Is Joel Osteen Divorced? A Look Into Married Life Of America Pastor

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Every relationship brings with it a sense of joy, comfort, and support but it also comes with a flurry of responsibilities and challenges.

The same is the case with a marriage. A husband and wife relationship is one of the most important relationships in the life of a person.

It brings with it support on which the other partner can depend blindly.

A life partner is a continuous source of happiness and is the one with whom we can share our grieves and difficulties. But it also brings challenges and a lot of responsibilities with it.

Both partners depend on each other and are responsible for each and everything in the other partner’s life. This relationship demands compromise as well as a sacrifice from both of the partners.

These kinds of relationships work two ways and if only one partner is putting in the efforts then the relationship will eventually fall out.

For celebrities and public figures handling this relationship is even more challenging because of lack of privacy and opportunities to cheat in the glamorous world they live in.

In this article, we will talk about the married life of one such public figure whose name is Joel Osteen. We will learn in this article how he managed to maintain a healthy relationship with her wife for such a long time.

Who Is Joel Osteen?

Joel Scott Osteen belongs to a pastor family and was born on March 5, 1963. Scott himself is a pastor and regularly appears on the television to share his beliefs with the public and to preach Christianity.

He is also an author and wrote many books on religion and ways of life. Scott attracts weekly 10 million viewers in the United State of America and several million viewers globally through his sermons on Television.


Osteen belongs to a pastor family and owns a family church called Lakewood Church. Joel delivered his first sermon in this particular church on 17th January 1999.

He took the responsibility of the church as senior pastor on the 3rd of October of the same year. Joel then started to preach on Television and now gathers millions of views weekly through his sermons.

Victoria Osteen – Joel Osteen Wife

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Victoria was also a person having a special interest in religion from her childhood as she attended church regularly. Her parents were also heavily involved in Church activities and guided her to become a practicing Christian.

How Joel Osteen And Victoria Met?

They told in an interview that they first met when Joel Osteen came to Victoria’s mother’s jewelry shop to get his broken watch battery fixed. After that, they developed a good bond as the time passed until they decided to get married.

They didn’t want to have a relationship outside marriage as both were from religious backgrounds so they decided to marry as soon as possible.

Joel Osteen Married Life

Victoria and Joel decided to get married and fulfilled their wish in April 1987. They held their marriage ceremony in their family church at Lakewood. After marriage, Victoria also started working in the church to help Joel. She often sings choir with her husband and manages church activities along with her husband.

They conceived two children. Victoria gave birth to a handsome boy and a beautiful girl. According to their interview, their son also helps them in managing their family church.

Joel’s Divorce Rumors

As Joel and Victoria both are public figures and famous for their preaching on television, they attracted the attention of many people and media. Rumors started circulating about them and they got caught up in many controversies.

One such rumor about their divorce was everywhere in media circles and everyone was wondering that this beautiful couple was really divorced or not.

Is Joel Osteen Divorced?

Joel and Victoria are married for more than 30 years and they share a beautiful unbreakable bond. They love each other and always supported each other in every difficulty.

Joel always supports Victoria and helps her grow in every field of life. The rumors of their divorce were completely false and no one even took them seriously because everyone knew about the strong bond Victoria and Joel share.

So to answer the question Joel Osteen is not divorced. He is living a happy married life with love of his life Victoria Osteen.

Peculiar Facts About Their Marriage

Joel and Victoria share a beautiful bond and respect each other a lot. But there are some peculiar facts about their relationship that they shared in an interview. They told in an interview that:

  • He follows the Billy Graham Rule in his life. Billy was also a pastor and according to his rule a man should not be spending time alone with woman other than his wife. Joel is a strong believer of this rule and always avoids private meetings with other women.
  • He wants wives to look good for their husbands. Joel explained in the interview that to keep the spark alive in the marriage wife should get dress up for her husband and keep the romantic intimacy alive.
  • They told that their children went away to pursue other careers and studied in Universities. But now their son is back to work with them in the church.
  • Joel also told the interviewer that Victoria is still crazy about him and she loves him like the first day of the relationship.
  • Joel also stated that she never argues with his wife and they both always respect each other opinions. According to them respect and compromise are necessary for healthy relationship.
  • They both have a strong belief that both parents should be available for the upbringing of the child. Single parents affect the mental health of a child.

Joel and Victoria give us couple goals and the bond they share is an example for all the young couples. We can learn from them how to lead a successful marriage.

After 30 years of marriage still love each other and most importantly they respect each other. So, Joel Osteen is not divorced and the rumors were absolutely false as he is leading a perfectly happy life with the love of his life.

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