Nia Renee Hill: The Life, Career, and Controversies of Bill Burr’s Wife

Bill Burr's Wife Nia Renee Hill

Bill Burr is known to be America’s most successful standup comedian, writer and also actor. Well, you might know him from the very popular and hit series ‘Breaking Bad’. Bill Burr Wife Nia Renee Hill is also a very accomplished writer. She is bold, confident and very smart at the same time.

She is the kind of woman who can be intimidating for men. That is what makes fans even more curious about Bill Burr Wife.

Bill Burr is very opinionated and doesn’t shy away from speaking whatever is in his mind, even if it includes women. He is known to build his whole career and reputation by being involved in many types of controversies and political incorrectness.

Bill Burr & Nia Renee Hill
Bill Burr & Nia Renee Hill (Posted on Instagram)

So, we won’t be wrong if we assume that Bill Burr hardly dates. Instead, he is a loving and loyal relationship with his wife.

And it doesn’t end there. Bill Burr is a father of two children. And he believes that this is not going to stop him from being who he really is. Even if it’s for better or worse.

Bill doesn’t like it when people act like they’ve changed just because they’ve become parents, according to what he said on Seth Meyers during a visit to his late-night program in 2018. Is his wife in agreement with his line of thought or life opinions?

The big question is, who is Bill Burr’s wife? And all the details about their relationship. Keep reading to find out.

People believe that ‘behind every successful man, there is a successful woman.’ Bill Burr’s wife, Nia Renee Hill, has gone to all extents to prove this saying right.

Who is Bill Burr’s Wife?

Nia Renee Hill is married to comedian Bill Burr. She’s super talented and works as an actor, writer, producer, and director. Even after becoming a mom, she’s managed to do great in her showbiz roles.

Nia acted as “Debbie” in a TV movie called “Divorce: A Love Story” back in 2013. Then, in 2017, she was in two episodes of a funny and scary show “Santa Clarita Diet,” which stars Drew Barrymore.

She also lent her voice to a character named Georgia Roosevelt in “F Is for Family,” an animated show created by her husband, Bill, where he also voices the main guy, Frank Murphy. This show takes a lot of inspiration from Bill’s own life experiences.

Nia has been on Bill’s podcast, “The Monday Morning Podcast,” a bunch of times, sometimes even with their daughter Lola. Speaking of names, after marrying Bill, Nia decided to keep her own last name instead of taking his.

Bill and Nia got married in 2013 and welcomed their daughter Lola on January 20, 2017. They live in Los Angeles. Nia occasionally joins Bill on his podcast.

Besides acting, Nia has also worked in other parts of the entertainment world, like costume design, casting, and helping make shows and movies behind the scenes.

In “F Is for Family,” she voices a character named Georgina Roosevelt. Bill wrote this character just for Nia, but in the show, her character is married to someone else, Rosie Roosevelt, voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

How did Bill Burr and his wife meet?

Bill Burr’s wife was born on June 2, 1969, in Los Angeles. Her parents separated when she was little and she decided to live with her father at a very tender age.

Her father, who worked in the entertainment industry as a comedian and actor, is the reason she became interested in it.

Nia took both fashion design and acting studies at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts when her passion coincided with her creativity.

Nia first met Bill in Boston, before he became a well-known stand-up comic.

Bill Burr is the co-founder of the All Things Comedy Network and has been in episodes such as “Breaking Bad” and “F Is for Family.” His bi-weekly comedy podcast, The Monday Morning Podcast, has garnered a worldwide following.

But, before all of this success, he met and fell in love with a woman named Nia Hill, and the two lived together for a short time before relocating to Los Angeles for better show business chances. The pair married in 2013 when they both had solid careers in the sector, and their first child, daughter Lola Burr, arrived four years later.

Bill Burr’s Wife Is a Jack Of All Trades

Bill Burr’s wife is a multi-talented individual. She is not solely involved in acting, despite having studied it.

But before we get into her other projects, let’s take a look at Nia Renee Hill’s acting career.

Renee began her acting career after graduating from Emerson College in Boston with a BA in Arts.

 She began her career as a casting assistant for the TV show Max Bickford’s Education. Years later, she worked as a talent coordinator on Chappelle’s Show.

She took on several projects until landing her first acting role in the short film Carpool in 2009. Her resume has grown significantly since then.

Nia Renee Hill has appeared in the following films and television shows:

  • Did You Look for Work This Week (2012)
  • Lila, Long Distance (2011)
  • Divorce: A Love Story (2013)
  • Sara Silverman: Diva (2013)
  • Santa Clarita Diet (2017)
  • So Then a Bar or A Monkey Crashing (2018)

Is Bill Burr’s Wife Pregnant?

Bill Burr’s wife Nia Renee Hill took to Instagram on May 11, 2020, during the COVID 19 epidemic, to announce that she is expecting her second child with her famous husband, comedian, actor, and producer Bill Burr.

Nia, who already has a 3-year-old daughter with Bill, shared a mirror photo on social media, revealing her pregnant belly beneath a tight white sweater with black half-moons printed on it.

She simply captioned the image, “In other news…” And just in case someone didn’t get it, she threw in an emoji of a baby’s face.

Bill Burr’s Wife & Controversies

Nia is frequently in the spotlight as a result of her famous husband’s work. However, while describing Burr’s wife, most websites use Regina King’s face rather than her own. It irritates her, therefore on January 4, 2018, she sent out a tweet condemning these websites.

She’s also not one to back away from a Twitter brawl, especially when her husband is called a bigot. If you look at Nia Renee Hill’s Twitter, you’ll see that she comes out swinging when you try to insult her family. Nia Renee Hill, Bill Burr’s wife, is a force to be reckoned with in the worlds of acting and writing.

Nia Renee Hill, Bill Burr’s wife, is a force to be reckoned with in the worlds of acting and writing. The multi-talented writer has contributed to a number of well-known blogs, including xojane. The mother of two is also a successful actress and a style icon who consistently ranks among the most fashionable people on the planet.

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