Kelly Paniagua, Julian McMahon Wife Story (Explained)

Kelly Paniagua Talks Having A Celebrity Husband, Julian McMahon

Kelly Paniagua is an Australian model and media personality who is married to prominent Australian actor Julian McMahon.

Kelly Paniagua is an Australian model and television personality. She gained popularity because of her marriage to famed Australian entertainer Julian McMahon.

In contrast to her better half, Paniagua has emerged as a massive name in recent years.

Weddings and dating Kelly has many fans throughout the world thanks to his portrayal as Doctor Doom in the Fantastic Four series.

Kelly Paniagua, a stunningly tanned model, stunned the world when she appeared openly with McMahon in 2014. Few people were aware that she was, in reality, his true better half.

Later, Paniagua produced an application based on the title of a similar book. Her significant other’s relationship inspired the work with his daughter from a previous marriage, Madison.

Kelly Paniagua

Kelly Paniagua Ties The Knot; Becomes The third Wife Of Julain Mc Mahon

They decided on a surprise wedding with close relatives and family members in attendance. Regardless, the attractive husband’s sisters were absent from the service for a variety of questionable reasons.

Kelly walked down the corridor in a white gown in July 2014, taking in the lovely picture of shimmering Lake Tahoe surrounded by snow-capped mountains on the border of California and Nevada.

Julian’s ex, Lady McMahon, and Professor Ross Steele also paid them a visit on their special day.

Following their marriage, the pair, along with Madison, went on a world tour to see unique places all over the world.

They have completed seven years of married life and 18 years of togetherness, including their relationship period.

In their marriage of 7 years, the couple did not have any children. 

How Many Times Has Kelly’s Husband, Julian, Married Before?

Julian had been married twice before his marriage to kelly.

Kelly was previously married to an Australian artist before starting his connection with Julian. 

The son of a former Australian Prime Minister had previously been married to two women, the first being Dannii Minogue (1994-1995), the sister of Australian pop sensation Kylie Minogue.

He was also married to Brooke Burns (1999-2001), a performer well known for her role in the Baywatch crime thriller series. Julian’s lone child, Madison, is the result of their union.

How Did The Couple Meet?

Julian, the Nip star, and his better half Kelly met in the year 2003. 

He had supposedly recently separated from his previous marriage at the time and sought refuge in the arms of model Kelly. 

The couple clicked right away and began dating in the same year. 

Kelly married her boyfriend, McMahon, in 2014 after dating for approximately ten years. 

They’ve been married for quite some time, and they’re still quite close to one other.

Which Role Did Her Step Daughter, Madison, played In Her Marriage?

The Fantastic Four star revealed that he had asked the question while the jet was still in the air. 

He said that he had considered doing it when they initially arrived in Paris. 

However, after discussing the situation with his 14-year-old daughter, McMahon changed his mind and demanded that Kelly marry him on the plane. He told the daily mail, “When we arrived on the plane, I told Maddy that I needed to propose to Kelly in Paris, but I didn’t know when we were going to arrive, so do you think we should propose on the plane together?”

His girl urged her dad to propose to delightful Kelly, whom she loves sincerely. 

Thus, Julian proposed to Kelly on the plane not many thousand meters up in the air, and Kelly said YES.

Kelly Paniagua’s Bond WIth Her Step Daughter?

Looking at McMahon’s girl, Madison Elizabeth’s Instagram account (attach a link to her Instagram account), Paniagua’s last posting with her father and stepmother was in June 2020. 

She seemed to be quite close to her stepmom Kelly. 

McMohan’s grown daughter wished mom a “Happy mother’s day in May 2019.” 

Madison lives with her father, Julian, and stepmother, Kelly, in a massive house filled with pets and plants. 

She also spends time with her mother, Brooke Burns, on a regular basis. 

Kelly, Maddy’s stepmother, looks to be genuinely happy for Madison, who plays Beach Volleyball and aspires to be a craftsman.

Who Is Kelly Paniagua?

Kelly Paniagua is an Australian model that was born on the 15th of December 1977. She is 44 years old and celebrates her birthday in December.

Kelly was raised in Australia by Portuguese and Spanish family caregivers, and her ancestors are from the western European continent.

On any web-based entertainment stage, Paniagua is static.

Kelly is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 66 kilograms. Her measurements are 34-38-40, chest, waist, and hips with light hair and earthy eyes. 

She has a beautiful and kind personality.

Kelly has had a successful demonstrating career and has also tried her hand at acting. She chose to stick to demonstrating because of the modest effect of her endeavor.

On the other hand, Kelly has a prominent but lesser-known media distinction. In July 2012, the previous model wrote and published Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan, a children’s book. 

The 36-page grant-winning sleep time highlight tells the story of Sarah Sullivan discovering the wonders of her creative imagination as she discovers what it’s like to create her dreams. 

Finally, the hero lands on the moon and learns that the sky is the limit as long as you accept it.

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