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Versatile Fashion Entrepreneur Shannon Leigh McBeth Sharing Insight of Her Newly Launched Brand


Versatile Fashion Entrepreneur Shannon Leigh McBeth Sharing Insight of Her Newly Launched Brand

Versatile Fashion Entrepreneur Shannon Leigh McBeth

Shannon Leigh Mcbeth is a fashion entrepreneur who recently has launched her brand called, It is a luxury retailer known for connecting customers to the world’s top brands & couture labels. 

What Heelscape offer to fashionistas? What it has and how their collection serves the fashion market?

Heelscape is an online platform designed to elevate the entire luxury shopping experience. We carry some of the most prestigious designer brands & couture labels are known around the world. By offering our services we ensure every client finds their individual style and personal style preference. Our services include our online store boutique featuring hundreds of designers and couture labels; a free email membership service including benefits such as discounts, a special birthday gift and exclusive first looks on some of our rarest couture items sold in our online boutique.

We also offer style curation services where we use modern technology to identify your personal style and fashion personality. Thru this service, we introduce the client to products suited to your personal preference.

Customer service is the most important to us at we like to ensure every single client is beyond impressed with our platform & services network. We welcome all new members to enjoy and escape to the fashion world of the heelscape.

How does Heelscape accommodate people from different age groups and people having different fashion tastes and requirements?

As different age groups have different style preferences our technology system recognizes the changes in fashion trends and personal style influence. We use this tool to identify not only the differences in age gap fashion product desires- but many more unique style personality preferences. This ensures our customer’s personal style curations are unique to the client & always exceed all expectations with building your own personal style as an individual while still remaining trendy.

Why is Heelscape different from other market brands? Unique and attractive factors of your brand? takes luxury shopping to the next level with the integration of our accommodating services available on our platform. Similar to other popular department brands we value and are known for our brand partnerships so we are available to offer designer brands in our interactive online store. Where we personally flourish is the promise of offering so many amazing services for the Carrie Bradshaws’ of the world. We truly value every single client within the Heelscape platform.

The Heelscape website seems really energetic and impressive, how do the team select fashion brands and products?

When we built our Designer brands & Couture Label exclusive list we were happy to accommodate our fashion platform to some of the most prestigious brands known around the world. Today you can now shop hundreds of these designers online thru

Along with business other fashion brands also work for social causes or environmental causes through their products or brands, is there any such cause Heelscape is working for?

As we work through these undesirable times of the Covid-19 pandemic we look forward to continuing to support small businesses and local food banks across Canada & the US. We also would like to take this time to personally thank all readers who are essential workers & members of the medical community our hearts go out to your hard work & dedication.

What benefits does Heelscape offer to stylists, fashion personalities, or other related fields professionals?

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Currently, we have A Stylist Program where we encourage fashion stylists, fashion personalities and other related professionals to join. Using their own unique style and selling techniques stylists can not only offer their clients a stylist discount, but they earn a commission for all sales associated with them simply by the use of a discount tracker. Our stylist program is always hiring & seeking new ways to accommodate our stylist teams.

Have you thought about launching a physical store or anything to facilitate your clients more?

We look forward to embracing the future of our online shopping platform. Connecting to & supporting our clients thru our luxury shopping services brings a special Je ne sais quoi to our online shopping platform for our clients.

What are your future plans? New products, new product ranges, or anything else you wish to add to your brand?

We are always updating our stock and Couture pieces- some so rare there was only one ever made! We look forward to the future and continuing to grow as a fashionista’s luxury shopping destination. Escape to Heelscape!

If you will be offered by any popular fashion agency, media channel or fashion show agency to feature your brand Heelscape what would be your response and what you will do to bring out your brand in the fashion world?

We take pride in our brand, partnerships & services we offer to our clients- ensuring our customer is always satisfied is of the most importance to our team at Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our platform and speak with me today.

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