Phyllis Fierro – Know All About The Wife Of Cobra Kai’s Star

Phyllis Fierro Age, Height, Personal Life, Social Presence & Net Worth

Ever wondered why Ralph Macchio always talks highly of Phyllis Fierro in his interviews? Let’s dive in!

There’s a saying that behind every successful man is a great woman. This is true for Ralph Macchio, the star of Karate Kid. He often credits his wife, Phyllis Fierro, for his success. She’s been his rock, supporting him in his career journey.

Without Phyllis Fierro, Ralph Macchio wouldn’t have achieved what he has today. Ralph, a well-known actor, constantly shows his love for his wife and family. In his interviews, he encourages other men to love, respect, and value their wives’ hard work and support, just as he has stood by his wife through everything.

Phyllis Fierro: Age, Height, Personal Life, Social Presence & Net Worth

Ralph Macchio’s fame as Daniel LaRusso

When The Karate Kid debuted as one of the year’s most popular films in 1984, Ralph Macchio became a household name. 

He’s kept busy since then by starring in numerous movies and television shows such as My Cousin Vinny and Ugly Betty.

In decades of his career, the actor Ralph Macchio has appeared in films such as The Outsiders and My Cousin Vinny, among others. 

In addition to his prominent role as Daniel LaRusso in three Karate Kid films and the new sequel show Cobra Kai, he is most known for his performance as Daniel LaRusso in three Karate Kid films.

However, in 2018, he made a significant comeback when he returned to his old character as Daniel LaRusso on the new blockbuster trending show Cobra Kai on Netflix, which has three seasons as of now. Season 4 of “Cobra Kai” has an official premiere date on Netflix.

The critically praised series’s new season will premiere on Netflix on December 31. As part of the Netflix Tudum fan event, the revelation was announced. In August, “Cobra Kai” was given a fifth season renewal.

Ralph Macchio’s wife, Phyllis Fierro, has been his support throughout it all in 34 years of their marriage.

How did Ralph Macchio and Phyllis Fierro meet?

Macchio has been married to Fierro for more than 30 years, and their strong affinity as a pair is evident. Ralph Macchio and Phyllis Fierro were high school sweethearts.

At his cousin’s sweet 16 birthday celebration, where he came with a friend, he saw Phyllis Fierro and fell in love at first sight. 

It was a full-fledged infatuation that made him head over heels. During high school and early adulthood, the couple dated.

Macchio told in an episode of Live! With Kelly and Ryan in 2019, “I was 15 … and we met at my cousin’s Sweet Sixteen … and we met and hit it off, and we’re still in love, and it’s awesome.”

Phyllis met Ralph Macchio when he was 15 years old because of his grandmother. That was only three years after the first Karate Kid film, which introduced Ralph Macchio as a household name.

“This is 1970 or whatever, so this is Cheez Doodles, 7Up, Tootsie Rolls, probably the Ruffles with onion dip,” Ralph said of the birthday celebration.

”She was a friend of my cousin, and we just smiled and talked and danced a little,” he continued.  “Probably the Hustle!”

 Exchanging Vows

On April 5, 1987, the couple decided to marry and exchanged vows after 11 years of dating. 

Following her nuptials, Phyllis began to take over the spotlight. Ralph said he could not imagine living without her wife Phyllis and always credits her for supporting him from the beginning of his career.


Phyllis Fierro and Ralph have two children together. After 5 years of their marriage, they welcomed their first daughter Julia Macchio, who was born in 1992, and then after a four-year wait, they were blessed with a baby boy Daniel Macchio, who was born in 1996. Both have decided to follow in their father’s legacy.

Julia has acted in a number of movies as a dancer, including Girl Most Likely, Across Grace Alley, and Stella’s Last Weekend. 

She is also a trained dancer who has been doing so since she was five years old. Julia is an expert in various dance forms, including jazz, tap, ballet, and hip hop.

Daniel, on the other hand, went on to become a composer and performer. He’s renowned for his roles in movies including The Haley Project, That Was Then, and The Wrecks.

Ralph Macchio named his son after his iconic Karate Kid character “Daniel LaRusso.” His name isn’t a fluke.

Ralph’s undying love for Phyllis is overpowering.

In addition, the karate kid star Ralph shared a lot about his long-term marriage to Phyllis in one of his People interviews, in which he mentioned how inconceivable it would have been if Phyllis hadn’t been there to support him.

He told People Magazine what he believes is the secret to his happy marriage. “It’s the belief through the easy times, through the tough times, whatever we encounter, that we are meant to be together.”

He was able to find that balance between his job and personal life because of her. He feels that they can stay together forever as a family due to their strong foundation.

Furthermore, he stated that he and his wife would remain together through good and bad times. Whatever obstacles they confront, they will overcome them together. 

They’ve stayed linked through thick and thin because of this deep feeling of belonging.

What does Phyllis Fierro do?

Phyllis Fierro was born on July 23rd, 1960, in the United States of America. In New York, Phyllis Fierro spent her childhood and early schooling years. Anthony Fierro and Lucretia Fierro are her two siblings.

She was born into a Christian family and nurtured in a Christian home. Phyllis’s eagerness to provide a bit of assistance to others has drawn a large number of people to her, and it is what prompted her to pursue a career in healthcare care.

She went on to clinical school and subsequently worked as a nurse’s aide. When she was 16, she became best friends with 15-year-old Ralph when his grandmother introduced them to each other at a birthday party of Ralph’s cousin.

Her Social Persona

Phyllis Fierro does not use social media as much as other celebrities. Although her daughter, Julia, is active on her Instagram to share her life bits and pieces. The only time we have seen Phyllis with her family was in a post that her children shared.

Julia shared a photo of herself and her family at ‘The Outsiders House Museum’ on May 20, 2019. Likewise, on December 22, 2019, Daniel shared a family photo at a game at ‘MetLife Stadium.’ Phyllis Fierro’s sole film credit was a “special thanks” in brief ‘Across Grace Alley.’

Net Worth

Phyllis Fierro’s current net worth is estimated to be between $2 and $3 million. She isn’t afraid of a bit of flash and glamour, but she prefers to keep out of the mainstream now that the pair is based in New York and working on rebuilding their bond.

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