Ryan Haywood’s Exit from Social Media Following Scandal

Ryan Haywood

Who is Ryan Haywood and what happened to him after he got famous for streaming games? Learn about his life and career here.

Ryan Haywood, a man of many talents, became known for his work as a Twitch streamer. He showed off his skills in voice acting, hosting, acting, and making content. He got really popular while working at Rooster Teeth, a well-known gaming show on Twitch.

However, Ryan Haywood faced serious problems on Twitch after some underage girls accused him of doing wrong things. These accusations hurt his career badly, and it looks like he might not be able to make a comeback.

Ryan Haywood became infamous online for the wrong reasons after getting caught in a scandal with teenage girls. After the scandal, he disappeared from all social media.

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What happened to Ryan Haywood?

Ryan Haywood was born on December 6, 1980, in Columbus, Georgia. His parents are David L. Edwards and Debbie Hoover. In 2021, Ryan will be 41 years old. He has an older brother named Ryan Edwards and a sister, Tanya Edwards, making him the third kid in his family.

Even though he didn’t have a special nickname, his last name comes from his grandpa. Ryan grew up in Columbus, Georgia. As a kid, he dreamed of being an astronaut.

In high school, Ryan tried out modeling and even appeared in Twist magazine. He shared some fun facts about his life in a video called “Let’s Play – 7 Days to Die Part 3.” He once modeled as a gnome on a mushroom for an Italian fashion show, but he didn’t stay in modeling for long. Instead, he got really into video games. He also worked as a pool cleaner when he was in high school.

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After high school, Ryan Haywood attended Full Sail University and earned a bachelor’s degree in computer animation. He also studied computer engineering, computer science, theatre, and broadcasting at Georgia Southern University for six years.

When Ryan was in high school, he met Laurіе Ніggіnbоthаm, and both fell in love with each other. In 2007, the couple exchanged their vows and officially got married. The couple has two beautiful children Eli, born in 2011, and Olivia, born in 2013. 

Professional Career

Ryan Haywood, once a dedicated employee at Rooster Teeth Productions, co-hosted shows, engaged in game streaming, and worked in journalism. His journey with the company began when he found a part-time job online, leading him to relocate to Austin, Texas, for a full-time position. Haywood contributed significantly as a video editor, director, and content producer for various projects and channels within Rooster Teeth.

He also became a popular streamer under several nicknames. However, his career took a downturn due to serious allegations, including statutory rape and cyber solicitation, involving minors, leading to his termination from Rooster Teeth.

What happened to Ryan Haywood that caused him to be banned?

James Ryan Haywood faced allegations of sexual involvement with minors, including claims from a girl who reported a relationship starting at 17. A Reddit user compiled a spreadsheet with links to statements from others alleging affairs with him. Haywood was accused of sexting underage girls.

All the Allegations

The majority of reported incidents took place between 2016 and 2019, but some date back to 2004. Tessa Graves, a teenager, shared her experience on YouTube, revealing she met Haywood at 17, though she had told him she was 18.

Graves also mentioned that they dated for two years on and off. She further alleged that the two of them exchanged many nude photos and that Haywood offered to pay for her hotel stay if she came to see him.

Michelle, one of the alleged victims, made a YouTube video detailing her involvement with Haywood, which she claims began when she was 17 in August 2017. Michelle and Haywood started interacting on Twitter, and it rapidly became “flirty,” according to Michelle, who added that they ended up “consistently sexting.”

They supposedly met in September 2017 to hook up. Haywood didn’t ask Michelle how old she was, but he did ask if she was in high school or college.

She called Haywood, the former host of Achievement Hunter, a manipulative bully who used his power to get sexual favors from young girls, a behavior many others have also accused him of.

More women have come forward against Haywood. Some are okay with sharing their stories openly, while others prefer to stay anonymous.

Ryan’s rebuttal to the allegations made against him

Ryan Haywood got banned from Twitch and other places because he admitted to making mistakes in the past and said sorry for hurting others, but he also said he didn’t break the law. He left his job at Rooster Teeth to spend more time with his family and asked people to stop threatening them.

His former coworkers, Michael Jones and Jack Pattillo, said sorry and were disappointed on Twitch, and they said they would remove anything related to Haywood from the site. Later, Rooster Teeth said Haywood broke their rules, which is why they had to let him go.

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Where is Ryan Haywood now?

After being labeled as a predator, Ryan Haywood withdrew from the limelight. He wiped all of his social media accounts due to numerous allegations, making it difficult to determine his current whereabouts or activities.

Ryan Haywood’s reputation has been ruined since then. Who knows what he was thinking when he engaged in sexual misconduct? Despite having a wife and two children, it seems he didn’t consider his family even once.

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