Melanie Pillman – Discover The True Story Of Brian Pillman’s Wife 

Melanie Pillman

Melanie Pillman is the wife of late WWF wrestler Brian Pillman. He was known for his voice and fights in the ring. However, Melanie got into the spotlight after his husband passed away suddenly.

Brian Pillman had always stayed low-key when it came to his family and past relationships. So what really happened when the media found out about his wife, Melanie Pillman and where is she now?

Brian Pillman – The Loose Cannon

Born on May 22, 1962, Brain William Pillman was a professional wrestler and also a football player from the United States of America. He was born and raised in Norwood, Ohio.

Pillman had worked in several ordinary wrestlings before he got his first break when he got selected in World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in the 1990s. 

Prior to that, he competed in Stampede Wrestling in the 1980s and World Championship Wrestling (WCW), and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).

Pillman throughout his life had struggled a lot from tragedies. He was only three years old when his father passed away due to a heart attack.

Brian Pillman suffered several throat polyps as a child and had undergone 31 to 36 surgeries to treat them, the majority of which occurred before the age of three. 

He spent much of his early life in a hospital because of his health complications. He only returned home when it was some holiday or Christmas.

Pillman had always enjoyed sports and had participated in a variety of them, such as basketball and hockey. However, he was physically weak.

He was frequently teased by other kids because of his raspy voice, which was harmed by the different operations. This was the reason he became so shy and learned how to remain behind the curtains.

Brian Pillman’s Career

Pillman enrolled in Norwood High School until he became a top player on the football club. He eventually moved to Miami University, where his proficiency in the field started to improve. 

Brian began his football career as predicted, joining Begnal’s in 1984 and eventually the Calgary Stampeders.

He had a successful football career even after several injuries on the field. He was encouraged to join the wrestling profession by one of his old trainers.

And he was taught under Stu Hart. Brian made a very strong performance. He joined crews such as “Bad Company.” Pillman became a member of the WWF in 1996.

The Downfall of the Legend

In the same year, Pillman was engaged in a traffic accident in which he broke his foot and dislocated his jaw. Tragically, the player began abusing painkillers, as well as cocaine and alcohol, according to reports. 

Brian also took Human Growth Hormone supplements to keep his strength up. How would someone know that painkillers are not your friends? Overdosing of medications can kill you at any time.

Pillman was set to battle Dude Love at the WWF on October 5, 199.  According to Steve Austin, Jim Cornette was tasked with tracking down Pillman. 

When he called Brian, the receptionist informed him that Pillman, who was 35 at that time, had been found dead in his hotel suite by the maids at 1:09 p.m. He died of a heart attack, according to an autopsy report.

Wife of a Wrestler, Melanie Pillman

The couple got married on March 17, 1993. Melanie was the mother of two from a past relationship, Alexis Michelle Reed and Jesse Morgan. But she lost Alexis due to a fatal car accident in 2009.

Brian also had two kids from past relationships, Danielle and Brittany. So, Brian and Melanie have two children together, Brian Zachary and Skylar King. Skylar was born after Brain Pillman died.

How Melanie Pillman is the one who has to be held responsible

Brian Pillman and Melanie Pillman were filing for divorce before he died. Pillman was already living in the basement of his house.

Melanie said that the separation was a means of assisting the wrestler in regaining his senses since he was acting in an irresponsible manner.

Melanie Pillman’s behavior with her children was always suspicious. She was a careless parent as per sources.

Brian Zachary, who uses the ring name ‘Brian Pillman Jr.,’ opted to follow in his father’s footsteps by being a wrestler. He is a professional wrestler who is under a contract with All Elite Wrestling.

Brian Jr. and his mother have a tense relationship. He said that his mum was distant from her children’s lives. She was an ‘absentee mother,’ as he put it.

Melanie Pillman got married a few months after Brian Pillman died. As a consequence, her child Skylar, who was around 2 weeks pregnant at the time, was accused of being the new hubby’s daughter.

Melanie had been suspected of being pregnant for the other guy and is still with her father by Brittany, Brian Pillman’s daughter. Skylar even has the surname ‘King’ instead of Pillman, implying that the allegations are accurate.

How Melanie Pillman Frittered Away Husband’s Royalties

Melanie was interviewed for an interview by Vince Mahon on the day her husband’s tragedy struck. Many people were offended by the interview, but some thought it was improper considering her husband had recently died.

McMahon, on the other hand, backed Pillman’s widow by handing her the remaining $50,000 of her late partner’s contract as well as $65,000 in revenues from a tribute performance he had staged. Vince also handed her $12,000 to put towards a down payment on a home.

All of her kids have criticized her for wasting money on drugs and booze, which she denies. Pillman’s sister, Linda, constantly came to their aid, according to Brittany, because they were frequently without food or proper attire. 

Although after receiving WWE royalties every 3 months, Brian’s kids never saw a penny since the money was used to fuel her alcoholism. She used all of Pillman’s royalties on her addiction and useless wishes, as per the reports.

Legacy of Brian Pillman

However, Pillman was a great man as his acquaintances say. He was also a close family friend of the Harts. Pillman and also the Harts have described their relationship as “sibling-like.” He was The Hart Foundation’s lone member who was not connected to the hart family via blood or marriage.

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