Tom Cruise Ends Relationship Due to Concerns About Partner’s Talkative Ex-Husband: Sources

Tom Cruise Ends Relationship Due to Concerns About Partner's Talkative Ex Husband Sources

Tom Cruise has reportedly ended his relationship with Russian socialite Elsina Khayrova due to concerns over her ex-husband Dmitry Tsvetkov’s outspokenness in the media. 

As per sources, Cruise’s team was concerned about Tsvetkov’s frequent interviews and remarks about their relationship. 

There were worries that something could harm Tom Cruise’s reputation.

The actor’s team wanted to avoid dealing with Tsvetkov’s negative comments every few weeks, especially when Cruise was filming.

The Daily Mail published a lengthy interview with Tsvetkov, where he discussed Khayrova and warned Cruise to “keep his eyes and wallet wide open.” 

Meanwhile, Tsvetkov continuously praised Cruise and even suggested that he play him in a movie about his life.

His comments about Khayrova raised red flags for Cruise’s team. Khayrova and Cruise were first spotted together publicly at a party in December in London’s Grosvenor Square.

Nevertheless, their affair did not last long, and The Sun Magazine, said they parted ways by the end of February.

A family friend of the couple declared that there wasn’t any bad blood between them and that their relationship just ended.

Elsina Khayrova
Courtesy of Elsina Khayrova/Instagram

Who is Elsina Khayrova?

Elsina Khayrova is a popular socialite from Russia. Her father, politician Rinat Khayrova, is a political ally of Vladimir Putin.

She’s prominent in social circles and has had her share of high-profile relationships.

One of her first and most significant relationships was with Dmitry Tsvetkov, whom she married later.

But, their marriage fell apart, with their divorce becoming world news.

The fight lasted over several assets, including domestic housing, luxury cars, and expensive artwork, which amounted to millions.

The press thoroughly covered the high-profile divorce and attracted much attention from the general public.

Despite the press coverage and criticism, she maintains her reputation as a socialite known for participating in top-class social events and parties.

Additionally, the political ties of her family made her rise to prominence and popularity smoother.

Who is Khayrova’s ex-husband Dmitry Tsvetkov?

Tsvetkov is a wealthy businessman who deals with diamonds from all over the globe.

He would rather be referred to as a “tycoon,” which means a powerful and affluent person in the corporate world.

According to sources, the Kremlin (Russian government) alleged to have been searching for him in 2020.

Furthermore, he asserts that he survived various assassination attempts.

The Daily Mail reported that Tsvetkov praised renowned actor Tom Cruise in an interview about his marriage to Khayrova.

What’s next for Tom Cruise?

The renowned Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is currently in London shooting for his eighth Mission. In the movie, it is difficult to understand what Impossible is.

With the typical posh lifestyle of his celebrity status, he lived in a lavish residence during the shoot period.

It is an open fact that Tom is known for performing his own stunts and pushing himself to his limits. He was seen sprinting through the streets of London for the scene recently.

Fidelity to his work is clearly shown and makes him an actor with the most disciplined and hardworking image.

Tom dated Khayrova several weeks ago, and it ended up awkward.

However, he has not deemed this reason to stop him from being among the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

With his amazing saga of achievements and passion taking over the scene in diverse films.

Tom’s proposed stance in the film industry is already firmly shielded.

Despite having only up to now, he has many new and excellent casting lined up for the upcoming year, which will surely increase the fan’s anticipation of his next project.

Tom Cruise’s enormous giftedness, intensive work, and dedication to cinematography made him a widely loved person in the entertainment arena and his contribution to cinema is quite outstanding.

Tom Cruise’s relationship ends due to partner’s ex-husband comments

While Tsvetkov’s comments outlining how Cruise’s team should be concerned about the negative influences of the press are understandable.

To what extent his statements could damage Cruise’s reputation is still a matter of discussion.

Nevertheless, the description of undertaking the relationship breakup with a partner due to a former husband of this partner seems quite extreme.

In particular, the latter informed that Paxton and Khayrova were extremely friendly with one another.

There could be something else in it for Cruise and Co. that have been running the relationship together, and Tsvetkov was just the final reason.

In the end, Cruise and the team are the only ones who decide what is best for the actor’s career and personal life.

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