The Layla Kiffin Chronicle: Tracing Her Journey Through Age, Family, and Love

Layla Kiffin Age, Family, Relationship And Complete Biography

Layla Kiffin is a hot topic on the internet these days. If you are a sports person and specifically love to watch and follow football, then you must have heard about Lane Kiffin, who is a popular sports personality; serving as an American football coach now.

Who Is Layla Kiffin?

Layla Kiffin; ex-wife of Lane Kiffin, started getting the attention of the media when she started dating Lane Kiffin and she is still in the talk to date.

Two of them met through lane’s father and ultimately broke up their relationship in 2016; after that, both ex-partners encountered major deviations in their lives.

Layla was born in Florida, USA, in 1974, making her almost 48 years old. She’s a mom to three kids and used to be married to Lane for 12 good years before they split up. Her dad, John Reaves, played football professionally for 11 seasons in the NFL, just like her ex-husband Lane did.

There’s not much known about her mom, just that her parents split up and her dad raised Layla and her two brothers, Stephen and David, on his own. Both her brothers are into football too, following in their dad’s footsteps.

Layla is American and comes from a white background. She grew up in Florida and went to Buchholz High School, where she was really into sports, probably because of her family’s love for football.

After high school, she went to the University of Florida for her college degree. There isn’t much information about her job or what she does for a living shared online.

Before she met Lane, she worked with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, organizing their events. Most people know Layla because of her marriage to Lane Kiffin, a well-known football coach. After they separated, Layla kept a low profile.

From her divorce, she got 34.5% of Lane’s earnings.

Where Does Layla Kiffin Live?

It was revealed by Lane Kiffin after his divorce that his wife Layla Kiffin acquired 34.5 shares from his total assets and they both also agreed upon joint custody of their 3 children. Physical custody of their children is with Layla only and Lane meets them often.

Subsequent to her divorce, it is not confirmed whether Layla is working or not; but it is sure that she is living with her children in a rented house at Manhattan Beach on rent of almost 10,000 dollars a month.

Her relationship status is single and nobody can assure that if she is in a relationship with anyone, as she keeps her life private and shares nothing on any platform.

Who Is Layla Kiffin’s Father?

Layla Kiffin’s father John Reaves is a famous footballer who is known officially as Thomas Johnson John Reaves. He was born in March 1950.

Reaves served as a professional football player quarterback for National Football League and played 11 seasons with them. Besides, he has also played 3 seasons with the United States Football League from 1970 to 1980. John Reaves died on 1st August 2017.

He has rendered his services for Florida Gators from 1990 to 1994 as an assistant coach, where the head coach was Steve Spurrier. Then he functioned as an assistant coach with head coach Brad Scot for South Carolina from 1995 to 1997.

He caught bad addictions and got arrested for possessing guns and drugs in 2009. Reaves was admitted to rehabilitation center in Atlanta area substance to recover from his abusive addictions. John found dead in his apartment and his cause of death is not identified.

Who are Layla Kiffin’s brothers?

Layla Kiffin belongs to an athlete family where his father John Reaves is well known for his work in the football profession. She has two siblings, two brothers; David Reaves and Stephen Reaves.

David worked as an assistant coach under Lane Kiffin when the lane was serving at Tennessee Volunteers; also as a head coach for about a year. And Stephen Reaves worked as a backup quarterback for Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football league. Less information is known about Layla’s brothers on media.

About Layla’s ex-husband Lane Kiffin

Ex-husband of Layla Kiffin; was born on 9th May 1975 in Nebraska. He completed his education at Blooming Jefferson High School.

He started playing football during his schooling time and then took his talents to Fresno State. Lane worked as a graduate assistant in Colorado. He worked in the capacity of offensive coordinator for Alabama University and also served his duties for USC Trojans Football team at same time.

Also, he has worked as a head coach for University of Tennessee Volunteers’ Oakland Raiders. Currently, he is working as a head coach in a university in Florida.

He was leading a happy marital life and has three children. Lane has followed the steps of his father in football profession.

Lane’s father; Monte Kiffin was a defensive coordinator in the national football league. Lane’s uncle Chris was also a defensive line coach for Cleveland Browns. Lane has no doubt leaded a successful professional life but things went upside down and this happy life ended on a separation.

Reasons could be Lane Kiffin’s secret affairs which appeared in media from time to time but could not get verified. Either there was a bitter truth of cheating behind these affairs of Lane or not but all this landed this long-term marriage into a divorce which was filed by Layla Kiffin.

As per media resources, Lane is currently dating his girlfriend Jennifer Dardano.

Why Did Layla Kiffin Leave Lane Kiffin?

It would not be wrong to state without any doubt how Layla gained her fame across social media. It is widely known that Layla is an ex-wife of former footballer Lane Kiffin who is now functioning as a coach of the University of Mississippi.

Lane and Layla met in 1999 through Lane’s father, Monte Kiffin. Both were caught in love at first side and after dating each other for almost a year they got married in a lavish ceremony in 2000. That ceremony comprised close relatives and friends and this marriage with its festivities was in limelight in media and was a talk of the town.

At the time of their, marriage Lane was working as a graduate assistant in Colorado. Lane Kiffin was born on 9th May 1975. He worked in the capacity of offensive coordinator for Alabama University and also served his duties for USC Trojans Football team at same time.

Lane also served as a head coach for University of Tennessee Volunteers’ Oakland Raiders. He was having a good marital life and has three children. Lane and Layla’s first daughter Landry was born in 2005, son Pressley born after two years and third was born in 2009 whose name is Monte Knox Kiffin.

Lane As A Successful Person

He is a successful person and was leading a healthy and wealthy life with his family. Gradually his family got targeted by media and Paparazzi, later speculations started getting rumored for Lane.

It was speculated that Lane was dating a rich woman of Alabama, later these rumors were vanished since they could not place there proofs. But this happy living got a twirl when media reported that Lane has started dating Kristin Saban daughter of Nicks Saban. Nick was working as a head coach of Alabama Football team and Lane was serving as an offensive coordinator at same place.

Though, likewise the earlier one this one also could not bring any evidence on board about this affair. After some time to this incident, Layla filed a divorce case on basis of irreconcilable differences.

Finally, in March 2016, the decision has taken place and they were divorced. Chief physical custody of children stays with Layla whereas general responsibilities of children are mutually shared between Lane and Layla.

Layla stays aside from media and it’s not much known about her in recent times, it is just said that she is not dating anyone and spending her life as a single mother with her children.

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