Glamorous Makeup Ideas for Plus-Size Perfection

Best Plus-Size Makeup Ideas for 2022

We’re sharing the best makeup ideas for Plus-Size beauties to make makeup more fun and stylish. Everyone is beautiful in their way, as created by God. Every face is unique and remains beautiful, regardless of pimples, freckles, or a double chin. Small things can’t take away someone’s beauty.

In our society, people with extra weight or a chubby face are often not seen as beautiful because they don’t fit certain beauty standards. But people create these standards. Some are called cute because they’re slim, while others are seen as less cute because they’re a bit heavier.

The truth is that everyone is beautiful just as they are, created by God. Everyone is unique, and no two people are alike. Everyone’s features are different. Being plus-size is normal in our society.

If someone isn’t super skinny, people might say they lack a curvy body or sharp cheekbones and aren’t cute, which can make them feel really bad about themselves.

They might start thinking less of themselves, feel embarrassed, and lose a lot of confidence. They might believe they can’t be pretty if they’re a bit bigger.

This even affects how they choose clothes because they think certain things won’t look good on them. And with makeup, they feel like no matter how much they try, they won’t look hot because of their fuller face and body.

A lot of us don’t feel great about how we look, but we also think trying to change won’t help. Society and the media often show thin girls as the ideal, setting what they look like as the beauty standard.

This can make bigger girls feel left out and bad about themselves. But really, everyone should love how they look and feel confident because true beauty comes from feeling good about yourself.

There’s a big trend to be skinny, influenced by unrealistic media images. This has led to lots of dieting and exercise fads aimed at achieving this so-called perfect look.

However, some media groups have started to see that only showing one type of beauty isn’t fair. Now, there are campaigns showing that bigger girls are beautiful too.

Brands, including clothes and makeup, are trying to help bigger girls feel good about themselves, showing them they can wear anything and rock any makeup look.

You shouldn’t have to fit into what everyone else thinks is beautiful. Set your own beauty standards and lift yourself up. Many plus-size women are leading positive movements to show this. Big bloggers are making videos with makeup tips for plus-size women, sharing them on YouTube and other platforms to inspire bigger girls to feel beautiful and confident in their looks.

Plus-sized makeup ideas

Plus-size makeup ideas are introduced to remove insecurities. So the standards that have been set for slim size should be ignored and make oneself beautiful.

Makeup is divided into different face parts. Many beauty products are used to give a fine look. Below is a long list of essentials.


Choosing the right base is key. Apply it thinly and smoothly, not thick or layered. Use a solid-liquid foundation and blend it with a sponge or blender.

Pick a foundation that matches your skin type, whether it’s dry, oily, acne-prone, dark, or fair.

Consider your skin’s undertone, which is yellow, pink, or green, to find the perfect match. Always moisturize before applying foundation for the best results.

Base makeup
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Contouring, Blushing

Cheeks stand out the most on our faces. For contouring, pick a bronzer with little to no shimmer. Naturally, women’s cheeks are fuller and more noticeable, which adds to their charm. To apply powder on your cheeks, suck in your cheeks to make a fish face, then brush the powder from the outer edges inwards.

This fish face trick helps create shadows for contouring. Blusher is key for shaping cheeks nicely. Pink and peach are the best blush colors.

Depending on your skin tone, start applying blush from near your temples, then add some highlighter.

For highlighter, focus on areas where light hits your cheeks first. If you have darker skin, try a rose gold highlighter. Apply highlighter to your nose tip, inner corners of your eyes, eyelids, and chin for extra glow.

When using concealer, pick a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone for the best match.


Eyebrows are often darkened with black or dark brown to make them stand out and draw attention to the eyes. Before adding color, shaping the eyebrows is crucial.

This can be done using threading or tweezing to remove excess hair. Next, apply concealer for an even skin tone, then use a pencil or liquid color to darken.

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Eyes are the highlight of your face, and nailing that perfect eye makeup is key to a breathtaking beauty look. Going too bold can sometimes backfire, no matter your face shape.

Especially when you’re looking to distract from a fuller face or double chin, accentuating your eyes is your secret weapon. Opt for dark mascaras and eyeliners to really make your eyes pop.

Eyes stand out on your face, and getting your eye makeup just right is important for a stunning look.

Choose eyeshadow colors that complement your skin tone and outfit. Similarly, select mascara that suits your skin tone, opting for waterproof versions to avoid issues with oily skin. Before applying mascara, curl your eyelashes.

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Eyeliner can be applied in various styles, making your eyes appear larger and your face seem slimmer.

For a chic and trendy look, try adding wings to your eyeliner to sharpen your eyes.

Lip color

If your lips are dry, use some petroleum jelly before putting on lipstick. Pick a lip colour that fits the occasion – bold colours for parties, lip tints and stains for a shiny, natural look, nude colours for something classy, and lip gloss for casual days out. Remember to consider your skin tone and outfit before choosing a lip color.

For fuller lips, often seen with rounder faces, start by shaping them properly. You can use lip liners to outline just the bottom lip to make them appear slimmer. Want your lips to look bigger? Dab a bit of concealer on the top part of your lips.

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Tanning helps make your face look thinner. If you want to look slim for a party, you can buy a fake tan spray from the store. Make sure to apply it evenly everywhere, especially on your legs, back, and underarms. Don’t miss any spots!

People use makeup to cover up things they don’t like about their face, like pimples, wrinkles, dark spots, and pigmentation. When they go to parties or meet-ups, they want to hide these flaws.

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In many families, everyone wants to look the most beautiful and use makeup to get that perfect look. Makeup can make skin look smooth and shiny, hiding many flaws.

But, the downside is it hides your natural beauty. People use so much makeup and beauty products these days that they forget how to appreciate natural beauty.

Even though beauty products have their benefits, there are also big downsides to using them too much.

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