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Lykosgonna: Upcoming High-End Brand With A Unique Touch


Lykosgonna: Upcoming High-End Brand With A Unique Touch


In today’s constantly evolving world, brands need to update themselves to stay relevant and to cater to changing customer trends. This is the reason why many brands open every day, but only a few survive this highly competitive market in the long run. An example of such brands is LykosGonna, a high-end streetwear brand. It offers a range of clothing products and accessories, including chic t-shirts and caps. 

How It All Started?

The brand was founded by Bryant Iriele back in 2017. Belonging to a family full of style icons (including his parents), it was not long before Bryant developed an interest in fashion and became eager to enter the fashion industry. Soon, he realized that there is a need for more casual and affordable brands for youngsters and thus, he came up with Lykosgonna.

“Although the idea of starting my own clothing brand sprung in my mind back in 2016, it took me a year to figure out what the industry is missing because that is what I wanted to offer,” Bryant said.

The brand aims to provide young people with a sense of fashion and a way to express their true selves without the fear of being judged. Their limited collection comprises of unique designs that are different from the ones we usually see at big stores. Also, it is available exclusively online on their website ( 

Founded in Los Angeles, the brand has quickly spread all the way to Africa and the UK due to its unique selling proposition.

The Secret – Integrating Technology With Fashion:

What makes Lykosgonna stand apart is their ability to integrate street style with everyday fashion. Their products are high-end in terms of quality, fads, and innovation.  The brand strives to create designs and collections that are high end in quality, but reflective of the distinct fashion tastes of the streets. Every piece of their clothing range is practical and easy-going, which also reflects on their promise to integrate street style with comfort.

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The founder, Bryant Iriele, believes that technology is playing a huge role in today’s world and that his brand can also benefit from it. This is why Lykosgonna’s production process is heavily influenced by technology. This allows them to explore new areas in fashion while lowering costs (without affecting their quality, of course). “We love to explore new ideas, mixing things up and giving them a unique touch to gain new ideas for creating new products”, he says.

The Future of Lykosgonna:

The brand recently released a new catalog, showcasing its product line for the year 2020 which includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps. The stunning visuals, paired with the natural backdrop, convey a funky feel along with a true sense of freedom and self-expression and are a representation of the effort and brilliance put into the brand by its founder Bryant.

The new designs will be up on their website for sale soon. Visit the website and feel free to order your favorite designs from their current collection while we wait for the new one!

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