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Manuka by Hayalie – Redefining Luxury

Manuka by Hayalie – Redefining Luxury


In search of loyal and deliberate designers, I always keep on digging our internet or roam around the cities. This time the search ended on Ali Hayalie who sells luxury commodities. 

Selling commodities might not sound new or special until you know why Hayalie`s brand is different, he’s made the finest Manuka Honey in the world. 

What is Manuka Honey?

For most of us, honey is just flower or plant nectar extract gathered by honeybees. But what we don`t know is there are several types of honey and every type has its unique line of benefits for the human body on the inside and out. 

Manuka Honey is a type of honey produced by New Zealand bees. Known as liquid gold, It is an extract from the Manuka tree. As compared to other varieties of honey Manuka is considered an exclusive king of honey for its known health benefits. 

Manuka honey is gathered from hives present in big forests or farms of Manuka trees in New Zealand. When it comes to its health benefits, it is known as an alternative medicine for so many chronic as well as communicable diseases.

Herbal medicines and treatment with holy scriptures also define the never-ending benefits of Manuka honey. Moreover, its daily use is ideal for increasing memory and mental stability.

Scientifically proven benefits of Manuka honey are also unlimited. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties. According to research by U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), regular use can naturally protect the human body from dengue, congo or spreading of coronavirus as well as heal wounds that have been approved by the FDA as well. 

It also contains anti-aging and wound healing agents. It strengthens metabolism and also makes your teeth stronger. Including Manuka honey in your diet can make you say good buy to asthma and throat infections as well. 

Manuka honey help to improve digestion and cardio organs. It also, help in dealing with allergies and skin problems. 

The presence of a rich protein or colloid makes it a perfect diet for kids from 1 year to adults.

Why Hayalie Decided to Launch a Manuka Honey product? 

Ali Hayalie knew all the benefits of Manuka Honey but these were not the actual reasons for starting a business of extraction and selling this product.

His story and promises are a bit different. By profession, he’s a luxury designer from New Zealand with global experience and has worked with the Hollywood and music industry in the past. While working as a designer, music has always been his passion. He also has a great deal of love the hip-hop music industry and because of that, he noticed that many artists need something to improve their voice quality to deal with their throat infections and intense pressure on their vocal cords from performing and wanted to give back to the music culture with something original from his country of origin. 

What makes Manuka By Hayalie so special?

Manuka by Hayalie is a brand known as a luxurious choice for the finest commodities in the world with its first product being Manuka Honey from New Zealand.

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In the honey market, Manuka honey manufacturers use a unique label to define the quality of their product. You can tell the potency and quality of the product depending on the MGO (methylglyoxal) levels. The number mentioned in the product describes the levels of MGO ( and a precursor, dihydroxyacetone the active ingredient that makes Manuka Honey so special.

Manuka by Hayalie has 1000+ MGO levels. Its ultra-premium quality that not many people in the market have managed to create. This That’s why Manuka by Hayalie is among the royal quality of products.

It’s 100% pure and extracted manually by an expert team in New Zealand. Manuka By Hayalie is also sustainably and ethically harvested from the most lauded farms of the region only two weeks of the year with only a limited batch produced per year resulting in the finest Manuka Honey ever found. 

With a promise of no compromise over quality, Hayalie has blended a rare commodity with luxury to ensure that their fellows are getting a product that they always wanted and deserved presented amazingly in an all gold jar. 

While exploring their extraction process I witness that only ten jars are completed by every worker in an hour. It means special attention is given to its purely organic, hygienic and manual extraction process. 

Its finest quality makes it the finest liquid gold especially crafted for health and beauty conscious people. 

Hayalie has also founded a lifestyle brand called Hi Hon ( aimed at anyone wanting to experience the fine liquid gold from New Zealand as well. Hi Hon Manuka Honey is sustainable and ethically sourced and is also used by people in Hollywood too. They also have teamed up with a breast cancer awareness foundation called Young Survivors Coalition from New York as a portion of each jar sale will go towards the foundation.

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