentioned that she started beekeeping due to its healing properties, particularly to alleviate her daughters’ allergies.

Will Smith: Fencing

Two men in fencing gear fighting with swords

Smith wears many hats in the entertainment world and his hobbies clearly reflect his dynamic personality. Even before his acting days, he enjoyed connecting and bonding with his environment through music.

While staying in top form is very important to Will Smith, he sometimes incorporates activities he enjoys into his fitness routine. One of such activity is Fencing with his pals, Tom Cruise and David Beckham. Fencing is a unique hobby that requires focus, coordination, and great athleticism.

Will Smith told the Daily Mail, “It’s a lot of fun. We wanted to try an activity that was strenuous, but we are getting older– we have to think bout slowing down”. Smith sees his hobby as a means of bonding with his friends while also maintaining a healthy body.

Ben Affleck: Poker Lover

Famous for his role in Batman– Ben is a screenwriter, producer, director, and a lover of casino games such as poker and blackjack. Considered a Poker aficionado, Affleck competed in the California State Poker Championship in 2004 and won. He has also been rumoured to have some big wins at different casinos.

His love for gambling may come as a surprise but he is surprisingly good at it. In recent posts, Affleck spoke openly about gambling addictions in his past and how he conquered his struggles. Many people have followed in Ben Affleck’s footsteps and now enjoy playing casino games online, there are many casinos to choose from with Bonus Finder listing some of their favorite in their post online.

Tom Hanks: Collector

Some celebrities have a hobby of collecting rare items– Tom Hanks ranks high among them. Hank is a devoted collector of vintage typewriters. He enjoys the craftsmanship and history behind these antique machines.

In an essay for the New York Times, the actor discussed his love for typewriters and how he got the first model when he was only 19. He owns over 250 in his collection and does not seem to be slowing down. Some of his correspondence has been written using these typewriters and he has revealed a plan to slowly give them away when the time is right, eventually owning just one.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Card Games

The five-time Balon d’Or winner is a sensation on and off the pitch. Cr7 is known for his utmost dedication to football, but he does have some hobbies outside of the sport. The mercurial Portuguese is known to be a skilled card player and enjoys a bit of friendly gambling. Some of these include poker, bingo, and some other traditional casino games.

Earlier in his career, there were some reports claiming he enjoyed bingo as a way of socializing and learning English when he first moved to England to play for Manchester United.

Ronaldo also loves cars and has an enviable collection of luxurious cars. He is a collector of luxury cars and drives them at every opportunity he gets.


Just like everyone else, celebrities enjoy a wide variety of hobbies. While some of the hobbies highlighted above may be surprising, there are many other celebs with unique hobbies. Ranging from Zendaya’s love for the piano, DJing like Idris Elba, or Pigeon racing for Mike Tyson; the list of hobbies is endless. This is just a small sampling of hobbies, and it goes to show that, whether famous or not, everyone has a unique interest outside of their work.

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