Who Is Maria Taylor Husband? More About Their Married Life

Maria Taylor Husband

Rodney Blackstock, Maria Taylor husband, rose to prominence following their marriage.

Rodney and Maria met because of their shared passion for sports. 

Maria made a name for herself as a former basketball player at Atlanta’s Centennial High School. 

She pursued a career as a games specialist and writer after graduating from the University of Georgia.

Rodney also got Maria’s eyes while she was showing in 2014 while playing for the Charlotte Hornets in North Carolina. 

The duo exchanged glances as if they had no idea who the other was.

He then enquired as to whether Maria was a WNBA player or a friend of one. Following the game, they met backstage.

Rodney was the one who made the first move. They exchanged phone numbers and went out to eat together that night. 

He proposed to her after they had been dating for eight months. They were all set to tie the knot in June of 2016. However, they felt they were moving too quickly, which caused the marriage to be postponed.

After that, their relationship went through an on-and-off phase. They worked out how to keep their connection going for a long time in some manner or another.

Who Is Maria Taylor's Husband
Who Is Maria Taylor’s Husband?

Rodney then made a second proposal to her while they were having the time of their life in Los Angeles. This time, they married for real on May 5, on the beach in Destin, Florida.

In the year 2019, he married Maria Taylor. The couple married on the beach at the Hilton Sandestin in Destin, Florida. 

The couple had tapped out snippets of chatter that were going on. However, the rumors of their breakup turned out to be genuine. Their shared passion for sports brought them together. 

Their marriage ended in disaster a short while after. Under unknown circumstances, Maria and Rodney called their wedding off, and they never explained why their marriage ended.

Within three years of marriage with Maria Taylor, the couple did not have any children. 

Who Is Maria Taylor’s Husband, Rodney Blackstock?

Rodney Blackstock is a Greensboro, North Carolina native, born on October 29, 1980. 

Blackstock is of Brazilian descent and speaks Portuguese fluently. 

Rodney Blackstock celebrated his birthday in 2021 and turned 41 years old. According to his birth date, his zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Rodney Blackstock was born in the United States and raised in North Carolina by his mysterious parents. Individual info about neither of his parents has surfaced on the internet.

Blackstock spent his early years bouncing around between several homes. Before she died when he was 12, he had only seen his mother three times in his life.

He lived with a variety of people, which enriched his perspective on life. 

His mother’s death inspired him to complete tasks in his life that she was unable to do. He accomplished this by excelling at basketball.

Dwon Clifton and he shared a passion for the game of basketball. 

Clifton’s family would take on Blackstock and provide him with the home environment he lacked in his early years.

Rodney only saw his mother many times in his childhood before she died for an unclear reason, as a sad bit of odd information.

Physical Appearance Of Maria Taylor’s Husband, Rodney Blackstock

Rodney Blackstock, a mysterious yet gorgeous man, stands at 6 feet 5 inches, 1.95 meters, an ideal height for a basketball player. 

He also weighed 97 kilos, 213 pounds, giving him a physique that drew a lot of attention.

Maria Taylor Husband’s Educational Journey and His Interest In Basketball

Rodney Blackstock attended several schools as he moved from one family home to another. People recognized him for his basketball skills, though.

He attended Dudley High School and was a member of the varsity team. Following that, he went to Bonner Academy.

He also attended Louisburg Junior College and Howard Junior College, where he participated in basketball. 

Rodney Blackstock also attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where he played alongside his best friend Dwon Clifton, who had transferred from Clemson.

In 2009, he completed his four-year undergraduate study in business and public relations.

Rodney Blackstock’s Road To Success

His mother’s less-than-ideal demise prompted him to pursue his goal. 

Furthermore, it was basketball for him.

Rodney Blackstock was an unrestricted free agent in the NBA draft of 2007. 

For a long time, he worked as a games specialist at ApexBlack, where he trained the Johnson & Wales ladies’ ball club.

He also worked as the chief of sports promotion for Q4 Sports in California for a time. In any case, his contract ended after he cut himself off from Q4 sports.

In the same way as other game characters, however. Rodney wasn’t left out of the conversation. 

In 2019, he was investigated for paying the AAIJ mentor to sign P.J. Hairston. The NCAA also investigated Rodney’s affiliation and exchanges.

Aside from his work as a freelancer, Rodney founded Real Brand Consulting in 2017. 

He also worked in Atlanta as a state ranch specialist, recommending insurance contracts to his clients. providing them with the most appropriate plans

Rodney boasted founder and expert The Auto Club Group on his résumé beginning about 2020. In August 2020, he established Blackstock Insurance Agency.

He was featured in a local Atlanta publication’s September/October issue to cover his most recent experience, Blackstock Insurance Agency, which began in August 2020.

Rodney Blackstock, Maria Taylor’s Husband’s Net Worth

Rodney Blackstocles’ job as a games expert and owner of the Insurance company paid him well in the end.

Rodney Blackstock’s net worth and salary indicate that he is pretty successful in his professional career as an entrepreneur and sports agent.

His net worth is estimated to be $2.8 million.

This is all the available information about Maria Taylor’s Husband, Rodney Blackstock. Any latest news will be updated on Priority. Happy reading!

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