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Create Your Jaw-Dropping Looks: Makeup Hacks For The New Year Ever


Create Your Jaw-Dropping Looks: Makeup Hacks For The New Year Ever

Makeup Hacks For The New Year Ever

It is going to be a new year soon, it is going to have some party time. It is high time to fix your plans, pick some stunning dresses and some stylish accessories and welcome your new year perfectly. Let’s start your year creating a mesmerizing look for new year’s eve which will be remembered for many days.

So we are here to help you to looks fresh and glowing by giving you some handy tips and tricks of makeup. 

Prepare Your Skin:

It is the most essential step before starting your makeup. Most of us ignore this and later complain about dryness or rough, skin after using make. Exfoliate your skin by using a scrub I order to remove all residual dead skin cell and roughness fro your skin. After exfoliation, it is also essential to use a good moisturizer to eliminate dryness and makes your skin look clean and fresh.

Right Foundation:

Choosing the right foundation according to your skin type is a very vital part. Avoid oil-based foundations as it melts and sides off the face. Gob for full coverage, long-lasting and sweat-proof foundation as it is light in weight and light in the pocket too.

Add Concealers:

Concealers are used to hide blemishes or dark areas under your eyes. Cover those marks with the concealers and on top of that, dust your foundation with the translucent powder and your foundation is well set.


It is another easily avoidable part if the makeup which takes less importance but it is as essential as others. Whatever medium you choose to make your brows either pencil or powder make sure you do not choose too dark shade or specifically black because otherwise, you will end up looking perpetually angry. 

Smoky Eyes:

Although winged eyeliner looks great on everybody it is also high maintenance. Since it will be a long party night of the new year so I will be so difficult to protect liner to take off. Instead of going for cat eye go with classy bronze and black smoky eyes will little glitter on the top. This will look perfect for the new year celebrations as well as it is low-maintenance. 

Don’t Forget Fake Eyelashes:

There is no doubt waterproof mascara will not fail you on your new year party but fake eyelashes will add more feminine and dreamy looks. Go with the feathery natural-looking eyelashes you will never regret. 

Contour You Face:

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Contouring is another major step. Contouring on the right place will elevate the features of your face like your cheekbone as well as it will hide some extra features broad features of your face kike broadness of your jawline or your forehead.

Choose Perfect Blush On:

A light touch of the blush on is used to elevate the natural blush on your cheeks. It makes you look beautiful especially when you smile.

Add Highlighter:

Highlighter will raise the catchy features of the face which you want to prominent. Apply them such as your brow bone, inner edges of your eyes, your little bit on your cheekbone, the edge of your nose and the middle part of your lip. You, yourself will be amazed to see how it works.

Red Lip:

Since it will be party night you can go with bold colors and red indulge your overall new year eve looks. And makes you look elegant and trendy.

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