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The Face of Fashion & the Famous UK Model – Lilly Iaschelcic


The Face of Fashion & the Famous UK Model – Lilly Iaschelcic

Lilly Iaschelcic

Lilly Iaschelcic is a famous UK Model who was born 10 January 1995, aged 25, Lilia Iaschelcic Nicolaevna is an agency model represented and contracted by Gap Models, centered in London, Chelsea.

In a constantly developing and evolving world, the expectations in the modelling industry feel like they are constantly changing. But while many are fighting for a more varied fashion landscape, a lot of features remain similar; model necessities and desires seem to continue and remain constant.

Lilly Iaschelcic was born raised in Europe. She had a great passion for modelling since high school, since then only she began fashion modeling.

Modelling is all about having the confidence and body consciousness to pose for a professional photographer or walk the runway to encourage and promote new designs or products like a professional in your very own unique walk.

Lilly Iaschelcic left school in the year 2013 and started her career in the industry of Glamour and Fashion. She started her modeling career in Russia and signed her first modeling contract with Modus Vivendi’s in Moscow nevertheless, after just a period 4 months she decided to leave due to colleagues bullying and social pressure and get back into studies from where she left.

Self Describes as an Animal Lover

She went to a veterinary college where she pursued her career and got her first qualification and degree in Veterinary Medicine. Iaschelcic is known and also self-described as an animal lover. She was providing veterinary care for sick and wounded dogs and cats together with comforting care. However, love, adoration and passion for fashion and modeling took most of her free time.

From new fashion lines and perfumes to items that are used everyday, the most renowned models grace magazines, online ads, and even TV commercials across the globe.

In the year 2016, Lilly signed the contract with a new modeling agency in London called Gap Models.

Lilly Iaschelcic received awards for her fashion and unique style.

She presently holds several beauty pageant titles such as:

  • Beauty Queen of the year 2014
  • Miss Supranational Chelsea 2015
  • UK fashion award winner 2016
  • Best reality Star 2016
  • Miss F1 UK 2017
  • Miss Monaco Grand Prix 2018

Hardworking Girl Boss

Her very first modeling job was at a very vulnerable age of ten in a journalistic shoot by Alena Dolgopolova which was printed in Russian magazine Daria.

Being a model is not only about spectacular looks and a powerful walk. What actually makes a model great is their capability to illustrate a photographer’s vision and idea.

The most well-known models of all time have one thing mutual, they’re not only unbelievably talented, but they are also hardworking girl bosses.

Lilly’s first catwalk arrival was in February 2017 at the famous London Fashion Week, when she was walking for international high fashion designers also globally. Some of them involved Giles, Topshop, Stella McCartney, and Peter Pilotto.

Iaschelcic is also a fashion blogger and motivational speaker, she loves to blog and inspire people. She adores having a conversation about charities, helping people in need, plant-based food, sustainability, fashion, beauty, and traveling.

Her fashion choices would always be well-organized dresses with balanced colors and bateau necklines. Keeping up with her body care and fashion is also a must. Manicure, eyelashes, and hairdos are on always on a high priority level for every model. All the beauty treatments that she goes for to pamper herself and which she is getting done  is at the Esthetica Clinic and Malibu Salon in Walthamstow. In various interviews, she stated that the laser treatments are the secrets of her healthy, glowing and pure skin.

She represents international charity organizations

In 2017 Iaschelcic became a global ambassador for charity ‘Save the children’  because of her vision to always look out for people and to help them and in 2019 ambassador of ‘Global Charity Kidney Foundation’. She has also done a lot of charity catwalks and fundraising money and raising awareness because of her pure heart.

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In many interviews, she revealed how tough martial arts background and strong work ethic gave self-assurance in front of the camera and also in real life. Taekwondo is the martial art that she started doing and had a passion for since she was only nine years old. At the age of twenty-five, she is recognized as a triple UK champion in -52 weight category. Which is really shocking. YES!

She never misses the chance to go to the gym even after a long and exhausting day though she does not discuss much about her accomplishments in sports because she is prioritizing the fashion industry because that is what she truly is.

She even said:

“I am a full time fashion model. I do modelling not only to pay my bills but also for fun. I do not imagine myself doing something else”.

Experience is fashion, lifestyle, commercial, product, and runway.  Lilly is super obsessive about sensitive and emotive work – diving into various characters and expressions is what she adores.

She has won and earned many titles and the most current are:

  • Beauty Queen of the year 2016
  • Miss Supranational Chelsea
  • UK glamour award winner
  • Best reality Star 2017
  • Birmingham Top UK model finalist

Apart from modelling, she is also a vigilant student who is still eager to learn, A fashion advisor and a brand ambassador. She takes every assignment seriously and works professionally. She believes in expanding her career.

Models at all times give an impression of being the perfect women with idyllic appearances who are always busy with photoshoots, walks and fashion shows. Nevertheless, when there are no cameras around to cover them, they are regular people who just literally want to be themselves.

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