Oksana Kolesnikova: Russian-born Celebrity Who Turned ‘The American Dream’ Into Reality

Oksana Kolesnikova Entrepreneur

Almost everyone knows about the American Dream. It’s the idea that anyone in America can achieve their biggest dreams and goals because everyone has the same chance. Sadly, lots of people hold this dream but can’t make it come true.

Only a few manage to live this dream. They are the ones who work super hard every day and don’t give up easily. Oksana Kolesnikova is a great example of someone who did just that.

Ms. Oksana Kolesnikova – Photography by Mindy Sahagun- Ruder

Oksana Kolesnikova is a famous person who went from being a top pianist when she was young to running three companies. She came to Florida, U.S from Russia after the Soviet Union ended. Oksana started as a pianist and has done really well in other areas too.

She has worked as a composer, teacher, created new music and language programs, and recently, she helps people who own franchises in her business, Oksana® Franchising International, Inc.

This shows how determined and eager she is to succeed.

Oksana’s Journey To Fame

Oksana’s journey started when she won a big competition in Florida and got a scholarship to study music at Florida State University. That’s when people noticed her talent.

She got to perform all over Florida and even on TV, quickly gaining lots of fans in just a few months.

And there’s more – Oksana became the first Russian-American woman pianist to go abroad and perform for U.S. military people.

She did two world tours for the U.S. Navy’s Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Department and also did a solo tour to entertain U.S. troops in Italy, Spain, and Greece. After that, she traveled with the Navy to Asia.

Photography by Mindy Sahagun-Ruder
Photography by Mindy Sahagun-Ruder

After becoming famous and winning some music awards, Oksana was invited to play piano at the famous Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel. There, she played her music for many celebrities and business leaders.

She also started teaching piano to groups of famous people. Later, she created a new way to give private lessons to lots of students, not just in piano, but in other subjects too.

Oksana also started a program for art and learning after school, which is now in 12 schools and still expanding.

In 2019, Oksana started her second business, Oksana® Franchising International Inc. She wanted to help college students, music teachers, and business-minded people in the U.S. find more opportunities. When asked why she started this business, Oksana said, “I wanted to thank the community that gave me so much fame and respect.

I couldn’t have gotten this far without my fans. So, this is my way of giving back to them for all the support they’ve given me.”

She also said that being famous taught her a big lesson: being a celebrity means having a lot of responsibility. “I’m always expected to do my best, and I need to be a good example for others. That’s what inspired me to start this project,” she explains.

Photography by Mindy Sahagun-Ruder

Oksana has made eight big music albums with different kinds of songs, including her own, classical, and popular ones. She also made a video to help people learn piano. Her album “Free Floating” was named the Best Classical Album in 2010 on SoloPiano.com.

She’s worked with famous people like Jim Warren and other artists from around the world on many projects. Some artists even get inspired by her music, which shows she’s really successful.

Oksana just started using social media not too long ago. She has a YouTube channel called Oksanabella where she posts her performances. So far, almost 3 million people from around the world have watched her videos.

The Secret Behind Her Success

Oksana really stands out among her peers, and it’s not just because of her talent. What makes her special is how down-to-earth and modest she is.

Even though she’s become super famous and loved all over the U.S., Oksana hasn’t let it go to her head. She keeps things real and doesn’t even think of herself as a celebrity.

She once said, “Honestly, being called a ‘celebrity’ is a big honor, but I don’t see myself that way. I’m just a regular person who’s passionate about making a difference in people’s lives.”

Oksana is not only making a difference to her students’ lives by mentoring and helping them but in February 2020, she also founded Oksana® Foundation, an education and arts-focused 501(c)(3) organization that provides opportunities to financially-challenged youth in their own neighborhoods.

The talented person thinks this project is her biggest success because she believes kids are the future. She feels it’s important to teach them morals, how to be good citizens, responsibility, and everything that keeps society together. This is especially true now, when the world is going through tough times.

Through her ventures, Oksana aims to bring a positive change in the society that we’re all longing for and she’s striving every to make that possible. “The Oksana® Management Group’s After-School Enrichment Programs, along with all the other premium services we offer, are just a peek into that window of change we hope to bring in order to make a difference,” she says.

Photography by Mindy Sahagun-Ruder

Oksana’s success comes from her way of thinking. She has done a lot in her life, but she’s always ready to do more. Oksana feels thankful for what she’s achieved, but she doesn’t just sit back and relax.

She’s always looking to do new things and help people. For Oksana, it’s not about winning or losing; she loves the adventure of trying.

We think that’s why she’s achieved so much – because she cares more about the experience than the outcome.

The Bottom Line

Truly, Oksana Kolesnikova has turned ‘The American Dream’ into reality. From the day she started her career to this date, she had/has to face a lot of criticism even from the people closest to her for wanting to pursue music as a career.

However, she has never let these comments and criticism bring her down; she would instead think of them as challenges and so far, she has succeeded in all of those.

If there’s one thing we all can learn from her, it’s to believe in yourself and your vision and never give up. People will come around eventually when they see you successfully pursuing your passion while helping others simultaneously, but you’re the one who has to take the first step.

Don’t let others’ words or actions bring you down – always focus on your ultimate goal, and you’ll get there. That’s what Oksana Kolesnikova has to say to everyone reading this article.

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