Meet Jessica Tarlov: Net Worth, Lifestyle and Relationships

Jessica Tarlov is an expert in politics from America. She works with Fox News Channel, giving her opinions and advice. She also shares her thoughts on both Fox News Channel and FOX Business Networks during their shows in the day and night.

Who Is Jessica Tarlov?

She has been seen as a guest on voluminous TV shows where she has been spotted discussing different political issues. Jessica Tarlov was born in Manhattan, New York Kansas USA on 9th March 1984. She is interested in politics and eventually presents her proficiency in discoursing different political events.

jessica tarlov

She is a well-known journalist who is famous for her work for Democratic Party. She has appeared on myriad TV talk shows few of them are “Outnumbered’, ‘Fox and Friends’ and ‘Watters World’. Currently, she is working as a Vice President, Research Head, and Consumer Insight at Bustle Digital; which is an online women’s magazine,

she is also rendering her services for FOX news as well. Since she has vast knowledge and due to her style of discourse, she has always remained in public attention.

Jessica Tarlov Family Background

Jessica Tarlov grew up in New York by her parents Mark Tarlov and Judy Roberts. Her father Mark Tarlov was a filmmaker, director, and famous for his work Copycat and many others. Mark was also a winemaker who has died in 2021. 

Her mother Judith Roberts; daughter of Jewish immigrants, is also associated with showbiz somehow as she has starred in a famous show Orange is a new Black, Jessica’s mother is also a film producer and author of books like ‘simply irresistible’ and ‘Lake Mungo’.

Jessica has only one sibling, her younger sister Molly Tarlov who was inspired by her link to the entertainment industry through her father; she is an actress and has starred in various projects like Simply Irresistible, Everlasting, Awkward, and others. Jessica has immense love for her family which we can depict from her active posts on her social media.

She mainly takes twitter as a board to interact with the public and posts her activities over there with nearly 25,000 followers.

Educational life

Jessica has always loved learning and has a solid education to show for it. After finishing high school, she went to Bryn Mawr College and got her Bachelor’s degree in History. Then, she went to The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) for her Master’s in Public Policy and Administration.

But she didn’t stop there. Jessica also did a second Master’s at LSE in Political Science and then completed her Ph.D. in Political Science and Government.

It’s fair to say that Jessica’s strong knowledge comes from her impressive educational journey.

Career Journey

Jessica embarked on her professional journey by securing a position at Merrill Lynch, a wealth management and financial services group, from June 2007 to August 2007. During her three-month tenure, she was responsible for disseminating both internal and external company publications to the press and contributed to the company’s financial research reports.

Subsequently, from June 2008 to August 2008, Jessica served as a Research Assistant for Douglas Schoen, dedicating three months to this role.

In January 2012, Jessica transitioned to a new role at Back Borris, where she was employed as a Communications and Digital Strategist until May 2012. Her responsibilities included creating content for Boris’s website and leveraging social media platforms to garner support for London Mayor Boris’s election campaign, spanning a five-month period.

Following this, Jessica ventured into academia as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, where she imparted knowledge in political studies to undergraduate students from September 2008 to September 2009.

After her stint in teaching, Jessica focused on her academic pursuits, dedicating her time to a Ph.D. Her thesis was closely aligned with her interests in politics and government.

Jessica then made her television debut as a commentator on the FOX News channel, where she also played a pivotal role as a chief researcher. In addition to her television career, she co-authored two books with Doug Schoen.

As of May 2017, Jessica continues her association with FOX News while also contributing her expertise to the Bustle group as Vice President and head of research, a role she has held since January 2017 to the present day.

Jessica Tarlov Marriage And Children

Jessica is a political debater on the most played news channel at every house in America FOX news, she is much inclined towards politics and started appearing as a guest speaker to discuss political events and later joined as a continuous contributor in the news channel world.

She is offering various services in the same field where she is also a part of Bustle digital company. She adores her profession and the public like her style of speech. Jessica has a long relationship with Russian athlete Roman Kuznetsov; a Russian Taekwondo athlete.

Roman placed the third position at the World Taekwondo Championship in 2017; he is living a blissful life with her family in New York and usually remarks on Russian politics.

Jessica’s relationship news first appeared publicly in 2017; moreover, she also posts about her and her boyfriend’s appearances through her social media platform. They both engaged in April 2021.

Jessica is married to her long-time boyfriend Roman in May 2021 and delivered a cute baby girl in December 2021. This was the happiest moment as per Jessica in her life.

Initially, she was reluctant to announce her pregnancy in public but her co-worker and newscaster Dano Parino could not hold her happiness and announced Jessica’s pregnancy which was later declared by Jessica too.

The year 2021 was grateful and surprising for her as she married her long-time boyfriend, got the amazing news of her pregnancy, and delivered a healthy and beautiful baby girl which she has named ‘Cleo’.

Jessica Tarlov Net Worth

Jessica Tarlov, a prominent voice of America, is a noticeable name in the News industry. She has embarked on some important positions since her launch in TV career and made her name through her knowledge.

She owns a net worth of approx. 800 K US dollars, her estimated yearly income from FOX news channel is 200,000 US dollars which is taking a raise from time.

The key sources of her earnings are her job as a political commentator and researcher career which has made huge earnings to her assets. Yet she enjoys a modest life in New York with her family.

She has recently delivered a healthy and gorgeous baby girl which has been introduced to the public through the @guypbenson show. It is expected that her wealth is going on a continuous rise in the future with her career. Jessica is indeed a ‘Beauty with Brain’ and she has proved it many times.

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