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The Hollywood Reporter: Who Is The New Editorial Chief Of The Entertainment Magazine?

The Hollywood Reporter: Who Is The New Editorial Chief Of The Entertainment Magazine?

The Hollywood Reporter

Formed in 1930 as a trade publication, ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ turned its traditional perceptive to an advanced weekly format entertainment magazine in 2010. Here is the latest news coming from the magazine about its new Editorial Director.

Worked as global entertainment and lifestyle editor for Associated Press, Nekesa Mumbi Moody will be serving as the next Editorial Director for one of leading Entertainment Magazine of United States ‘The Hollywood Reporter’.

Mathew Belloni was the former Hollywood attorney who took charge as the editorial head for the Hollywood Reporter three years ago. 

However, according to the reports coming from entrepreneurial magazines like Forbes and other entertainment sites, it is stated that Mathew Belloni and the senior administration of the Hollywood Reporter faced some managerial issues that lead to the termination of Belloni from the post of editorial director.

It also needs to be noticed that the financial sheets of the entertainment magazine ‘Hollywood Reporter’ are not in good-looks for recent years. 

According to the New York Post, entertainment magazines reportedly lost hundreds of thousands US dollars in recent years even before the Corona Pandemic. 

The post of Editorial Director is the highest ranked job in the organization. Whereas, in a recent interview with Axios, Nekesa Mumbi Moody disclosed her aims for her new job portfolio. Moody will be focusing on bringing up the global diversity to the magazine and implement her expertise to multiply the readership.

Moody in her interview said that she admires how the magazine has revealed many untold stories of the Hollywood World to general people who were unaware of the facts. Moreover, she feels excited and motivated to join one of the leading publications of the entertainment industry in the United States.

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Moody has worked in The Associated Press since 2012 as the ‘Lifestyle and Global Entertainment Editor’ before joining The Hollywood Reporter. At The Associated Press, Moody has overseen the team of experienced journalists from the entertainment industry where she was the head of the entertainment desk.

Moody told in her interview that she is aware of the fact that how the magazine has struggled with the traditional methods of reporting entertainment news in the United States and World Wide.

Whereas, Nekesa Mumbi Moody believes in more advanced measures of creating and delivering the most valuable information, news and lifestyle related helpful material. In her previous job portfolio, Nekesa has also worked for Film, Showbiz, Lifestyle, Gaming, Music, Fashion and Television niches.

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