Robyn Lawley, A Plus-Sized Model Changing Trends in the Fashion

Robyn Lawley, A Plus-Sized Model Changing Trends in the Fashion

When we think of fashion models, we often think of famous names like Gigi Hadid and Gisele Bundchen. These models are slim, beautiful, and have fit bodies. Many people think that to be a model, you need to have this perfect, slim body. But, there are also plus-size models like Robyn Lawley, showing that models can come in all sizes.

Changing trends in the fashion industry

The world is evolving quickly and so is the fashion world. Diversity is increasing in every field of life because of a new evolving thought process.

The modeling world has also changed and now modeling is not restricted to slim fit models, plus size women are also making their names in the modeling world. A separate category is made for such women and it is called Plus-Size modeling.

Now women of every size can fulfill their dream of modeling. 

Plus-Size Models proving to be role models

In this age, everyone runs behind perfection and no one gets satisfaction in their present situation. These plus-size models serve as role models for those women who want to be confident in their natural bodies and not seek perfection.

They showed the world the difference between a healthy and perfect body. Plus-Size modeling is the fastest-growing segment of the fashion world. 

What are the body requirements to be called a Plus-Size model? 

To be termed a Plus-Size model certain body requirements are meant to be fulfilled. Following are some general size requirements;

  • The fashion Industry generally categories 18 sizes as plus size clothing 
  • Sizes such as 1X to 6X or more than these are termed as plus size
  • In some fashion stores sizes like 12 or 14 are declared to be plus size
  • According to a general rule a model is considered to be a plus-size if she is size 6 or more 
  • The height of the plus-size models is around 5 ft 8 inches to 5 ft 10 inches. But the models having a size above 5 ft 5 inches can also be plus-size models if they fulfill weight requirements 

In this article, we will talk about one such model named Robyn Lawley who is one of the most successful plus-size models.

We will look into her body measurements and her diet. This article will give us an in-depth review of the life of a plus-sized model. 

Who is Robyn Lawley? 

Robyn Lawley is one of the most well-known plus-size models. She belongs to Australia and is now worldwide famous due to her work in the modeling industry. She was born on 13th June 1989. Robyn is an Australian national and belongs to the New South Wales region. 

Robyn Lawley’s Family and her early life 

She was born and raised in an Australian province called New South Wales. Her parents’ names are Chris and Janne Lawley. She also has two older sisters namely Shona and Jennifer. 

Robyn attended MacArthur Girls High School for her early education. She was approached by a modeling agency at the age of 15 years but she didn’t feel ready at that time.

After that, she joined modeling at the age of 18 years but she was finding it difficult to maintain the 8 sizes so she decided to join plus-size modeling. She signed an agreement with Bella (a Plus-Size modeling agency) in Australia and started her career as a plus-size model. 

Start of her modeling career of Robyn

Robyn Lawley started her modeling career in 2006 for a brand called Dolly. She started her plus-size modeling career for a clothing brand in New Zealand called EziBuy.

What are the Body Measurements of Robyn Lawley? 

Robyn Lawley has elegantly embraced her stature, thriving in the modeling industry despite her extraordinary height. She stands tall at 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm).


She is quite heavy when considering the normal weight of slim models. Her weight is 89 kg or 196 pounds. She doesn’t consider herself overweight or unhealthy and doesn’t long for a perfect body. For her, a healthy body is more important than a perfect body. 


Her physique is impressively sculpted, particularly notable for a woman of her stature. Her measurements—38-32-42 inches or 96.5-81-107 cm—craft a stunning silhouette, embodying beauty without claiming perfection.

Dress Size 

She doesn’t fit into typical fashion sizes because she’s very tall and has a unique body shape. In the US, she wears size 12. In Europe, it’s size 44, and in the UK, it’s size 16. But despite any differences, she has a beautiful and graceful body.

Shoe size 

Her shoe size according to the United States chart is 9 and according to the European charts her shoe size is approximately 40.

What is the workout and diet routine of Robyn Lawley? 

Robyn works out to stay fit and healthy. She does kickboxing and yoga to keep her body in shape. She also runs and exercises often. Robyn loves food. She enjoys cooking and writing about it online. She’s a vegetarian, so she makes salads and other healthy dishes. She shares her recipes with her followers on Instagram and her blog on Tumblr.

What are Robyn’s activities other than modeling? 

Robyn Lawley is not only a fashion model but also a fashion designer, director, and food blogger. She is a multi-talented person and likes to keep herself busy. 

Fashion Designing 

She launched her swimwear brand in 2013 in collaboration with a famous swimwear brand called Bond-Eye. She designed swimwear for the plus-size models and wanted to give good swimwear options to those women. 

Videography and Direction

She worked as a photographer for Galore Magazine and photographed Tara Lynn. Her work got viral and collected appreciation from the fashion industry. She also directed a documentary for a sports brand. 


She is very fond of cooking and cooks vegetarian food regularly. Robyn Lawley posts the recipes of her dishes on her blog namely Robyn Lawley Eats. She has also published a cookbook in collaboration with Random House. Her recipes are very well received by her fans and the general public. 

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