Rachel Nichols: The Transformation from Runway Model to Screen Siren

Rachel Nichols Expedition From Modeling To Acting

Rachel Emily Nichols is an American actress who also worked as a model. She began modeling while studying at Columbia University. Rachel started modeling in 1990 and slowly moved into acting, kicking off her acting career in 2000.

She has been in many movies and TV shows, doing a great job in all of them. Rachel became famous because of her hard work and charming personality.

Early Life

She was born on 8th January 1980. Her place of birth is Augusta which is in United States of America. Her parents, Alison Nichols and James Nichols belonged to the teaching profession. Rachel’s father earned respect through his profession.

Rachel Nichols Early Life
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Rachel has learned English, French, German, Irish, Italian and Scottish. She studied her early education at Cony High School which is in Augusta. She took part in High Jump Sport during her school. 

Once in an interview she said she was not a beautiful girl in her school day, her hands and feet were comparatively longer than her body as per her mother. Her mother called her Bloomer. Nichols learned to dance through high-quality dance classes for a long time and also learned to control her body and gestures.

She was admitted to Colombia University for higher education which is in New York. She studies Psychology and Dramatics there. Rachel Nichols studied double majors in Mathematics and Economics and during her university education, she decided to make her career as a Wall Street Analyst. During her education, she started her modeling career and earned much fame.

Modeling Career

One day she was notified by an agency in University when she was having her lunch and called her to work in Paris. She accepted this offer and was then able to afford her university fees. 

Rachel appeared as a model in many ads campaign. She has worked for famous companies like ABERCROMBIE & FITCH, GUESS are LOREAL are in this list. This helps her to make a name and fame in modeling industry.

She has also hosted MTV specials. In 2008, she declared that she will only be focusing on her acting career from now onwards and hence left modeling.

Acting Career

Rachel Nichols is known for her modeling and acting. She starred in a romantic drama called “AUTUMN IN NEW YORK” which got a lot of praise. Rachel also showed up in an episode of “SEX IN THE CITY” during its fourth season. She was in a comedy movie called “Dumb and Dumber: When Harry met Lloyd” which really helped her career take off.

In an interview, she mentioned that she learned a lot from this movie, taking in every bit of advice and criticism. This movie was a great learning opportunity for her and made her quite famous in movies. Rachel also acted in a scary movie called “The Amityville,” where she did a fantastic job.

She was in a famous movie called “The Woods” and a drama series from Fox Studios called “The Inside.” “The Inside” didn’t last long because it didn’t impress the producers enough, so it was canceled early on.

Rachel Nichols Breakthrough Role

She got her breakthrough role from TV series Alias in which she has portrayed role of Rachel Gibson and earned recognition through it. Rachel Gibson was a computer expert who works for CIA. She once stated in one of her interviews related to this series that the set of this series is the most amazing set for working in the whole world and even these words are not enough to describe its perfection.

Rachel has practiced for many action scenes for this series, for this, she has hired a personal trainer to train her according to the demands of this role. Alias series got canceled in 2005 but it provided a wonderful platform for Rachel for her acting career in Hollywood.

Rachel then got her first major role in a movie in 2007, a horror movie P2. It was a horror thriller film in which Nichols was portraying the role of business woman. She has faced a problem in this movie that was regarding her bold dressing.

Rachel Nichols – “I was supposed to wear to a night gown”

Nichols shared in an interview that  “I was supposed to wear a night gown during the shoot and it has no bra underneath it. I have to get completely wet in that shoot that made the nightgown see-through and was looking vulgar. I have asked the director and added bra underneath that gown and hence made that wearable.”

Critics did not give good ratings and reviews to this movie but acclaimed Rachel’s acting in it. While many people believed that this role was given to Rachel not on the basis of her acting but on the basis of her body curves.

She was then casted in a GI JOE franchise film ‘GI Joe: The rise of cobra’. This movie was packed with action thriller scenes with a touch of comedy as well. Rachel gained 15 pounds for this role and also learned martial arts.

Rachel Nichols Various Projects

Rachel Nichols has had a pretty eclectic career, hopping from one cool project to another. She totally owned the role of a tough police detective in the crime drama “MESKADA.” Then, she jumped into the fantasy world alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Conan the Barbarian.”

Talk about versatility! Rachel did all her stunts herself, except for one scene where she opted for a body double. Despite the movie not hitting it big with critics or at the box office, Rachel’s dedication to her roles is clear.

She once shared in an interview that real-life fighting wouldn’t look as smooth as it does in movies and TV. And she’s right, of course.

Rachel nailed a guest spot on “Criminal Minds,” which led to her snagging a permanent role thanks to her standout acting. She also starred in the romantic flick “A Bird of the Air,” which got mixed reviews but showcased her range. Movies like “Raze,” “Pandemic,” “Inside,” and “Breach” further prove her acting chops, earning her well-deserved praise.

Currently, Rachel is killing it with some awesome roles in TV series like “Titans,” “A Million Little Things,” and “Taken.”

Reflecting on her film journey, Rachel said she’s done what many wouldn’t dare—fighting bad guys with a sword in “Canon,” wielding a crossbow in “G.I. Joe,” and rocking a multi-colored suit in “Continuum.” She finds it thrilling and pretty cool, and honestly, who wouldn’t?

Awards and Nominations

Nichols was first nominated for Teen Choice Awards for her role in the movie The Amityville Horror. She won her first accolade for best actress for her movie Under water. Nicholas was first awarded for best actress on television for Continuum, and nominated for the best guest performance in The Librarians.

Body Measurements

Rachel has a charming personality and a beautiful face. She’s quite tall at 5 feet 10 inches and weighs about 59 kg or 130 lbs, which suits her height well. She wears a 32 C bra, and her measurements are 35 inches around the chest, making her look perfectly in shape.

Her waist is 24 inches and her overall body measurements are 35-24-34. She has blue eyes and dark brown hair. Rachel keeps her body looking great naturally, without any plastic surgery.

She prefers staying natural and believes in keeping her body healthy with diet and exercise. Every change in her appearance is thanks to her lifestyle, not surgery.

Rachel Nichols Personal Life

Nichols married a film producer Scott Stuber in Colorado on 2008 July 26th. After her honeymoon she started struggling to make her dream house in Cabo San Lucas, but her marriage got dissolved after 7 months in February 2009. Nichols and Stuber parted their ways in 2009 because of personal conflicts.

Rachel then engaged to Micheal Kershaw on 2013 December 30. Kershaw is a real estate developer and they both got married in September 2014.

Rachel Nichols Bold Photoshoots and Films

Rachel secured much fame through her bold photo shoots and movie scenes. Although, she was a late bloomer in her school days and did not have confidence over her body, but she worked hard to get slim& fit bikini body with an attractive and beautiful face. 

Rachel even complained to her director in her first film P2 where she had lots of bold scenes and dressings. She made her creative team to make major changes in her appearance.  She has done that because she did not want to get the title of bold actress and wanted to do challenging and versatile roles in her career.

Rachel Nichols Talent Agency 

Rachel Nichols has an agent whose name is Ryan and he lives in Los Angeles, she has one more agent in Canada named Jason. Her manager’s name is William who works from Los Angeles. Her Instagram id is @ticklenichols and her advisory board Instagram id is @lol.

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